Daiwa Ryoga Reel For Review

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Daiwa reels offer a wide selection of round baitcasting reels that are sized for freshwater fishing. Welcoming these bold predictions, shortly after these predictions were made, Daiwa USA teased with stealthy, concept drawings of the reel, photographed with artistic lighting similar to Infinity’s approach before their release in the United States. Daiwa was forced to abandon this marketing campaign as the global market makes keeping any new product secret nearly impossible, so they instead decided to give away the Daiwa ryoga reel through social media. Meanwhile, we sourced one of these gems in Japan and bought it for the purpose of fishing, testing, and reviewing. We have reviewed Daiwa’s new 2018 Ryoga ahead of its release at ICAST.

Rated Capacity – Line  20lb/110yds
The inch-per-turn (IPT) calculation13 – 24/15 – 28
Ration of retrieval5.4:1/6.3:1
Bodyweight 9.5 oz
Weight of Spool       16 g
Length of Handle90 mm
Ball Bearing      13
Knobs per Bearing2 bearings
Bearings Level wind2 bearings
maximum drag rating~13 lbs
Manufacture    Made in Japan


USDM Pluton was built in 2008 upon Daiwa’s Ryoga platform. The company intended this daiwa rioga reel to be used by inshore fishermen, but most anglers, especially bass fishermen, are not aware of this. In addition to the LIN10 variants, Megabass also designates the Ryoga with a stealthy black motif, perhaps borrowing from the associated brand .Shimano’s micro-module gearing is new to this model refresh from Daiwa. They have continued to use machined aluminum for the daiwa ryoga reel’s frame and side plates. Daiwa refers to this technology as Hyper Mesh, claiming it increases durability and smoothness by fifty percent. In addition to its MagSeal bearings, Ryoga’s Zero Adjuster spool tension knob is new for the company.

Daiwa Ryoga


The Daiwa Ryoga performs very well.This Daiwa Ryoga reel is very affordable and best. The features of this reel below are very good and their explanation is now available. This Daiwa rioga reel handle is Perform excellent.


A MagForce Z/V combo brake is installed on Daiwa’s 18 Ryoga. This is a simple braking system that produces predictable results and is very easy to learn. The 18 Ryoga is argued by many to be an unsuitable reel for finesse applications since the SV is not as strong as it could be. SV goes beyond finesse, however, with Daiwa’s system. Nevertheless, once you dial in the correct brake setting, it’s more than sufficient for larger baits such as Megabass’s Vatalion L.O.U.I.S. crank.


When you turn the Daiwa ryoga reel’s handle, you immediately notice how much better this generation Ryoga is than the previous. There’s nothing butterier and smoother than Shimano’s Micro-Module gears, so that’s why the 1520CC-L has 90mm handlebars. Initially, it was gears with oversized teeth, and now smaller teeth are being added to those gears. Megabass needs to incorporate these gears into its refreshed LIN10 lineup as soon as Daiwa introduces them to their low profile reels.


The low gear ratio model we’re reviewing right now offers tremendous power in addition to being smooth. I moved it around to several different rods and tied on a bunch of different baits, but it handles everything with ease. Swimbait reels that feature wider bodies and spools are very stealthy and compact.


The Machine has up to 11.8lbs of pressure. The drag can, of course, be tightened down further by someone with a stronger grip to achieve or even exceed the rated 13lbs. On the water, when my rod bends and I’m battling a fish, I hear an audible click, similar to a spinning reel’s, when the drag is performing as expected. Inshore applications are the reel’s intended use.


This ryoga reel is not light in weight and its weight is 9.5 ounces. Aluminum is, after all, the reel’s only material and brass gears, from what we can gather, are at the heart of it. A switch at the rear of the ryoga  reel lets you open or close the non-handle side plate, just as most low-profile baitcasting reels allow you to do. As for the reel itself, its shape, depressed top bar, etc., are generally unchanged from its predecessor.

Real Testing

There are currently two sizes available for the Ryoga, the 1016 and 1520. The 1520 and 1016 have similar body diameters to the Shimano Calcutta/Conquest 200 of the previous generation, but the Daiwa ryoga 1520 is a bit wider. As a result, the 1016 is a 200 and the 1520 is a 250. Our Daiwa ryoga reel of choice is the 1520L-CC, which has a retrieve ratio of 5.4:1 and holds up to 110 yards of twenty pound (20lb) test line (as per the reel’s spool).


Daiwa-USA has not yet announced what price point the new Ryoga will be available at.Even though it is designed for inshore applications, in the context of bass fishing, the ryoga reel can be used for any type of fishing except finesse. Especially if you use braid on the reel, as we do, the slightly wider 1520 model is a good choice for big bait applications.



  • Daiwa returns to its lineup with a robust, round reel
  • Fully machinable
  • Hyper Mesh gears are ultra smooth
  • plus Magnetic Seal bearings


  • Investing in a round reel is still serious, but what enthusiast isn’t? 
  • Strong but heavy



Completely machinable


All things considered, I would have preferred just a bit more “oomph” in casting performances… and those gears…


It will be interesting to see how much the domestic version will 

4- Feature

Bearings with MagSeal, gearing with HyperMesh, adjusting the casting brake externally…the the the list goes on


Solid appearance, heavyweight


With the only limiting factor being the line capacity, this reel is excellent for both heavy-duty and standard applications.


It is, in terms of practicality, a beast that Daiwa has interpreted the Ryoga for 2018. One complaint I have about this ryoga reel is that it struggles to cast dynamically, and the other is that it is nearly impossible to open up to do maintenance on it. Understandably, MagSeal bearings complicate things, and Daiwa does not handle these people to open the reel and spoil the bearings.

The other school of thought here is that maybe these finely tuned machines, like the Exist and the Ryoga that we reviewed previously, need to be left to the factory for routine maintenance. That’s a perspective I’m not entirely sure I agree with. Regardless, I’m thrilled to see Daiwa’s return to North America with a solid, high-end, round Daiwa ryoga  reel from Daiwa. There’s something real about Daiwa’s new HyperMesh gearing, which I really like.  to see if that will open up the casting functionality of the Daiwa ryoga 2018 reel. I need to attend to another item. Daiwa’s ryoga has won many Awards. New Reel Daiwa TD Luna

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