Shimano Spinning Reels – The Best For Your Next Fishing Trip

UPDATED September 27, 2022

By James Alonzo

Shimano has long been known as an excellent brand and a leader in the fishing tackle industry. And it started producing standard reels in 1978.

And since then till date, it has been continuously producing durable reels on a large scale. Shimano is known worldwide among anglers for its wide range of spinning and bait-casting reels.

If you ask 10 anglers for advice on what the best reel is. They’ll say it’s Shimano. 

Shimano manufactures quality reels known for their Smoothness because they are big brands.

As far as entry-level reels are concerned, Shimano does not offer a large selection. I have chosen the most famous reel brand Shimano.

Best Shimano Spinning Reels

Top 6 Best Shimano Spinning Reels – 2022 Reviews

  • Shimano Stella FK
  • Shimano Exsence
  • Shimano Sustain FJ 
  • Shimano Catana FD 
  • Shimano Twinpower XD  
  • Shimano Miravel

All Shimano spinning reels come in a wide range these days. This extensive range is regularly updated and enhanced with new Shimano reel models.

The Shimano’s best spinning reels right now are Shimanos.

This selection of reels will cover specs, prices, and functionality. It should be able to satisfy everyone’s needs.


Shimano Stella FK

Shimano is a leader who created the Shimano Stella while maintaining its infinite pace of evolution.

Shimano Stella Spinning reel has been the family’s iconic legacy. A reel that uses advanced technologies to enhance strength and stability, drag performance, and line management.

Packed with industry-leading features. The redesigned Stella Shimano reel represents the pinnacle of Shimano engineering.

And enhances every angler’s on-water experience to become a professional fisherman.

Shimano’s heritage is perfect for high-precision gear development, developed within the all-new Infinity Cross system.

Stella FK is making her debut in the Reels family. This reel extends the teeth of the infinity cross-drive gear horizontally.


  • Infinity Drive system
  • DuraCross drag system
  • Infinity loop
  • Cold-forged magnesium HAGANE body reinforces 
  • Hagane gears
  • Line Management system


The curvature reduces the torque significantly, allowing the reel to operate efficiently even under heavy loads. And allows anglers to tackle stubborn game fish. It is dramatically beneficial.

The new Stella FK uses a new anti-twist fin line. A twist that can sometimes occur while fishing. The turn occurs when anglers offer artificial lures, especially at this time.

This innovation is a flexible polymer tab from Shimano, designed by Shimano engineers by placing it under the roller.

This stilt finishes the first turn, and then the special system contacts the roller of the line. It prevents the line from bending on the spool during the retrieval.

A well-designed Stella F’s propulsion line management system completes the technological innovations. So anglers may inadvertently put a loop in their line during the cast or retrieve.

All Stella FK innovations are built upon a foundation of premium technologies. Longevity is increased. In terms of legacy and future, no rolling stock can compare.

Stella’s future possibilities are limitless. This spring, authorized Shimano dealers will carry Stella FK models from 1000 to C5000.

Soon after, passionate anglers around the world mounted them on their rods.

Stella FK Infinity Evolution 2022 

The new Stella FK Infinity Evolution 2022 version will be released in March 2022, and since the announcement of its release, there has been a lot of interest among people in using it.

This enthusiasm is well-established. Shimano’s new FK reels have come with a lot of new technology.

Why I suggest this reel

 This reel is an upgrade from an already excellent one. 

Micro module II gearing is used in it. High-end reels spinning by Shimano use this bearing.

This new design provides load distribution over the teeth of the gears. It results in stronger reels and longer gears.

Your fishing skills will improve as a result. Shimano spinning fishing reels are famous around the world.

It is a best micro-spinning reel
Stella Infinity Drive features a unique
Its new DuraCross drag system is durable
It uses cold-forged magnesium HAGANE body
It is lightweight
It is expensive
Best Shimano Spinning Reels
Shimano stella 1000FK2/270, 4/160, 6/1105.812+15.1:17
Shimano stella 2500HG FK8/140, 10/1207.412+15.8:120
Shimano stella 4000XG FK10/200, 12/1609.212+16.2:124
Shimano stella C3000XG FK6/230, 8/170, 10/1407.412+16.4:120
Shimano stella C5000XG FK12/195, 14/1659.212+16.2:124


Shimano Exsence

Shimano recently launched a serious weapon for the fine sport with the Exsence reel.

This Shimano reel is best designed for beginners. It is already made very lightweight due to the magnesium body.

It’s easy to start and stop rotation by cutting the weight off the top of this new Shimano Exsence reel. This reel is smoother than before.

As with all of Shimano’s new reels, optimizing the drivetrain is key to making this reel the best. To make this reel more efficient and quieter while casting.

Shimano has used Hagane gear in this reel, which the Exsence reel boasts.

 A cross-carbon drag system and a sturdy handle are among the features of the Shimano 2021 Exsence Spinning Reels.


  • It uses MGL Rotor
  • MicroModule Gear II
  • Hagane Body made with Magnesium 
  • X-Protect use 
  • Rapid Fire Drag


And for the best drag performance, Shimano uses the Rapid Fire Drag feature. In the shield, anti-rust ball bearings and one-way roller bearings have been added strategically.

Shimano Exsence Spinning Reels for 2021 feature the MGL rotor, which adds nearly an ounce of weight to the reels. Shimano spinning reel reviews are good. 

Adding the Micromodule Gear II system to this reel helps when a big fish is hooked. 

So performing at a high level will give you a fair chance of landing your trophy. You will Exsence like this reel in shallow water conditions.

You should target coastal species if you want to capture them. Every move you make is reflected in this reel. There are two models of the Exsence.

I currently have reeled from Expense. This reel is smoother than my Stella FJ 5000. A drag reel is one of the best reels ever made.

The quality is excellent. These reels are super smooth and amazing in terms of drag. These reels handle the soft peak very well when fishing.

After buying these Shimano Exsence reels, all my line issues are gone. These reels line up well. And make the cast very smooth.

Very few people recommend it. But I recommend it to you because it is durable. If you want to buy a good and low-budget reel, then Shimano Miravel is a great and cheap option. It is another great reel.

 Why I suggest this reel

Shimano is known to some as the ‘Batman’ spinning reel. It is trendy because of its black color.

This reel is fitted with soft plastics, jigs, jerk baits, and other plugs for quick start and stop lures. Hagane gearing is the backbone at the heart of this reel, providing excellent stability for the long-lasting performance of the reel.

Shimano Exsence bearings are ten times more durable than traditional designs. The most advanced gear technology is Shimano’s pursuit of the ideal shape of each gear tooth.

A silent drive is implemented in this reel to eliminate any looseness, gap, and vibration between the drive section and other components.

Compared to conventional reels, it is quieter, more comfortable, and provides tighter tolerances.

Gear technology at its best
Consequently, gear noise is reduced, and Smoothness is improved.
Tolerances are tightened as a result.
It is more expensive than other reels.
Best Shimano Spinning Reels
Shimano Essence 4000 MXG6/190, 8/130, 12/958.611+16.2:124
Shimano Essence C3000 MHG4/225, 6/155, 8/1107.111+16.0:120

SHIMANO Sustain fj

Shimano Sustain FJ

This new model from the best Shimano fishing reel is, without a doubt, the best Sustain yet. The first series (FJ) from Shimano has progressed more dramatically from the previous series (FI).

The reels we reviewed, including the Stradic, Twin Power, and Stella The Sustain, are all a bit more expensive. You will find a cheap Shimano spinning reel.

But that Shimano sustains fj Will not perform. Shimano Sustain fj spinning reel always comes with a classic black aesthetic.

For which Sustain is famous. Silver and gold highlights make it look even more amazing.


  • This Rotor is available from MGL
  • The Micromodule Gear II
  • Gears made by HAGANE
  • Its body is made of HAGANE material
  • Silent Drive system 
  • It uses Long Stroke Spool
  • Cross Carbon Drag system 
  • Propulsion Line Management Spool is used
  • X Protect
  • Aero Wrap
  • Screw-In Handle
  • One-Piece Bail (Ti)
  • SAR-B bearings


This Shimano reel spinning is lighter than its predecessors. This Shimano reel is very smooth in all aspects of its operation.

And it has an excellent line management system. Prices are comparable to those of Twin Power and Sanford. It is an extremely versatile reel, which makes light offerings to small fish like bass.

But with a big flathead and jacks, it will have no problem tangling.

Why I suggest this reel

I have cast from this Shimano Sustain fj spinning reel three times. So I was in a cycle of the cast and retrieve.

And the line started peeling Sustain and curve. I was now very awake after casting three times. I retired with a 5lb leader, and my friend used that more sensible 8lb.

The fish pulled the line just as hard, but the line opened again. And my friend Sam, an experienced angler, shouted, “What are you doing, Captain Lowes Drag?”.

The fish had taken me and bound me. But he did not catch me. I looked like I was going to lose the battle – I replied to Sam (as captain), “Shut up and let me fight the fish.

In the end, I managed to get the fish out of the shack by gently applying slight hand pressure on the spool. After that, Sam set the net. And after catching the fish, he praised me.

And these reels can handle big fish like Jews and snapper if you are looking for an all-rounder.

So all this you can find in Sustain FJ reel is what you are looking for.

Using a MagnumLite spool.
In this reel, an aluminum HAGANE body is used.
It was a bit expensive.
It doesn’t fit in everyone’s budget.
Best Shimano Spinning Reels
Shimano Sustain 2500HG FJ6/200, 8/140, 10/1207.48+16.0:120
Shimano Sustain 4000XG FJ8/240, 10/200, 12/1609.38+16.2:124
Shimano Sustain C3000HG FJ6/230, 8/170, 10/1407.48+16.0:120
Shimano Sustain C5000XG FJ10/240, 12/195, 14/1659.58+16.2:124


Shimano Catana FD

For many years Shimano’s best-selling spinning reel in Europe has been the Catana.

And this is not a coincidence. Shimano Catana spinning reel is one such spinning reel that has been strong, solid, smooth, and reliable for many years. Its price is very reasonable.

This Shimano reel spins very smoothly, and all parts stay in place. Compared to the previous series (FC), FD is a better reel.

The FD reel’s new, modern, and stunning black stealth design makes it classy and unique. Many parts inside the Shimano Catana FD have been updated.

And this makes it possible to upgrade the drag power significantly compared to the FC model. The drag power of this reel helps fight powerful and big fish.


  • Drag at the front
  • The spool is made of diecast aluminum
  • Varispeed II & ARC spool
  • A frame based on the XT-7
  • The latest fashion meets modern stealth
  • Improved response from the handle with less play for a smooth rotation
  • Good balance and low weight make the fishing reel Shimano less tiring
  • Inexperienced anglers can benefit from the anti-reverse lever


Because it is equipped with an anti-return lever, Which many anglers love, this Shimano quality is high performance at an affordable price.

The Catana FD is equipped with a Propulsion Line Management System. This line management system offers smooth casting at long distances for a stress-free day on the water.

The Shimano Catana FD has an even more versatile range of HG versions than the previous generation! Shimano Catana FD spinning reels offer superior strength and performance with a smooth system at a great price.

These reels are made using XT-7 body material and a diecast aluminum spool.

The Shimano best reel is highly durable and strong. The AR-C spool lip design in the spool increases the casting distance.

The speed system is also included with Catana FD. Two specially designed gears make up this unit.

A square and an oval shape are both available. These two gears help to create an accurate parallel line for casting.

Black and dark gray are the prominent colors on the Shimano Catana FD.

Spool shafts and gears are friction-free with X-Ship technology.

Why I suggest this reel

This reel is easy to handle. I have used it. And the first trout-throwing tests proved more than satisfactory.

I have been using Shimano’s best reels for almost ten years. And always feel good using their products.

The drag power of this reel helps to fight powerful fish.
Two Stainless steel shielded bearings and a roller bearing.
It is more expensive than other local reels.
Best Shimano Spinning Reels
Shimano Catana 1000 FD2/270, 4/140, 6/1107.62+15.0:17
Shimano Catana 2500HG FD6/200, 8/140, 10/1209.22+16.2:19
Shimano Catana 4000HG FD8/240, 10/200, 12/16011.82+15.8:119
Shimano Catana C3000HG FD6/230, 8/170, 10/1409.22+16.2:119



What sets the Twin Power XD spinning reel apart from other reels? They use Shimano’s CI4+ material for the body of these Shimano reels.

Shimano’s cross-carbon drag system and MGL (magnesium) Rotor guarantee this reel’s durability. Twin Power XD Shimano released its latest version last year.

The Twin Power XD is a compact, lightweight, powerhouse saltwater reel.

The new TwinPower XD has been available in stores since 2021.

Although I originally bought it for snapper and mulloway fishing. Can’t get any better than this reel to me; if 100-pound fish, 200-pound fish, or 300-pound fish want to catch, this reel will bring it.

It is better than Stella Reel. Three-day delivery from Osaka, Japan; this reel is fast and fits your budget.

So far, I have used Jantireels. It is the best reel ever. Its smooth drag and size can handle more fish than you expect.

I already knew it was a quality reel. It was priced better than other reels. The twin power is one of the best Shimano spinning reels for the money.


  • Hagane Body
  • Micromodule Gear II
  • X-Ship
  • Long Stroke Spool
  • MGL Rotor
  • S A-RB Bearings
  • Aero Wrap II
  • G-Free Body 
  • CI4+
  • One-Piece Bail
  • Hagane Gear
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Silent Drive


Long-stroke spools have a longer stroke than traditional spool designs. It creates a smooth line during retrieval. And increases casting distance for anglers.

The new design of this Magnum Light rotor creates unprecedented light circulation. It makes the rotor profile asymmetrical.

And the bell arm moves the mechanism in the opposite direction of the line. It improves overall balance. 

The MGL rotor achieves rotational reduction, combined with a lightweight line roller, titanium bell, and optimal rotor thickness management to increase sensitivity on uneven surfaces. 

The rotors’ evolution and the Rotor’s stiffness on the line roller side are also important performance factors.

MGL rotor stiffness is up to 30% higher than conventional models. And helps improve drag performance.

Like Shimano’s, SARB bearings feature shields on both sides. As a result, the reel is less likely to become clogged with salt or sand due to these shields.

It creates a two-speed oscillating system line to move the layer on the spool in a precise cross pattern, which reduces line-to-friction for long casts.

So that the spool can be brought up quickly and down slowly, and it helps to wind the line in a precise pattern and reduce friction. To give anglers the ability to make smooth and long casts.

Why I suggest this reel

A brand new Shimano Twin Power XD spinning reel is the latest flagship designed for small-fish angling.

This reel will crush all competitors from the first impression out of the box. Shimano has used various new technologies and advantages in this reel, which puts it above its class.

And it demands the toughest of reel fishermen.

It is lightweight.
It uses Rigid Support Drag.
It uses Propulsion Line Management System.
It is cheap, so some people don’t buy it.
Shimano Exsence
Shimano Twinpower 1000 FD2/270, 4/160, 6/1106.29+15.1:17
Shimano Twinpower 2500 FD6/200, 8/140, 10/1207.49+15.3:120
Shimano Twinpower 4000XG FD8/240, 10/200, 12/1609.29+16.2:124
Shimano Twinpower C3000XG FD6/230, 8/170, 10/1407.69+16.4:120
Shimano Twinpower C5000XG FD10/240, 12/195, 14/1659.29+16.2:124



Miravel is the new Shimano best spinning reel of 2022. The Miravel is the latest addition to Shimano’s Magnum Light series of spinning reels.

It is a Shimano lightweight spinning reel yet powerful reel, which has great versatility for the angler. 


  • Magnetic Lite Rotor (MLR)
  • CI4+
  • Drag caused by cross carbon (C5000)
  • The CoreProtectTM
  • Body with G-free suspension
  • The HAGAN Gear
  • Management System for Propulsion Lines
  • Driven by SilentPower
  • It’s an X-ship


Featuring Shimano’s legendary carbon-infused CI4+ body for enhanced sensitivity and lightweight performance. A Magnum Lite rotor is included with Miravel.

The hooksets will be quick and easy to set up. This reel is likely to sell a lot later this year. The Magnum Lite series has a new member, Miravel.

A neat-looking reel is Miravel. This reel is built using a CI4+ carbon-infused body and a Magnum Light rotor. This reel is also sealed on the roller clutch, frame, and line roller for coastal applications.

This Miravel will be available in sizes 1000 to 5000. And all these reels come with 5BB + 1RB. And all but the smallest 1000 sizes have a recovery ratio of 6.2:1.

The 1000 size has a 5.0:1 recovery ratio. Miravel is one such reel, which is specially designed for the public. Miravel is one of the new Shimano reels.

Why I suggest this reel

It will start shipping this October 2022. By November, all online stores will carry it.

I suggest this reel because this reel is very good. It is becoming easier for mainstream consumers to access products like Miravel.

Despite Miraval’s jealousy, she won’t behave like Stella FK. Smooth reels provide durable gearing with tight tolerances.

You can fish confidently with Miravel, the MagnumLite series’ newest line member.

The Shimano reel comparison cannot apply to any other reel. You buy the Best Shimano Spinning reels.

It is less expensive.
It is comfortable to use.
It is easily handling the fish. 
Currently, there is no error detected.
Shimano Exsence
Shimano Miravel 10002/270, 4/160, 6/1106.25+15.0:17
Shimano Miravel 2500HG6/200, 8/140, 10/1207.25+16.2:120
Shimano Miravel 4000XG8/240, 10/200, 12/1608.65+16.2:124
Shimano Miravel C3000HG6/230, 8/170, 10/1407.25+16.2:120
Shimano Miravel C5000XG10/240, 12/195, 14/1659.55+16.2:124

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What is the manufacturing location of Shimano reels?

All Shimano reels are primarily manufactured and supplied by Japan. Malaysia still does some construction despite this.

The evidence is a bit questionable regarding the quality of construction outside of Japan since it is not Japanese.

Are Shimano reels good?

These are good Shimano reels. The Shimano spin reel is good for all other reels. The Shimano Stella freshwater reel is easy to use.

These are the top Shimano spinning reels we have given details above.

What is the best Shimano reel?

Twinpower and travel are cheap Shimano reels. And these are the best Shimano reels. These reels are high-end Shimano reels. 

Visit our Best Spinning Reels for more ideas.