Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel For Review

Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

This is a classic Pflueger Medalist Fly reel. You can tell by looking at this Pflueger Medalist Fly reel that a classic reel has been reborn. The angler who competed with this reel and got the medal is still there. You may have heard its name. However, to maintain the tradition of medalists, this reel … Read more

Shimano Talica 2 Reel For Review

Shimano Talica 2

This Shimano Talica 2 reel is a saltwater reel like the traditional reel which is designed and used to cast small live baitcast. The shimano is incredibly a lever drag with a light weight that shows exceptional ability and cast especially the most important thing when choosing lever drag reels is its strength and cast … Read more

Daiwa Ryoga Reel For Review

Daiwa Ryoga

Daiwa reels offer a wide selection of round baitcasting reels that are sized for freshwater fishing. Welcoming these bold predictions, shortly after these predictions were made, Daiwa USA teased with stealthy, concept drawings of the reel, photographed with artistic lighting similar to Infinity’s approach before their release in the United States. Daiwa was forced to … Read more

Micro Spinning Reel For Review

Micro Spinning Reel

Micro spinning reels have taken the place of quantum spinning reels in my collection since the introduction of Micro spinning reels. And I use size 10 for most of my ultralight applications. Anglers need to catch fish for panfish or small trout whose profile provides more lines within 10 sizes. It is a small spinning … Read more

Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel For Review

Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel

Mitchell has a history of its own and Mitchell’s performance as the inventor of the spinning reel  has been excellent all over the world. Many people like me grew up fishing with Mitchell 300 pro Reel. When I started fishing seriously I  Searched a lot about Mitchell but after a while I switched to another … Read more