Daiwa Pixy PX68 PX68L and 2004/2005 Baitcaster Reviews

The Daiwa  Pixy is found in the Japanese market, which reflects the excitement of fishing star fans. The best fishing rods are only available in the Japanese market. I got a lot of popularity when I first wrote about this little bait caster Daiwa  Japan in 2004.

Pixy is used in at least six separate articles with other reels as the subject of only two lines. I have reviewed it best and searched harder to write about it. At least six articles have featured the pixy or comparisons to others have been made our review covers it individually compare sit to the 04 limited yellow measure it up to the press and offered displayed the super tuned pixzilla in our review. Some time ago we launched the 2010 version of this reel, the PX68 take a look at it and try to know it.

 This reel was featured last year on the px68. But before we let you know about the performance of the reel. I want to tell you that Daiwa Japan released another version, the px68SPR. Looking at the one he launched earlier this year, we can say what is good? It’s about the pixy who has cast a spell on all these people as if they just want to use the same reel. Let’s go ahead and see how the pre-tuned pixy works its magic.


If you have tried to know px68 and have read the article of the 2010 version then you can guess the difference between the px68 and 2010 versions of this reel. This means that many new features have been used in the PX68. Among the features used are a beefier drag system, slightly higher line capacity, faster ratio, and faster handle.

The form fat or remains the same as fat as size and shape are concerned. But this is an ounce compared to the 2004 Daiwa Liberto pixy. It is a micro-adjustment reel. It is like any fine piece of machinery. That makes the difference. And px68 is a real micro tuned version.

3-Field Trial

Nevertheless even though tweaks adjustment tunings and in addition to their improvement in the testing what do they dually perform in the water. I’ve also been holding a real pixy and a stock for a while now can you even feel the difference between px68 and stock.

The px68 is much more responsive than a stock modified or otherwise pixie from 2003 to 2008. The only way to tell the difference between a px68 rail and stock is to try both. this reel ready performs well but can be vetted into a pixzilla makes it much more useful.

You can make it much more useful with a pixzilla just to the point where once you already own one it’s had to imagine using any other reel. For them, this is a later idea, especially for those who use pixy and px68 as there is only one is missing. It is under the worm leveling drive which let me test if it would compare well to my pixzilla reels.


As we mentioned last year the Black Racer is much lighter than the Black Raven. The two different sticks I used to combine the px68, the first is the DX742cFH and the second is a Kaleido Black Racer which is an evergreen reel.it is similar to the MBR842C GLX from G.

Loomis in terms of handling spring the px68 with 10Ib suffix 832 maximizer its line capacity and used a fluorocarbon guide of 10Ib sugar  Tatsu. Holding the Daiwa  px68 in your hand, it feels as if you are holding the original pixy. Although the spool weight was down one gram compared to the original.


The fastest retrieval ratio used in Daiwa  Px68  is 6.8: 1 which is higher than 5.81. making it appropriate for more applications while using this reel,l fished both soft plastics and jerk baits, and without any problem, it handled them all.

Our official measurements were 24 inches per turn for the px68 with a full line spool. The more out of line you are, the higher the rate will be. This handle is designed for this purpose. The hand is closer to the reel’s center, which will allow you to retrieve it more effectively.

According to the reasoning, but on my reels, it is hardly noticeable. I have no problem with the handle design of Many Daiwa. I like its handle and I like the design. 


When we set up the original Pixy in 2004, it weighed more than three pounds. The original Pixy provides an excellent drag. This Pixy is made of a metal key washer. In 2004, the original pixy featured a soft felt washer that was paired with a metal keyed washer. Pixzilla is one of the main reasons for upgrading

Daiwa  Pixy reel that cleverly replaces someone. It is possible for pix Zilla to deliver drag pressure 5to11 pounds or more ranging. Which you use to upgrade the reel.Update, as well as whether you polish the metal washers of your drag stack.

Tested at maximum pound pressure in our lab Bugzilla-esque. The stock with the drag stack that exists is very impressive. The drag is used at about one-third of the pressure for the best and most reliable smooth work  Never use the drag button below.


Just over a year ago, the Daiwa  px68 was introduced, although you need to wait for a little in order to get one. If you want to buy a new reel, you can buy it from any shop in a week or two. We waited a long time for Daiwa USA  to come soon and finally, pixy came into the market and so people were eager to buy it.

8- Possibilities and limitations

 1-The pixy platform provides a great grip 

2- Use it as a spinning reel

3- Super tuned to the last detail with a beefed-up drag and stylish carbon handle


1- Importing the reel will be quite costly 

2- Can be used for a variety of purposes, but you will not have much control over it

3- Micro clicks are not used in drag or cast control 


The px68 has emerged as one of the best reels and has caused quite a stir in the US and it is also rumored that Daiwa will soon build a new reel. px68spr is a new version of Pixy and Sports Center Fogel instead of magnetic brakes Daiwa  Px 68 is 85% luckier than other reels.

daiwa pixy




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Daiwa Pixy 2004/2005

We reviewed Daiwa Japan’s Fighter Light Daiwa Pixie in 2004 and we praised it because it is incredibly lightweight and the best bait caster. A yellow pearl finish is present on the test model, a 2004 limited edition pixy. Whether the reel is lighter than its pre-existing wings, the main reason is to use a Duralumin spool. Whether it will be affected or not.


This year’s Daiwa liber to pixy has been redesigned to be different colors. Touching the limited edition Pixy is a very unique feeling, it is able to play the best game. The metal almost feels bare to the touch. A 2004 pixy, however, has a shiny glittery finish that is extremely smooth and close to having a plastic-like touch in your hand. 2005 pixy,s new texture is welcomed.


 The difference in the weight of these reels is the first factor that makes the difference between these reels. For this complex process, we weighed each element individually until a solution was found. We then used our reels as a series of stitching and patching tests. We tested the casting and pitching abilities of the reels but stopped testing all other components. If the reel is similar we found these results.

4-The Spool

This was the initial information about the 2005 Pixy. This reel is not at all like other Pixy models. We removed the spool from several reels and discovered the 2005 Duralumin spool which weighed 14 grams. Lower than the 15 gram G it as a spool. So people who suffer from anorexia nervosa need constant light reels. We are trying our best to get a Duralumin 05 spool so that somehow one gram of weight loss is the same as the weight difference of your first model Pixy. 

5-The Handle

 Material differences between the spools ate the cause of one gram of the four-gram weight variation so what about the three other grams? When we tried to disassemble the reels, the first problem was the handles. The original handle weighed 22 grams.   Compared to 05 pixies forged aluminum handles last model year Pixy handles were sealed with aluminum 05 pixy cause 1 gram 04 pixies.  The lock nut weighed 4 grams. Three mysterious grams were three. Ok, we know that our anorexia-afflicted readers are going to ask next.


 We rotated each of our Pixy reels with a 14 lb fireline only for those who are interested in actual performance. We did our job according to the challenge we had. There are using some testing materials.

  • Senko Lite

 It is 2 grams lighter than the original and it weighs about 99 grams. It weighs a little less and therefore it sinks a little slowly. To test it, we moved our Pixie to the G.loomis MBR844cGLX two heavy  Action Bars. This is not taken into account when buying Daiwa Liberto Pixy, but it is very important.

  • Finesse Worms

We removed two Gary Yamamoto 4-cut tail worms for a casting test and served our pixies with a g.loomis cr7211mx casting rod and hooked our worms together. The performance was almost identical. The finesse baitcaster is a very good reel.

  • UL-jerkbait

Our third test, which was very challenging in terms of meaning, was made with just a live X-ray jerk bait smolt suspended at 35 grams. We can easily fold these small pieces together with spinning gear. The pixy has to be moved in G.Loomis MBR842cGLX two identical bars. Again, the performance of this pixy was like pixy 04. I actually used 04 pixies.

  • Crank bait

We used a crankbait to test our reels. We moved our pixy to two Kistler Helium LTA He 70 MLCS so we could see how far our pixy could throw fodder. There was not much difference between these reels.


Pixy 2005 has some special cosmetic differences compared to its other professionals and when it is held in both hands, a slight difference in weight can be noticed. This Duralumin spool is designed for use in places other than sports. The 2005 pixy has many positive points. If you like red, this pixy is worth considering.