The Best Fishing Reels: Reviews of the Top Brands

Best fishing reel brands for saltwater, freshwater, and other waters.

Today I will tell you the 13 best fishing reel brands ranked because I can describe the value of any brand better than you. 

We have chosen these brands based on experience, durability/quality, technology, and customer service in the changing fishing industry.

The experiences with these brands are based in part on my own experiences and the personal opinions of thousands of other anglers.

Best Fishing Reel Brands

Top 13 Best Fishing  Brands

These are the best 13 expensive fishing reel brands in the world. These all fishing reel brands are famous in the fishing world.

  • Shimano Fishing
  • Daiwa Fishing
  • Penn Fishing
  • Abu Garcia Fishing
  • Okuma Fishing
  • Lews Fishing 
  • 13 Fishing 
  • KastKing Fishing
  • Zebco Fishing
  • Piscifun Fishing 
  • Pflueger Fishing
  • Quantum Fishing
  • PLUSINNO Fishing

Shimano Fishing

In Sakai City in February 1921, Higashi Minato opened the Shimano Iron Works at age 26.

At the time, the new establishment had only one lathe, 1.8 meters long, borrowing the machine from Sano Iron Works, the owner of which Shuzaburo Shimano took advantage of his friendship to become the first president.

The new corporation held its first organizational meeting on 15 January 1940. The first president of the company was Shozaburo Shimano.

In1 970 Shimano Yamaguchi Co., Ltd Manufacturing, was established in Japan.

This fisheries management division was launched as another business pillar in line with the corporate vision: to contribute to the promotion of public health by encouraging outdoor activities.

In 1971, the DUX series of spinning reels came on the market. In 1976, the DURA-ACE 10 series was on the market.

Bantam series releases in the United States began in 1978. by whom DURA-ACE EX 7200 is on the market.

In 1979 Shimano American Corporation moved to New Jersey.

Their Specialty

1982, the first Shimano 105 series hit the market. In 1983, BB-X entered the market after establishing Shimano Canada Limited.

1995 model of STELLA is in the market. This railing system is equipped with SHIP (Smooth and High Power System) to enhance its performance.

In 2001, Yuzo Shimano became the fifth president. Shimano further developed Millenium Edition’s Super Slow Oscillation System.

The development team also analyzed anglers’ feel. Users can choose a spool of the right diameter based on the wide range of options in the lineup.

The Stella 2004 model is on the market. It used a stainless steel one-piece bell to take advantage of the thin bales.

Micro-module gear technology can reduce an oscillatory vibration in worm shaft idler gears.

In addition to delivering exceptional smoothness, this design is strong and durable simultaneously.

In 2021 This year marked Shimano’s 100th anniversary.

Top Products 

Daiwa Fishing

” VECTOR DAIWA” represents the leadership of the global fishing industry along with Japanese quality, precision technology, and technological advancement.

It represents our spirit for the bright future of the people. Daiwa produced the first products in 1958.

Will meet the changing needs of the market. It should be no surprise that Daiwa is the world’s first company to develop innovative technologies.

Only a few years after its inception, Daiwa was rated as a “favorite reel” by the public.

Daiwa’s top fishing brands burst onto the market in 1965 with the development of the “Open Faced Reel.

We can’t discuss Daiwa’s technology without mentioning its new material development.

Using dense carbon fibers for fishing rods adds graphite to the reel bodies and rotors to make a bold impression. 

Daiwa developed the “Z-SVF in 2010”, a high-density carbon fiber sheet with minimal resin content. This function keeps the reel feeling new by protecting it from water and dust and making it spin faster using MAGOiL. 

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Penn Fishing


We have been leading the way in modern reel design since we were founded in 1932 by Otto PENN.

Many experienced anglers worldwide trust PENN products daily, and we are proud to be a part of their teams.

This motivates us to pursue and continue our founder’s dream of world-class fishing. At the age of 25, Otto left Germany for America in 1922. 

But Mr. Heinz had bigger aspirations and bigger dreams. So Mr.

Heinz dreamed of owning a company and building a fishing reel that could set world records.

In the 1930s, Otto Henze started his own fishing reel company, Ocean City Reels, and in 1932, called the PENN Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company.

Otto Henze started selling his reels to the general public in 1933. He renamed the Mod F to the Seahawk.

Their Specialty

PENN introduced its most popular reel in 1936, the “Senator.”

It was a revolutionary new reel with the power and ability to challenge the biggest game fish.

Otto Heinz died suddenly in 1948. It would have been unprecedented for a woman her age to do what Martha did at 39. 

PENN Reels continued to thrive after he became its president.

After the death of Otto Heinz in 1948, his wife, Martha, at the age of 39, took over the company’s running as its president, which few women at the time considered.

IGFA record set with PENN reels in 1955 includes Black Drum, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Wahoo, and White Pointer Shark.

PENN has manufactured 77 different models for all types of fishing since 1959. PENN introduced its first spinning reel in 1961.

The name is Spin Fisher 700. PENN production had over 150 reels in 1978. PENN celebrated his fiftieth birthday in 1982.

The 75th Anniversary of PENN Tackle! Top fishing reel brands’ clothing.

Top Products 

Abu Garcia Fishing

Abu Garcia

In 1921,AB Urfabriken was founded by Carl August Borgström in 1921 in Svängsta, Sweden. Borgström was a brilliant craftsman and hard worker with a knack for engineering.

Unfortunately, the demand for taxi meters fell drastically due to World War II.

Undaunted, ABU redirected its expertise to the development of fishing reels that are used by anglers around the world.

For this reason, Abu Garcia was later awarded the title of “Purrier to the Royal Swedish Court,” an honor bestowed upon.

In recognition of their high quality and craftsmanship, manufacturers were selected from a select group. The world-famous Ambassador Rail was introduced in 1952.

The company’s name was changed from ABU to Abu Garcia in 1984 when the USA division of the Garcia company was merged with ABU.

It is Revo’s first spinning reel, the Revo Premier. Revo’s low-profile family is now stronger, thinner, and more stylish with a new, lighter, more compact, and more powerful design.

Top Products

Okuma Fishing


As a manufacturer of fishing rods and reels since 1986, OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD. is based in Taiwan. 

Okuma Fishing provides the best quality and affordable fishing rods A fly rod, float rod, or spinning rod; a spinning reel, baitcasting reel, trolling reel, or a fly reel.

Your best choice is fishing tackle from Okuma Fishing for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Our fishing rods and reels are made of high-quality materials and have the latest technology to meet every customer’s demands for 13 years.

Top Products

Lew’s Fishing


In the 1940s, these two men took different fishing paths than many others.

Leo Sr. was a Grand Ole Opry star in his early days, spending much of his time on the streets, traveling to perform at fairs and social events.

Leo began experimenting with domesticated bamboo to find out how best to grow for cutting and remove the poles so that they would retain their shape indefinitely.

He needed a high-quality product; Japan led Liu to search for a better bamboo pole.

There he found a circle of the desired grade of bamboo and a group of traders interested in fishing and the American market.

Among them were manufacturing leaders and a company specializing in fishing rod components called Fuji. It was a sight, unlike anything American fishermen had ever seen before.

Since 1949, the Child family-run business made many important contributions to recreational sport fishing in the 40 years it operated until the brand was licensed to Browning® in 1989.

Reeves vowed to restore Lew’s name to its prominent place in the industry, following the same principles that Lews Childre had originally founded the company.

Top Products

13 Fishing

13 Fishing

13 Fishing is a newcomer to the game of the fishing world, which started production in 2012.

If you follow trends in the industry, however, this is one company you should keep an eye on.

As it began focusing on the US market, it developed relationships with other new manufacturers of air fishing tackle.

It will almost certainly lead to expanding the company’s investment lines of domestic and foreign products.

We will likely see more spinning reel and fly fishing combos.

13 Fishing is undoubtedly the most famous for its bait casters. Interestingly, their most popular spinning reel is the Spinner, only available in a few sizes.

Top Products

Kastking Fishing


Kastking is the best and most famous fishing brand in the world. A few Syracuse University MBA students took a summer break in 2011.

Although he was on a full scholarship, he endured hardships like many college students.

Young and from Broken Rail, he was reminiscing about when he enjoyed the great outdoors on the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.

They did Kastking Fishing. Taking in nature and creating lasting bonds appears to be a key aspect of fishing for them.

They were having fun, and an idea came to them; they said to form a company. E=M2C is our equation. In 2016 Kastking introduced more than 50 revolutionary new products to tackle fishing.

Top Products

Zebco Fishing


In 1947, the world’s first spin-cast reel was born when Hill took his idea to the Zero Hour Bomb Company.

In 1947 The world’s first spin-cast reel was born when Hill took his statement to the Zero Hour Bomb Company and was guaranteed never to respond.

When George Goetz, Zebco’s first sales representative, demonstrated the ease of using a reel while wearing boxing gloves in 1950, with casting tricks –

 Then in 1953, the Zebco booth drew crowds at sports shows across the country. In 1954 the original Zebco 33 was introduced, selling at a great price.

In 1956, the company’s official name was changed from Zero Hour Bomb to Zebco

Zebco introduced the Omega 171,191, and 181 in 1980. In 1999 Zebco celebrated Tackle Fishing Omega, our most fully featured, high-performance spin cast design reel launched in 2003.

In 2004 Zebco unveiled the redesigned reel Zebco 33 in honor of its 50th anniversary. 

Zebco 202,404, and 606 were also redesigned in 2009 to be even better. In 2011 Zebco launched the new Omega Pro.

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Piscifun Fishing


Piscifun means fishing is fun. Our mission is to provide high-quality fishing equipment at an affordable price for all anglers so they can access pitiful as a fun and affordable fishing experience.

It has been manufacturing fishing gear for over 20 years and developing its original design capabilities. Key aspects of our business are speed and responsiveness.

Our manufacturers have always been at the forefront of rail manufacturing. As a result of our high-quality standards, we are proud to offer our customers what they want.

Top Products

 Pfluger Fishing


As Angling continues to grow worldwide and has positioned its portfolio of brands to drive this growth, Pure Fishing, Inc.

Our brands are organized to meet the needs of the market and tackle fishing, a global supplier of lures, rods, and reels, covering all corners of the Pfluger fishing market.

Alnwick, England, was the birthplace of the Hardy Brothers in 1874.

During the 1880s, Enterprise Manufacturing Company in Akron, OH, was founded by Earnest A.

Pflueger to manufacture fishing equipment. It was 1897. In the early 1900s, the William Shakespeare, Jr. Fishline Reel was patented in Kalamazoo, MI. 

Top Products

Quantum Fishing


Quantum fishing is a good brand in the world. Without performance, regardless of what you’re shopping for, Quantum gear: Be it the stress of everyday use, being tossed behind a pickup or a boat, or anything else where you do your job.

So everything you need to go into full beast mode. It doesn’t matter whether you’re catching a small fish or a big one.

Components that can be customized and configured can be used for an almost limitless number of fishing scenarios.

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He finds that many of his friends don’t know how to fish, which leads him to university.

As an angler, the first problem he faced was choosing the right set of equipment.

“Enjoying fishing made easy is our motto, and our product design reflects that concept. We’re the first brand in the market to sell rod and reel combos, the go-to gear for every vacation or short outing.”

Also, we have launched fishing tackles, especially for kids. PLUSINNO i.e. In addition to engaging people in this exciting sport, Plus Innovation serves to refresh people’s understanding of fishing.

With our fishing gear, you’ll have the best fishing experience possible. During manufacturing and testing, we use the latest technology.

Professional outsiders test all of our products from start to finish. Families and friends who love fishing can connect and have fun together while fishing.

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