Daiwa TD Luna Reel Review

Daiwa Luna TD has a high end spinning and baitcasting reels  following for their cults, In addition, saltwater fishing has been gaining momentum over the last few seasons. The Luna is the replace for the Millionaire and is against positioned both the Calcutta TE  and the Shimano Calcutta B and, even though many feel it occupies a middle ground, it is often compared with the classic TE. 

Specification of Daiwa TD Luna

Amount of weight    12.9oz
The ratio of gears  5.1:1
each crank retrieves a line23.6in
Bearings1 Roller Bearing+5stainless bearings
Maximum Line Capacity (lb/yd) 20-190


Many anglers prefer the Daiwa reel; they say that this reel is more effective in Daiwa career. Considering the Daiwa Millionaire fishing reel’s high level of refinement, its replacement proved challenging. Could Daiwa Luna do the job? The Daiwa Luna TD represents a bolder design than the Millionaire, but features many of the same features found on other reels in the new Daiwa lineup. In addition, the crossbar is drilled with holes and the spool is ported. Daiwa Luna is engineered to be extremely strong and rigid, as the frame and side plates are forged from solid aluminum, Most competitors either forge or machine only the handle-side side plate. In this l Luna reel for smooth cranking use one anti-reverse roller bearing and five Super Corrosion Resistant ball bearings. A top grade of phosphor bronze and brass is used to machine the precision gears, ensuring durability and reliability.

Daiwa TD Luna
Daiwa TD Luna


The TD  Luna performs very well. This reel is very affordable and best. The features of this reel below are very good and their explanation is now available. This reel handle is Perform excellent.


There are two main ways to cast Daiwa Luna. Precision casting is a requirement for smaller sizes, which are suitable for lighter applications. Magforce-Z cast control is used on all Lunas under 300 models with an external adjustment knob that is simple to operate. By touching the side plate with two fingers or your palm, you can adjust the magnet counterforce by rotating the plate.

The ability to adjust your cast control on the fly is a major plus, so the ability to adjust your cast control on the fly is a major plus. Casting is also improved with the ported spool, as well as the fast startup, thus making this reel feel more like a baitcaster.


Five CBBB bearings and one roller bearing are included in all Daiwa TD Luna sizes, a surprisingly low number so close to the reel’s fluidity. Even though it has fewer bearings than other models, it compensates by being precisely machined. It is machined from bar stock aluminum, which ensures that both the outside and inside components are aligned perfectly.

Aircraft-grade aluminum is also used for the spool. During retrieval, the engagement of the gears feels very solid, with little backplay in the handle. A refined reel with an authoritative retrieve is the result.  Neither reel disengages from level winds, and features stainless steel nitrided titanium line guides. Daiwa Luna has more powerful and high efficiency gearing. In field test Daiwa  Luna felt good reeling in 12lb stripers, and its size is good.


Daiwa TD Luna and Calcutta TE 200 reels are similarly sized and have similar capacities. However, Daiwa Luna and Calcutta TE 300 reels are much larger and hold more line, for example,Daiwa Luna 300 reels hold 320 yards of 14 lb test line, while Daiwa TD Luna 300 reels hold 190 yards of that line.In a comparison between the 200 and 300 sizes, both the 200 and the 300 sizes featured superior drag pressure.

On the water, both reels had strong drags, with the Luna reel being stronger than the Calcutta, but the TE reel had a wider range of settings.  Shimano’s dry system is not as sticky as the Luna’s drag stack. With the Luna, the drag system uses multi-disc composite fibers and stainless steel, while the Calcutta uses Dartanium for consistent transmission power. Daiwa luna 300 reviews is good.


As far as ergonomics go, round reels don’t have the same feel as their sleek baitcast counterparts, but they aren’t impossible to handle. In the latest round reels, including the Daiwa Luna, the drivetrains use improved technology that requires less space. With this new design, we were able to achieve a better balance between weight, size, retrieve feel, and strength. Luna TD reels are designed to work with larger gears and use an offset sideplate. With the Daiwa Luna, you get all the features of premium reels, including ergonomics, a large clutch, easy operation, easy access to the spool, relatively low weight,   and comfortable knobs.

The Magforce cast control on Lunas under 300 size can be adjusted quickly and easily via the sideplate. Unlike most competitors, this model does not require anglers to open a side plate in order to adjust centrifugal braking systems. Unlike other reels, the Daiwa Luna can be adjusted on the fly, making it faster. Luna 203 weighs .7oz more than Calcutta 200 when compared to the two 200-size reels (Luna 203). Despite reels of this size being barely noticeable, weight deltas are present.


Despite their similarities, both reels rely on machined components, and the Daiwa Luna boasts a machined frame and side plates,Despite the fact that machining refines the reel, it does not offer increased durability over forging, in which the design is as important as the construction processes. Our tests did not fail any reels during the course of the tests. Furthermore, the reels were submerged in both brackish and saltwater, but none were damaged.

Real world test

To conduct this test, we obtained three Daiwa  Luna reels, two 300 size reels (one left and one right) for inshore fishing and throwing swimbaits, and a smaller 203 size reel for tossing traditional bass lures. In comparing the Luna to the Shimano TD reels, we were able to measure its performance properly.


 Freshwater, as well as inshore applications, proved to be a good match for the Daiwa Luna reel. Both mono and braided lines work well with the reel, and it even comes with a clicker (on the smaller size) that makes it suitable for trolling. The Daiwa 300 reel size is mirrored, so left handed anglers will appreciate this feature. This reel price is not so high.



  • Machine Made
  • Enhanced connected experience
  • An incredibly powerful drag
  • External casting (sub 300)
  •  All sizes are left handed)


  • Drag & drop no micro click
  • Handle does not support bearings
  • Torque is less than TE



There is a big step up in Daiwa Luna from the Millionaire. With quality components and a quality feel, the reel is comparable to a much more expensive reel.


Its drag performance was extremely impressive, among other things. In some areas, it competes with the reel, but it falls short. As a reel with only five and one-half bearings, the Luna is remarkably refined.


In addition to having a quality machined build and a powerful drag on smaller models, the Daiwa Luna has external casting control. If the handles were supported by bearings and the torque was a little more, this would perform better than the Calcutta TE, and we would consider it for the Editors’ Choice award as well.


Ergonomics are good on the Daiwa Luna. In addition to the smaller sizes being easier to palm, Shimano also offers a size 300 that is much wider but has a much greater line capacity than Shimano. When changing the cast control for the 300 size, it is necessary to physically remove the sideplate, but on theTD, the side plate is attached, so this is more efficient and safe.


The many reel series, which boasts a massive 700 size and a tiny 50 size, is better rounded than the Daiwa Luna series, which is a great reel. It would be great if the Luna was available in a wider range of sizes.


Daiwa Luna is the natural progression of the Daiwa Millionaire 300 and does a very good job of matching the former Calcutta in many respects, and does a better job than the new Calcutta B in others. As compared to its predecessor, the Luna feels more precise and well-built, but will it be able to displace the Shimano Calcutta TE? Daiwa launched the Luna to the moon and succeeded, but Shimano’s time tested  TD had already made the trip and returned. New Reel Best Okuma Spinning Reels

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