Daiwa Emblem BR25A Spinning Reel For Review

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Daiwa has always had the best reputation and reputation for its products. We thought it appropriate to tell you about all Daiwa reels and we have provided you complete information about the Daiwa BR25A reel with its traditional design. This Daiwa Emblem BR25A  reel  is excellent, productive, powerful and excellent.

This reel works as a new model in Daiwa’s album. What makes this Daiwa Emblem BR25A  reel a great choice is the best choice for small fish with small to medium sized shapes. This reel is the best of both long and short fishes. Is the best reel for fish. The spool in this reel is small 25 mm and it provides excellent and remarkable distance cast. Recovery of victims of this reel is 107 cm and long casts can be recovered quickly and easily with this  Daiwa Emblem BR25A reel.  

Specifications of Daiwa Emblem BR25A

Reference Of  Manufacturer10928-025
Weight510 Grams


The BR25A has the capacity of a free spool and this is the best step of this Daiwa Emblem BR 25A  reel and this work brings these reels to the world as an extreme and versatile reel.  Allows free mode to flike. And this free spool can be controlled by a simple knob.

Does the album BR25A provide the performance of a compact size pit? Large pit machines are much better which we should now use in new reels. It is a fact that Daiwa  sets the price very appropriately so that people can benefit from Daiwa.

Daiwa Emblem BR25A


The compact nature of this  Daiwa Emblem BR25A  reel is excellent and this reel all round is made excellent, excellent and durable. This reel is famous for its excellent performance in all waters and this reel can be used in all kinds of water including freshwater,  Including salt water, salt water, this Daiwa Emblem BR25A  reel is an ideal reel. This reel makes the casting distance optimal with the right hand.

The Daiwa reel is popular because it uses a clutch-like function. This BR25A  reel is a UTD(ultimate Tournament Drag) reel. The best performance of its clutch system allows you to make small adjustments while fighting heat. This reel is designed with the finest daiwa steel to help prevent your hook hold from breaking. When buying this reel you should keep in mind that you are buying a durable, excellent, performance reliable reel.


  • six ball bearings.
  • Designed for 25mm spools
  • BR system redesigned
  • with air rotor
  • and air bail
  • system (Twistbuster)
  • Manual bail for castlocks
  • Untied
  • 5.3:1 gear ratio.
  • The reel weighs 765 grams.
  • This reel can handle 370 meters of 14 lb line capacity.
  • Please see product code 21661 for Daiwa Emblem BR 25A Reel Spare Spool


Other features of this Daiwa Emblem BR25A   reel include a high impact line clip and the main purpose of this reel is to ensure that the main line of your reel is protected from the toughest cast. The air rotor and air bail present in this Daiwa Emblem BR25A  reel help to reduce the weight. Utd ensures that the reel is still strong and strong. New Reel Daiwa cc80.

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