Bottom Bouncing Rig For Walleye

The Bottom Bouncing Rig For Walleye is perfect. Walleye presents fishing as the bottom bouncer and spinner.

He has created many walleyes along with all the others. It makes the natural lakes, rivers, compounds, and extreme lakes in the big lakes deadly. 

If you live near Lake Erie, the river Mercury, or the Bay of Quintet, you will be well acquainted with the name Walleye.

The walleye is a species of freshwater fish that is gaining popularity due to its hunting game and commercial value.

It can be easily seen thanks to its olive and long body with a white body covered in golden colors and black stripes on the back.

According to the fish that live close to the surface, the ones that live in the lower part of their habitat are the ones that prefer dark and calm with low temperature.

They are nocturnal animals and more at night. They are active because they are eager to roam in different parts of bays, lakes, and rivers.

During the day, walleye are found scattered among the roots of trees or underwater plants in the river.

This fishing set is your structure with the nightcrawler bouncer hybrid, a mini rig.

If you want to put the bait down to the bottom bouncing rig for walleye because of the walleye’s features, then the technique of applying simple angles to lure the fish is not enough.

You need to secure the main line up to the long and short arm mark so that the bouncer below works properly.

This way, the lead line will run along with the Snap Kanda. And it’s not that easy.

How To Setup And Use Bottom Bouncers

I will now tell you how to set up a bouncer. To do bouncer set up you must have the following items. 

  1. Must have a monofilament lit line to work as mainline 
  2. Must be a rig or lure of preferences to work as fluorocarbon leader line 
  3. Priorities must be vain or greedy.
  4. The bottom bouncing rig for walleye is an important thing.


Check the contents by swiping the bouncer down to see if it is reliable. Find the wire and rod as it can compromise your fishing trip.


Tie around the mark on the corner of the mainline wire. Many experts use 12 to 14lbs monofilament or braid line but the line test may be slightly different.

Bottom Bouncing Rig For Walleye


Save the Snap Kanda on the leader line. It would help if you went for approximately 8lbs of fluorocarbon lines and 4 to 5 feet in length.

Set the size and weight of the catch wherever you plan to fish.

You use jugs to catch the walleye. You use sticks, baits, crankbaits, and crawler horns.

The crawler horns are the most popular because of their ease of use, but many anglers prefer the other type.

You first pair the mainline with the bouncer wire at the bottom bouncing rig for walleye.

Use your monofilament as your line, choose a size that is safe from the leader, and use the 12lbs test line.

Attach the leader to the snap Kanda of the bouncer. Must be three to seven leaders tall. It requires the use of an 8 to 10-pound test floro carbon.

Then combine different temptations with your leader or bite the same hook with minnows or leech live.

The use of stick bait is an increasingly popular method. And it tends to produce large fish using insects.

Sizes Of Bouncers

The typical bouncer sizes are 1,2,3-size models. One ounce bouncer 15 feet will effectively catch fish. Two ounces 15 to 25 feet and three ounces 25 to 40 feet deep to catch fish. 

Thoughts Final

I use it more often in the middle of summer when whales roam in search of deeper water.

The bottom part slowly trolls as soon as it sees the fish and notices a change in the structure of the bottom which tends to catch the fish. 

  1. It is not difficult to catch a walleye. Set your trolling and maintain a constant speed.
  2. Choose a heavy bouncer for easy fishing at 45 angles. 
  3. Use a nightcrawler. 
  4. Be sure to keep a point on the GPS unit while fishing.  


The two main ways to use the bottom bouncing rig for walleye are to stand on the spot and troll the cast boat while riding. Both of these methods are correct.

The bottom bouncer of the shore blocks the distance and depth, thus limiting the number of fish.

And the chances of getting cut are higher in the live bait process. It is different from trolling.

When trolling the vein, the area of ​​the water in which the bait rotates is more likely to be there.

Bottom Bouncing Crankbaits While Trolling

Crank bite is a type of lure that is designed in different shapes. It makes itself with prominent plastic lips.

Its main feature is its submergence. The bouncer gets the company below it.

We can choose several types of crankbaits for all aquatic environments, as different surface depths require different crankbaits.

In shallow water, you can catch fish with a sharp-lipped small-lipped crankbait, and in the middle, you can catch fish with a long-lipped crankbait.

Bottom Bouncing Rig For Walleye

Walleye Fishing With Bottom Bouncers

This bouncer is designed for trolling, and it is effective. Use trolling properly. So it catches walleye and the other veins left behind, and you can catch dozens of fish.

Trolling Speed For Bottom Bouncers

The bouncer’s best trolling speed is 1.4 miles per hour. The vein is pulled into the water if you use more than that speed.

You can increase the speed of the suspension being suspended. Too cheap will cause the bouncer to go down, which increases the chances of snatching the lure or hook into the cover.

The Depth Chart For Bottom Bouncers

Bouncer sizes are given to indicate different weights. Troll for 12lb test monofilament at 1.2 mph.

Because the diameter and speed of trolling vary, use a 1-ounce weight for 10 feet of water and a 2 oz weight for 25 feet of water.

Bottom Bouncing Rig For Walleye

Can planer boards be used for bottom bouncers?

With the bottom bouncer, the planner board comes in handy for trolls.

Trout trolling with bottom bouncers can be done with planer boards.

The crawler harness, however, may lose you some fish if the walleye bait is timid since you cannot reel in your line quickly enough.

In that case, a flat-line trolling setup is better since you can react more quickly to baits.

By replacing the single hook at the end of a crawler harness with a treble hook, you can increase your hook-up rate when trolling higher in the water column (for suspended walleye).

Trolling crankbaits with Bottom Bouncers

The bottom bouncer must be the best to troll the crankbaits as it carries the crank to the right depth.

Using the bottom bouncer allows you to troll less than a hundred feet, which is essential for proper trolling to the edges of rock formations and water structures.

If you use the leader cover line, you can troll up to 150 feet behind the back of your boat.

It makes it difficult to catch fish easily with underwater cliffs and sedans.

Trout Fishing Tips and Strategies.

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