The Daiwa TD Luna Reel Comparison – Pros and Cons

Daiwa TD Luna

Daiwa Luna TD is constructed from solid aluminum bar stock, ensuring maximum strength and dead-on alignment. Daiwa TD Luna has a high-end spinning and baitcasting reels following for their cults, In addition, saltwater fishing has been gaining momentum over the last few seasons. The Luna is the replacement for the Millionaire and is against positioned … Read more

Abu Garcia Revo X Reviews 

Abu Garcia Revo X

Abu Garcia Revo X Reviews third-generation low-profile bait caster reels performed well and solidly in a very short period of time. Many manufactures refresh some of their reel lines after three years, but Abu revos has only refreshed Revo’s base models. Abu Garcia has introduced a new entry-level Revo which is its best-selling model. Abu … Read more

Abu Garcia 4600 C3 Reel For Reviews

Abu Garcia 4600 c3

Introduction Low-profile bait cast reels are available in the market according to the budget and the reel you choose. Hence, you should not consider old reels.  By doing so, you will be able to choose the reels that are new to you. Today, Bass angling has a very small place in the world. Abu Garcia … Read more

Abu Garcia 7000c3 Reel For Review

Abu Garcia 7000c3

Abu Garcia Company has added reliable and best products in the fishing industry and has made history in the field of fishing. Abu Garcia 7000C3 is the best competitor of new reels available in the market today. The casting range and power of a baitcasting fishing reel are optimally featuring three stainless ball bearings and … Read more

Abu Garcia Orra SX Low Profile Fishing Reel Review

Abu Garcia Orra SX Low Profile Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia launched cheaper reels. Abu Garcia redesigned its low-profile reels 10 years ago and introduced the Revo lineup to the public. And Abu Garcia didn’t care about other famous brands either. Abu Garcia Orra Sx has worked hard to develop affordable products for anglers, keeping the experimental levels in mind. Many years ago, Abu … Read more