Abu Garcia Morrum ZX Baitcasting Fishing Reel Review

This Abu Garcia morrum Zx is found in North America. It is made in Sweden. Review of this reel review of one of Abu Garcia’s most famous reels.

No such reel is given the name of Morrum. This name is given to the reel that is capable of it.

This time Abu Garcia introduced a new Morrum. It uses the finest machined aluminum flat, EVA knobs and tilted carbon handles from the side plates.

And has worked very hard to design this ultimate round reel.

Combined with the extremely Infinity variable centrifugal brake system shows the right direction to the compact designed anglers, and the lightweight lure enables.

This reel gives us corrosion protection, using 10 stainless steel bearings and 1 roller bearing. This reel’s side plate and machined aluminum frame provide excellent strength without extra weight.

Bone Carbon Matrix drag system Which Drag System has been used to create constant drag pressure and smoothness in range. ( IVCB-Iv) provides excellent and accurate brake adjustment.

Abu Garcia Morrum ZX

Abu Garcia Morrum


Morrum is all that is attached to this reel’s hard edges and fixed lines. Its end is a black die when gold shells are visible, and looks like a kind of gunmetal center.

Its handle has zero back play. The frame and the side plates are tolerant of each other. If you go the handle line is out of the body of the reel, there will be very little movement.


To check the performance of this reel, I connected it to Mega Bass F 7-71×7. And in twelve pounds, filled it with sea guars Tatsu fluorocarbon. And the test water was from the California Delta, you know, it’s a clear lake.


The Morrum zx 3601 comes with a high-speed recovery ratio of 1: 6.3. This is the fastest ratio for reels of this size.

This ratio is correct by today’s standards. Rotating the handle of this reel makes it feel smooth.

There may be friction against the plates, but it depends on the setting of your casting brake. The friction noise is a bit high for this reel.


Morrum’s drag performed very well out of the water. I wanted to hold the stripper on the Delta so I could see or feel Whether it’s easy to catch big fish and catch fish.

But I had to compete with a 5-pound large-mouthed fish instead of these fish.

This fish ran very fast, and the drag of Morrum worked just as easily, and the drag performance made my experience smooth.

Its performance was very uncertain. Sure, though, Morrum has a 28.8-pound drag pressure on the machine.


Many people think that round reels are more powerful than low-profile reels. Because people don’t feel bad when they hold round reels; rather, they feel strong and strong.

And these reels are made of many metals, but the internal structure of the two counterparts is the same, and there is not much difference in the gear style of the two gears.

The gears of the two are similar internally. Not great for cranks but great for general use.

Casting range

I had to mount it on a rod to check the casting range of the Morrum reel. The rod I chose is Aaron Martens F7-71×7 which is used for lightweight tests using a 71 Phoenix PHX-682c.

Due to its steel construction, I could present baits down to just one-fourth of an ounce, although the 12 Seaguar Tatsu line I used made it more natural to use three-eighths of an ounce.


Abu Garcia Morrum Zx unlimited centrifugal brakes are used in Morrum ZX. I used Eva MGX on this reel.

I did a lot of fishing on this braking system. The performance of this system on the reel was commendable.

The Morrum spool has four fugal braking arms.

As a result of friction against the brake panel on the inside of the handle-less side plate, the spool’s speed is reduced.

This side plate moves the outer dial away from the center of the turning reel. In this reel, the flying brake is placed close to the arms, or the braking force is up due to excessive friction.

This system is commendable.


According to our standard feature analysis, the Morrum is equipped with externally adjustable casting brakes, a single-level wind bearing, two-knob bearings, cast control knobs, micro-click drag star adjustments, and oil. Anyone inside the box is missing from the checklist.

  • It uses 10 stainless steel HPCR bearings
  • It also has a roller bearing that increases corrosion
  • Machined Aluminium frame and side plates offer strength without the added weight
  • Extends castability and capacity by using the Infini IITM spool
  • Spools designed for Infini II
  • Compact Bent Carbon Handle
  • Flat EVA Knobs
  • Line guide coated with titanium
  • Recess for Reel Foot
  • Gear Ratio 6.3:1
  • Bearings  11
  • Retrieve Per Turn 28in – 71cm
  • Max Drag 15lb – 6.8kg
  • Weight 7.34oz – 208g
  • Braid Capacity 30lb/135yds – 0.26mm/120m
  • Mono Capacity 12lb/135yds – 0.32mm/125cm
  • The infinity variable centrifugal brake (IVCB-IV) provides extremely accurate and perfect adjustment for an angler to easily insert different types of bait.

Design & Ergonomics

This Morrum reel compares well with the 100-size round reels of Shimano and Daiwa. The size of this reel is as small as that of a round reel.

The reel is very easy to find. If some people have difficulty running the reel, it will be due to the hard edges of the Morrum.

The total weight of the reel is 17.2 ounces, which is very good for around the reel.


The applications of this reel work very well as a presentation anywhere. This reel has the right recovery ratio, which is crucial for catching big fish.

Its only real limitation is line capacity, but this can be mitigated by using fluorocarbon or nylon monofilament for the leader.

Vertical presentation techniques such as jigs and soft plastics like shallow to medium running crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and lipless crankbaits work well with this reel.


  • Extraordinary versatility.
  • The maximum drag is insane.
  • It’s not just an attractive fishing reel, it’s also a very functional one.
  • Beautifully constructed.


  • Quite noisy during retrieval.
  • I wish there were rubber knobs of some sort on this reel.


Ambassadeur Morrum ZX 3601 reel made by Abu Garcia. Morrum’s new Morrum ZX round bait cast reel can’t just be any reel – it carries the name of the brand Mörrum.

Every detail was considered when designing the ultimate round reel, from the aluminum frame to the bent carbon handle to the flat EVA knobs.

Casting ultra-lightweight lures with precision, accuracy and control is made possible with its compact design and Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake (IVCB-IV) system.


The classic shape of this reel and the sense of round reels have always played a very important role in fishing reels.

This reel has so much flexibility that it is fun to catch it. Abu Garcia’s Morrum Zx performed very well.

Having finally received Abu Garcia’s Morrum ZX 3600/01 after a long wait, I am glad it’s here since I enjoyed fishing it. Abu Garcia has positively reworked this classic machine.

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