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Emma Harper

Welcome to Fishing A Star

The hobby of fishing is very enjoyable. Many people find joy, health, and happiness while fishing. Even so, fishing is not an easy skill to master after watching a few YouTube videos. In fact, you will have to undergo a long learning process in order to master these skills. Through fishingonsunday.com, we hope we won’t find it difficult to have successful fishing on a random Sunday anymore after all the information we’ve shared.

Our Mission

It’s been an hour since you attached bait to the hook and patiently waited around a renowned fishing lake. Unfortunately, you didn’t catch anything. Where could small fish possibly live?

Believe us, though challenging, fishing is not an impossible mission.

Similarly, we experienced the same thing. When we were inexperienced, we faced challenges. However, there is only one thing that differentiates us. We have learned something after many Sundays without catching anything, after years of practice, and we think it’s worth sharing with you.


Catching any kind of game fish can be done by observing a few conditions. Observing these conditions can be the difference between merely getting your line wet and having a fun, successful day of catching several fish. How to catch a fish can be done by observing weather, water temperature, structure, and the shoreline.

Weather conditions that affect us as humans, usually affect fishing conditions. When temperatures are on the rise, conditions improve. When temperatures are dropping, fishing can become more difficult. Watching the forecast can help you plan the times and days that you will want to fish.
For example, if the temperatures have been steadily hot, early morning and late evening fishing may be your best choice. If temperatures have been cold, many times mid-day and afternoon fishing are more ideal as the sun heats up the shallower water.