Abu Garcia 7000c3 Reel For Review

Abu Garcia Company has added reliable and best products in the fishing industry and has made history in the fishing field.

Abu Garcia 7000C3 is the best competitor of new reels available today.

A baitcasting fishing reel’s casting range and power optimally feature three stainless ball bearings and a roller bearing for smooth operation.

Performance is constant and smooth with the Carbon Matrix drag system and provides exceptionally precise casting thanks to its six-pin centrifugal brake.

With bent crank handles and a power knob, you can pull hard-pulling fish with more power.

Abu Garcia 7000c3

The original company was founded in 1921 in Svangsta by Car Borgstrom. The company made watches, telephone timers, and taximeters initially.

During the Second World War, the founder’s son, Gote Borgstrom, was forced to reorient the company’s focus from manufacturing hunting and fishing equipment to fishing reels.

In 1939, the first reels were marketed. ABU launched its first spinning reel, the ABU444, Launched in 1954, a year after the New York World’s Fair.

Abu’s reels are considered some of the most effective reel designs.

Abu Garcia 7000c3
Abu Garcia 7000c3


Most of the information on this reel is found on the two labels, and an Abu badge is used on the left plate of this reel.

Around the plates are L-spread type labels, which are found in the series multiplication of all the reels, which are Ambassadeur.

There is only one plastic space in this reel on the original handgrip, i.e., on the handle.

It has a reel clamp which is very good in the overall package for catching fish in saltwater, and That’s a good addition.

The reels of just over a decade ago are capable of excellent fishing.

When the Abu Garcia 7000 c3 comes in your hand, you can feel its beautiful design is very simple and well-made.

In this reel, flip or plastics are not used. It is a useful reel housing with only two plates, Including everything you need to test the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000C3.


It can be very difficult for many anglers to set the Abu Garcia 7000 c3, and some adjustments are needed to prevent a bad reaction.

Anglers who wish to maximize casting distance should tie on the lure, let it free spool, and adjust the mechanical brake knobs on the reel plates.

A lure that falls too fast is too loose, and a lure that is not moving at all is not castable.

It has a strange adjustment of centrifugal brakes that helps the anglers to open the plate and reduce the weight. It is a competitive brake system. Some anglers know how to run traditional bait cast reels. They will also find it painful to operate the Abu 7000 c3 and the attached free spool button.

A titanium nitride coating on the line guide prevents abrasion, an additional feature for casting and retrieving.

To run the free spool on the 7000c3, you need to place the right thumb on the spool and hold the reel with the right hand.

The button on the 7006 is an ambassador steel switch when you are ready to toss.

The Abu Garcia ambassador 7000c3 sets quite well and demonstrates excellent casting. The angle can easily control its spool. Its diameter is wide.


7000c3 reel uses Swedish cut brass gear for smooth cast and retrieval. These gears are not cast.

Rather they are machined from solid brass blocks and have extremely tight tolerances.

The use of brass gears has been reduced in this reel. For example, both plastic gears and level wind gears use brass as a result of the combination of overall smooth recovery gears.

During the descent, we created a two-stage mechanism that aligned the spool with the main gearing by turning the handle more than half a turn.

As a result, the transition to retrieval is slow. The Abu Garcia ambassador reviews are very good.


Performs performance within 7000c3 normal parameters, and it does so after months of testing.

The simple design has many advantages, but there are some things in this simple design that can go wrong.


Over time, the drag size of this reel has increased. And the increased surface area has helped the 7000C3 achieve excellent drag results.

Although we tested 25lb, Salmon, it did not stand a chance against the 7000C3’s strong pressure and quickly tired.

The adjustment star allows anglers to quickly adjust drag pressure by rotating it. Playing with large fish was fun.


  • Smooth operation is provided by two stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing For long gear life DuraGarTM brass gears.
  • Using a six-pin centrifugal brake for an even brake force over the entire casting
  • A bent handle increases cranking power
  • The instant anti-reverse bearing provides better protection against corrosion



The reel is made with good quality materials, and the brass cut gears contribute to its durability and smooth operation.


Good casting performance, but lackluster retrieve due to archaic centrifugal controls. Overall, the reel is average in terms of power and reliability, but its drag is respectable


A reliable, long-lasting reel that is designed to have no frills. The Abu Garcia 7000 reel  is not filled with fancy features or cushy options, it’s more of a utilitarian reel


This is a decent price for a reliable reel, but there are plenty of competitors who offer new features and performance for a similar price.

5-Design (Ergonomics)

This reel is not comfortable after a long day of fishing because of its hard square plastic knob. It also needs some improvements to the centrifugal weight control and the free spool. The Abu Garcia ambassador reel history is very important in the market.


You will find many other choices in the refined crossover reel, as they offer a better balance between power and refinement.


  • Providing reliable and durable gearing
  • Range
  • Excellent drag performance
  • without refined retrieval
  • Inconvenient plastic knob
  • Obsolete centrifugal system
  • There are plenty of competitions with more advanced features available

Real-World Test

From the medium-sized 4600 up to the large 7000, the Ambassador C3 series offers a variety of sizes.

The 7000 ambassador reels are an excellent crossover reel. We primarily tested our gear for rockfish as well as salmon in light to medium saltwater.

The Abu Garcia saltwater reels are very perfect.

Line Out Alarm

The 7000c3 has an on-off switch to add an audible alarm. This thinking helps the 7000 catch bait and trolling fish. Abu Garcia’s 7000 line capacity is unique.


This Ambassador reel uses 1 roller bearing and 2 stainless steel bearings to perform smoothly. This model offers immediate anti-reverse bearings to avoid corrosion.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is the original reel in the market.


 Abu Garcia is one of the companies that helped define fishing today. However, the 7000C3 reel is less than five years old and doesn’t meet today’s standards.

This retriever lacks refinement and uses an old centrifugal weight system, while the hard plastic knob doesn’t match the new designs of the competition.

There is no doubt that this reel is reliable, but you must realize that angling has become a buyer’s market today.

Anglers who no longer have to compromise on quality will seek out newer, more innovative alternatives. Abu fishing reel is perfect for fishing. 

You can also have a look at the Abu Garcia 4600 C3 Reel and Abu Garcia Morrum ZX.

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