Abu Garcia 4600 C3 Reel For Reviews

Low-profile bait cast reels are available in the market according to your budget and the reel.

Hence, it would help if you did not consider old reels. By doing so, you can choose the reels that are new to you.

Today, Bass angling has a very small place in the world. Abu Garcia 4600 is one of the manufacturers that manufactures provide information in this segment that deserves attention.

Today we will look at Ambassadeur 4601 to see if it meets the needs of today’s bass fishermen or against it.

Abu Garcia 4600 C3 Reel

Abu Garcia 4600 c3


I spooled my Ambassadeur 4600/01 c3 with eight pounds(8lb)P line cxx copolymer to test.

We put the reel on the new Denali L945xD Lithium Magnum Crank Cranking Stick to see if this reel met today’s bass fishermen’s needs.


The diameter of Abu Garcia Ambassador C3 4600/01 reviews seen is equal to Shimano 200.

This reel is round. The surface has not been painted. The surface is made of polished aluminum.

In both the side plate and frame, all corners are perfectly aligned.

There is no space in the step, but there is a slight light shadow in the knobs when you push the handle in and away from the reel’s body. Abu c3 is an excellent reel.


The Ambassadeur 4600 c3 uses brass gears to improve the smoothness of the reels, but it is not as smooth as today’s low-profile bait casters.

That is particularly impressive confidence. Whichever way you turn the handle of this reel.

Because the handle is standard in size, it gives you an average amount of leverage. Abu Garcia ambassadeur c3 classic round baitcasting reels are good for catching big fish.


The Abu Ambassadeur C3 is rated at 15 lbs of maximum drag (15 lbs). We have tested this reel in our lab for a maximum value of 17 pounds.

With its main gear nestled within the drag stack of carbon fiber and aluminum disks, this reel has a very modern drag stack for an old reel.

It provides smooth and continuous performance. You can see the performance of this reel by licking the sweet drag performances.

The Ambassadeur C3 4601 handled all the open lines in the laboratory during the second reel battle smoothly and permanently.


The lack of cracking power in this reel is a negative aspect. Every time I struggled to retrieve the bait as I launched it, I tied a Strike King 10XD to the end of the line.

Compared to deep diving cranks, the Ambassadeur 4600/01 does not have the same power.

It has a cranking reel written on it, but unfortunately, it is smaller than today’s standard. Its average-size handle cannot help.


Abu uses the old centrifugal brake system with this reel. The reel of this reel is in Department and is located shining.

Its system is very ignored and set. When you cast this reel, one of the sounds comes from it.

That there is a rustle Abu Garcia does not allow the brakes to be easily adjusted in the reel, .so you’ll have to choose the setting best suited to your needs and casting ability before taking to the water.

As long as the thumb bar is intentionally depressed, one will not have to worry about accidentally depressing it and putting the reel in free-spool mode when fighting fish.


According to our specifications, Ambassadeur C3 does not have an adjustable external brake system.

It does not come with a reel core. The handle is attached to the knobs in this reel, indicating no braking.

The reel oil bottle is not well made, while the Revo oil bottle has a secure screw-top cap.


As I mentioned earlier, this reel is equal to 200 Shimano Calcutta. It also catches big fish. There are a few ergonomic flaws with it.

I mentioned that it has an 80-millimeter handle, but a longer handle would be nice, as well as knobs that are a little hard, but that’s just a personal choice.

Ambassadeur 4600 c3weighs nine points two ounces (9.2oz), and it is difficult to get to all the reel’s parts even though it looks like an expensive watch.


It is ideal for moving reel applications because of its slow recovery ratio, precise grating, and large-size gearing.

As a result of its limited line capacity and lack of power, it isn’t very well suited for large bait fishing, nor is it especially useful for finesse applications.

In addition to those areas, it is also suitable for tossing crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatter baits, and any other type of bait in which you are not too concerned about how fast the bait moves.


The Abu Garcia Bait Cast reel is made with a durable and finely crafted design. It features a smooth drag. It is a powerful bait cast reel.

This fishing reel’s Carbon Matrix drag system is smooth and consistent in its performance, providing you with the power and precision you need to handle even the most difficult gamefish.

Precision casting and line lay are also features of this reel. Smooth reeling action and leverage that hard-fighting fish desire.

The refined style meets the power. With the C3, even the most demanding anglers can find their ideal match.


As with everyone else, I love fishing tackle of the latest and greatest varieties, but I also appreciate classic products that still perform well today.

It stands to reason that if Abu Garcia can update while keeping the price the same as it is now, round reel advocates will see their numbers surge.

I wouldn’t say I like most small reels. If we didn’t have a rating system, Abu’s Ambassadeur would score higher than he does now.

When we use this Ambassadeur, we must have a smile on our faces.

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