Cavalla Reel For Review

The lever drag Cavalla Reel includes many concepts of industry platforms, which take the form of an accessible package that maximizes the power and performance available in the reels in everyday life, even for anglers.

It is also available in a Cavalla reel 2-speed design that covers everything from battle to light trolling for live bait cell fish species.

This Cavalla reel includes a carbonite brake system with a left plate, hard machine aluminum frame, double drag grease and 4-17 grade pinion, and stainless steel main gear.

Fully machined aluminum is used in the Okuma Frame Hard barstak aluminum frame to withstand our Tark pressure compared to any other material, giving accurate straight and tolerance for free material in our industry.

Cavalla Reel

Cavalla Reel


The ergonomic handle knob design is an excellent design for speed and power. This soft knob touch is ergonomically designed to fit easily in your hand.

This Cavalla reel is a great enduring masterpiece from Okuma, which launched the famous masterpiece model of the metalloid series.

This Cavalla reel is better than other reels to meet today’s challenge.

The Cavalla 2-speed lever drag reels body machine as a compact is perfect for handling the most difficult situations.

One side plate T6-6061 of this Cavalla reel and the one-piece frame are made with machined aluminum.

This rigid reel uses a side plate frame and handle. The anodized aluminum machining spool and fake Type 2 in this Cavalla reel make the frame a smooth and uneven handle.

If you forget to wash your reel after using it, it may rust because the inner gear of this Cavalla reel is made of stainless steel.


Cavalla reels use a carbonite drag system. It has a very low start which makes a full drag at 24-34 pounds.

The Cavalla reel is smooth, and you can move the lever in this reel without drag on strike.17.4 grade stainless steel gear, main gear, and pinion gear cause corrosion in this Cavalla reel.

A smooth and silent retrieval system has to be added to protect this reel from corrosion.

This Cavalla reel is comfortable and smooth; its handle is 10 cm long and uses a knob handle. This reel includes 6.4:1 and 3.8:1 gear ratios.

This Cavalla reel is full of technology and is available at an affordable price. This Cavalla reel is the dream of modern anglers.

Cavalla Reel


A compact frame and an anodized aluminum spool maximize capacity, similar to Metaloid’s Type-II.

This Ergonomic Grip handle knob offers speed and power in one extremely comfortable design.

This Cavalla reel has maximum strength. Okuma, all reels are filled with technology.

The Okuma Cavalla Reel is equipped with a large, lightweight, ergonomic handle that supports the cast.

The Okuma Reel is designed to withstand heat and friction permanently.

The carbonite drag system in this reel allows a very smooth drag range. All of this maintains exceptional performance and the ability to stop fish.

Cavalla Reel


One of the features of Oklahoma’s Machined Aluminum Frame is that it is made from a single piece of CNC-machined aluminum.

This aluminum is rigid and durable. This anodized frame is also featured on fly reels, baitcasting reels, lever drag reels, and star drag trolling reels manufactured by Okuma. New Reel Talica 8.

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Specification Cavalla Lever Drag Reel 

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight (g)Line retrieve(cm)Max Drag
Mono. line capacity(mm)
CAV-5NII6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB460107 & 637 & 110.32/385, 0.37/275, 0.42/225
CAV-5II6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB485107 & 637 & 110.32/570, 0.37/400, 0.42/320
CAV-12NII4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB67590 & 4012.2 & 15.40.42/300, 0.48/200, 0.55/150
CAV-12II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB70590 & 4012.2 & 15.40.42/510, 0.48/380, 0.55/290
CAV-5NIILX6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB460107 & 637 & 110.32/385, 0.37/275, 0.42/225
CAV-5IILX6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB485107 & 637 & 110.32/570, 0.37/400, 0.42/320
CAV-12IILX4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB70590 & 4012.2 &15.40.42/510, 0.48/380, 0.55/290
CAV-5NIILX-16.4:1 & 3.8:14BB502107 & 637 & 110.32/385, 0.37/275, 0.42/225
CAV-5S 6.4:14BB4651077 & 110.32/570, 0.37/400, 0.42/320
CAV-5NS6.4:14BB4401077 & 110.32/385, 0.37/275, 0.42/225
CAVB-5NII6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB460107 & 637 & 110.32/385, 0.37/275, 0.42/225
CAVB-5II6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB485107 & 637 & 110.32/570, 0.37/400, 0.42/320
CAVB-12NII4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB67590 & 4012.2 & 15.40.42/300, 0.48/200, 0.55/150
CAVB-12II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB70590 & 4012.2 & 15.40.42/510, 0.48/380, 0.55/290
CAVB-5NIILX6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB460107 & 637 & 110.32/385, 0.37/275, 0.42/225
CAVB-5IILX6.4:1 & 3.8:14BB485107 & 637 & 110.32/570, 0.37/400, 0.42/320
CAVB-12IILX4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB70590 & 4012.2 & 15.40.42/510, 0.48/380, 0.55/290

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