Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel For Review

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This year the Spinning reel line will be further improved. We have just seen this reel a few days ago. Plueger will introduce what. We are preparing to the depot that thing.  The reel is developing a reel that is the best and its name is Revo premier spinning reel in which a new material and new quality materials have been used and this material has been named as Nanoshield. With the new Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel, you can say that it’s lighter and stronger than the previous model. This new reel has been made 300% stronger than graphite so this reel will perform better and it has been made 50% lighter than aluminum. 

Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel


Others have been impressed with the NanoShield in this Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel because the NanoShield was full of nuclear energy and scientific metallurgy and is used in other industries. This nano shield looked straightforward and superior to other scientific metals. This nano shed plating is designed to produce unparalleled strength in corals and this process helps to create a permanent plating due to which the stem and spool on the Revo are extremely tight.  Gets done. Others have been affected by nano shields in this reel. Nano shield was influenced by the science and metallurgy of the nuclear power industry, sounding like something straight out of a science fiction novel.


After a few turns, you realize how smooth the recovery of this Revo premier spinning reel is. No movement was noticed during the initial inspection of this reel. The material used in the construction of this reel is one degree higher than the brand.  The recovery is much better.


From all the handles we have seen so far, the handle of this reel looks very nice and beautiful and it feels good to rotate. The handle of this reel is black with gold highlights and the handle is ported for weight loss. This reel uses an Eva knob, which is now found on many high-end purebred brand reels.


This reel uses a sealed carbon matrix drag system,11 HPCR stainless steel bearings, one piece of the aluminum gearbox, and stainless steel main shaft, hardware, and an everlast bail system with a maximum pressure of 12 lbs. But I mentioned here how impressive the world Revo is and what things have been used in it. Apart from the Nano Shielding, with gold and silver colors and black colors, this reel looks very attractive. This reel is a prototype reel so it may change before or after the cast.

Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel


The reels are designed to withstand the weight of the reels during fishing. The light rotating reels have the ability to handle the torque on the trunk of the reels better when growing over large fish with heavyweights. Resistance to cranking.  Works well against abrasive and nano shield fish corrosion. This reel has been designed with excellent and beautiful colors. Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel reviews are very good.


Two models of this reel are presented.




The prm20 weighs 17.9 ounces, its spool capacity is 130 yards and 8 pounds of state monofilament or 190 yards and 8 pounds of state fireline. And its ratio is 5.1:1 spools with a 27-inch line per turn handle.


The prm30 weighs 8.1 ounces, it’s spool capacity is 140 yards and 10pounds of state monofilament or 180 yards and 10 pounds of state fireline. And its gear ratio is 5.8:1 spools with a 33-inch line per turn handle.


The Revo Premier is a masterpiece of precision engineering. Anglers will appreciate the ultra-smooth gear feel and performance of our advanced aluminum machining system. To reduce the weight of Revo, it has used advanced products, one of which carbon fiber handle,im-c6 body design, one EVA knobs, one c6 carbon steam, and one router are included. The carbon matrix drag system in this reel provides smooth and efficient drag pressure and this reel ensures extreme durability. Casting efficiency can be maximized through rocket line management So that the casting distance can be improved by reducing the air pressure. Revo premier spinning is perfect.


 Compared to reels made with traditional materials, this one is marketed as much stronger and lighter. Revo’s best ride. The company hopes to use nano shield to wake up the movement of sleeping reels. The ICAST presentations this year will include a demonstration that proves NanoShield’s durability by coating a ping pong ball with the material so a person can stand on top of it without crushing it. Abu Garcia reel handle is so nice. New Reel Quantum’s New Smoke S3 Spinning Reel.

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