Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag (Guide)

Daiwa Saltiga lever Drag

Daiwa Saltiga LD reels from Daiwa saltiga lever drag reel feature the smoothest, most powerful, and most durable lever drags available today. With Six single-speed models, Seven two-speed models, plus an additional Special purpose single-speed model designed specifically for tournament-style sailfish fishing, these rods cover all saltwater anglers’ needs, be they inshore, nearshore, offshore, or … Read more

Shimano Speedmaster Reel For Review

Shimano Speedmaster

But one advantage of this train is that it is proud of its long combat work but it is smaller than versatile trains. The recently released Shimano LD II Speedmaster range includes 12,16,20 and25 size reels. This Shimano Speedmaster reel is a good fit between the basic TLD and the latest Talica model. When we … Read more

Shimano TLD Reel For Review

Cavalla Reel

As an Angler I focus on the shiny and sophisticated  reels so when it’s game time and the fish is on the line everyone wants to catch fish with the best equipment and performance. We do not value and ignore the simple Shimano TLD  reel in the online world but shimano is very useful for … Read more

Cavalla Reel For Review

Cavalla Reel

The lever drag Cavalla Reel  includes many concepts of industry platforms. Which take the form of an accessible package that maximizes the power and performance available in the reels in everyday life, even for anglers. It is also available in a Cavalla reel 2 speed design that covers everything from battle to light trolling for … Read more

Talica 8 Reel For Review

Talica 8

Shimano Talica 8 is known as a standard reel. Nowadays you will see in the market that Tackle Shop has all the lever drag releases. The size of these reels is getting smaller and the punch is getting bigger. I was looking for a Lever drag reel to go to Malaysia. And then I got … Read more

Makaira Reel For Review

Makaira Reel

Why does this Makaira reel come to your mind when you imagine the game Bull Fish and hard fighting package? Today we will answer you why this Makaira reel reel you like. It is an Okuma brand reel  and it is Okuma’s new flagship reel. Today I will tell you about the performance of this … Read more

Shimano Charter Special For Review

Shimano Charter Special

There are a lot of anglers right now who want to buy a powerful saltwater reel but they don’t know which Shimano Charter Special reel  is the best. And this angler then prefers level wind and drag mechanism. Shimano Charter makes its own reel for these anglers. And the biggest thing is that it is … Read more