Abu Garcia Orra SX Low Profile Fishing Reel Review

Abu Garcia launched cheaper reels. Abu Garcia redesigned its low-profile reels 10 years ago and introduced the Revo lineup to the public.

And Abu Garcia didn’t care about other famous brands either. Abu Garcia Orra Sx has worked hard to develop affordable products for anglers, keeping the experimental levels in mind.

Many years ago, Abu Garcia Orra SX redesigned his low-profile reels. It was the new fishing style when he redesigned the Wondered Revo lineup. And re-introduced.

The Sx for the first time in 2020, a year ago.

Its frame is a lightweight and craft blended frame, and it has versatile and low-profile reels that help it compete with the fish.

Excellent ball Bearings are used to maintain the reel’s strength and balance. Your reel will not flow without proper ball bearings, which you need for the best casting and reeling.

It uses 7 stainless steel ball bearings, and this reel’s weight is very good for smooth operation. It uses other ball bearings to perform better than other reels.

You need to protect this reel for the first month and week you use it for daily fishing and to prevent it from breaking. It would help if you had a reliable reel.

The frame of this reel is an X craft frame so that even water can’t break your reel. You don’t need to keep your reel away from water.

Abu Garcia Orra SX


Abu Garcia orra SX baitcasting reel or Revo Sx has the same shape and profile.

These reels are similar to the company’s heavyweight, the Abu Garcia Revo Sx reel.

And its side plates and frames are very aggressively designed.

The edges between the two are kept clean. This reel is well made. The rod looks much more expensive than 100 dollars.


In my tests, I used maxima ultra-green nylon monofilament, Rotated the Orra Sx, And used a Kistler magnesium 2 casting rod to test it. Some basic points are explained.

  • Retrieve
  • Drag
  • Power
  • Casting Range
  • Brakes


When you want to crank the handle and give a smooth performance, Sx uses solid oil gear and gives a smooth performance by cranking the handle each time.

The ratio of Sx is 1:6.4 or 1: 7.1, and I tested the 1: 6.4 reel.

When you rotate the handle of the reel freely to carry it out of the box, some sounds are heard.

These sounds do not come from inside the reel and out of the handle assembly. Reel gears are free from hassle, and fishing is free.

Abu Garcia orra Sx low profile baits caster reel is very good.


In Orra SX, Abu Garcia used the power disk drag system. The maximum pressure and rating of drag are fifteen pounds(15lbs).

The Orra Sx drag system, which consists of a single ceramic disc inside the main gear, makes it clear that it can compete with larger bass up to five pounds without using significant stops, slips, or stutters.

The power disk drag system in this model accelerates your reel in drag performance. The drag will rotate as soon as you start experimenting hard on the reel line.

And let the line go out. This smooth drag system will prevent your line from breaking.

Orra Sx has power for almost all applications. The orra Sx can handle virtually any application. Its gear is not as big as Rows. I will not use it for deep cranking.

But it has a lot of power.

If you want to do your best fishing, then Orash is a suitable reel.

The weight of its spool is 20 grams which is more than the weight ounce of the spool of Revo Sx.

Ora can handle ounces more easily than all casting reels. Revo may be a better reel like patching on low-speed presentation, but Orra is responsible for its victory.


The difference between the two reels is the casting brakes and spill. In orra Sx, there is a magnetic braking system. Abu Garcia Revo Sx bait caster with one spool designed.

And the orra Sx has a shaft pinion that extends into the reel’s body through the pinion gear. It can make fishing unnecessarily difficult.

Max Trax braking system makes this reel highly efficient and powerful. This braking system helps you to control your reels to a great extent.

You can keep full pressure on your cast line through the max Trax braking system, so you will not waste time thinking that when you cast. If so, how to handle the braking system?


The Orra Sx is practically the same size and shape as the Revoline, but an attempt to replace the side plates of the two reels reveals a difference. Comfortable enough, Orra Sx is perfect for beating today over seven-ounce reels.

This reel defect is very easy to correct.


Whenever you buy a reel, keep in mind its handle. Because the handles of cheap reels are often substandard, you may experience discomfort while fishing.

Having an ergonomically designed handle is very important and necessary.

Thankfully it is designed on Abu Garcia orra Sx.

It is designed with a compact bent handle and star so that your hands do not get tired, and it is very easy to use.  


The orra is as capable and excellent as its counterpart, the Revo.

It is designed with two standard retrieval ratios and solid casting performance and smoothness, keeping its budget in mind for the buyer who buys it.

Wanted is an important thing for those looking for a workhorse reel. It is not a great choice for fishing applications, but it is great for other things.


When people dislike Orra Sx, many choose the Abu Garcia Revo X spinning fishing reel. This reel is valuable because of its flexibility and rotation style. This reel is less likely to rust.

The graphite inside is easy to use and durable but has a negative effect. It is less powerful than orra Sx.

Visit our Abu Garcia Zata Baitcaster And Spinning Reel for more ideas


Abu Garcia baitcasting Orra Sx and Revo Sx, a closer look at the reels reveals a slight difference between the two, including the size of their respective gearboxes.

The Evo reel uses Orra’s brass aluminum gear to control the water; Both are the same. If you want to buy a reel within a limited budget, then Orra Sx is the best choice.

Orra Sx is versatile and capable of producing excellent drag.

This reel provides excellent retrieval. Orra Sx is only for those anglers and people who want to buy cheap reels to save money on reels and get cameras and other entertainment equipment.


Abu Garcia orra Sx bait caster reels always perform best against the checklist, and this feature is also present in the orra Sx.

This reel has level wind bearings, a bushing per handle knob, and adjustable brakes. There are two features of this reel that have micro-click adjustment.

These include a spool tension knob and a drag star.

See the Abu Garcia Revo X for more information.

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