Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel For Review

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If you are fishing on any of the reels that are very sophisticated, chances are that you prefer a spinning reel. A lightweight baitcasting set works well for applications that are light duty. But sometimes spinning combo is a better choice than instead of  Spinning Reel because if you have a fine angler. I usually take a spinning outfit along when I go bass fishing. The best way to check this rotating reel is to check it with small offers of water. Abu garcia revo sx spinning reel reviews are good.

Abu Garcia revo sx spinning reel


Abu Garcia’s Revo SX spinning reel is a nice looking reel with an excellent moderate price. It resembles the Shimano Stradic reel that I already have. The body of this reel consists of C6 carbon body and X-Craftic alloy frame which protects against corrosion and weight loss. The black and red color scheme of this spinning reel looks fresh and fits well on many types of rods including carbon fiber and  foam grip. It is quite satisfactory by the standards. A few of the letterings and machinings are a bit rough, and the handle anodizing in one small section is discolored.  It may also be necessary to adjust the tolerances.


I focused on largemouth bass and snook in southern Florida waters for my testing. The line capacity of the abu garcia revo sx spinning reel  with mono is very low.So I used the reel with a 20 pound peak mounted on the Daiwa stainer SVE spinning  rod.So that the performance of the reel can be estimated.


I found a great reel while casting the revo Sx. Aluminum arbors on machined aluminum spools are extremely thick, which reduces line memory. The thing that allows the line to flow more freely in this reel are the sol lips which are at a slight angle.The abu garcia revo sx20 reel is perfect if you cast light baits while fishing.


This revo sx spinning reel looks great when it bends the handle but it is not completely smooth. The system gear still feels very light inside this reel because this abu garcia revo sx spinning  reel is designed with a one piece gear box and brass main gear.  Apart from the slight grip of this reel, this abu garcia sx20 reel feels quite solid and does not feel loose or wobbly in any way.and the hook is set very strongly, with no handle back play whatsoever.


This abu garcia revo sx spinning  reel uses the finest standard carbon matrix Hybrid  drag stack which provides strong performance and a feeling of relative smoothness.. Normal settings don’t produce jerky movement, but drag pressure isn’t always consistent. However, even at very low settings the lines are noticeable bumping as they are pulled off.We didn’t get much drag stack from our lab, we only got 17 pounds.


 This abu garcia revo spinning  reel uses 8 HPCR bearings and a roller bearing to maintain smoothness and to withstand brackish water hardness.Neither I nor anyone else I know has experienced any durability issues.The reel’s durability in freshwater and saltwater seems unquestionable.


Despite the abu SX  modest weight of 8.2 ounces, it is comfortable to hold.The construction of the reel is quite good, with a compact and narrow designk. In addition, I am a fan of the EVA foam handle knob, which is a great size and very comfortable to grip.The drag knob is another ergonomic concern. If it were larger, it would make grabbing it easier.  This abu garcia revo s reel weighs less than the other reels. When I tested the same reel on the spinning rod, it felt very smooth.

Abu Garcia revo sx spinning reel


The Abu Garcia Revo SX20 Spinning Reel is rated 


Overall good but could use some refinement.


Casting is excellent, but drag could be fine-tuned a little bit.


The reel I tested is more attractive but its price is very high.


The features are quite good. I especially liked the saltwater-friendly components.

Design (Ergonomics)

It is compact and it has a comfortable grip.


An excellent saltwater inshore reel that also doubles as a finesse reel.



  • Looks attractive
  • and feel more solid
  • Compact body design
  • Spare spool
  • Powerful drag


  • There is a lack of refinement
  • Drag isn’t perfectly smooth


 This abu garcia reel is designed for brackish and freshwater, but for some applications it is a bit bad. Bass, Snook, and Redfish are just a few possible targets for this reel. You can overcome this problem with braided lines, of course. As a bass reel, it is excellent for light finesse applications.  With a shallow spool like that, I would not want to use heavier line than 20 pounds braid with such a reel. It allows me to use the reel both in freshwater and in saltwater.


Today’s reels are made from a variety of materials and technologies, all of which perform admirably. The Revo SX is no different. The reel is a solid little piece of equipment that does the job well. It’s a fine performer but still needs some minor work to make it one of my favorite deals. The abu garcia revo sx spinning reel reviews is best. New Reel Top 6 Best Baitcasting Reel Under 100 Best Reels 2022 (Buyers Guide).

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