Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag (Guide)

Daiwa Saltiga LD reels from Daiwa saltiga lever drag reel feature the smoothest, most powerful, and most durable lever drags available today. With Six single-speed models, Seven two-speed models, plus an additional Special purpose single-speed model designed specifically for tournament-style sailfish fishing, these rods cover all saltwater anglers’ needs, be they inshore, nearshore, offshore, or in canyons.

Specifications of Daiwa saltiga Lever Drag

  • CRBB Ball Bearings
  • Max Drag System
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Side Plates
  • High Drag pressure


Featuring Daiwa’s award-winning Advanced Tournament Drag System (ATD), each Saltiga LD remains cool throughout the endgame. Your reel is always tightly secured with a machined aluminum rod clamp. Daiwa conventional reels are so good.


Sailfish reels with fast speeds, including the small models with two speeds, have soft-touch rubber handles for an easy retrieval. All sizes 50, 55, and 60 come with an offset aluminum power handle, and the single-speed jigging model 35JH will not blister your hands when the fight begins. A longer reel life and more stable performance can be obtained by using all CRBB ball bearings in the Saltiga LD series. daiwa saltiga conventional reel is so excellent.


These important features are available in this reel.


As a result, the bearing will last longer and will be protected from corrosion.In this reel use stainless steel bearing and this reel use anti corrosion resistance.

2-ATD Drag

Despite its low viscosity at rest, Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag exhibits excellent viscosity when it starts. ATD Drag System structural changes result in a smoother drag from the initial hookup since the initial drag inertia is reduced.

3-Digi Gear

The first generation of digitally engineered gears from Daiwa lever drag reels  delivers very fast, powerful, durable and smooth operation thanks to a perfect mesh between the drive and pinion gears.

4-Max Drag

Most models have a maximum drag setting between 22 and 45 pounds, while line pick-ups per handle turn range from 39.90 to 47.0. There is a max drag setting of 22 pounds on the tournament-style sailfish models and line pick-ups of 54.30 to 56.0 pounds. Service and warranty provided by Executive Saltiga. Best warranty in the industry. Saltiga LD items are of the highest quality.

Daiwa Saltiga lever Drag


  • Large gears made of stainless steel with a helix-shape for maximum power and smooth rotation
  • spools made of aluminum
  • under ATD conditions.
  • Soft-touch power handles on the offset shaft.


Saltiga Lever Drag reels from Daiwa lever drag  feature the smoothest, strongest, and most reliable lever-drag systems available.
The Saltiga LD reels feature a fully machined aluminum frame and side plate for fantastic performance, less flex, and even less binding, even during the toughest battles. Stainless steel spool bearings reduce side loads so anglers can focus on the fight, not the reel. New Reel Orvis Clearwater Reel Review.

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