Thailand Fishing: Pros, Cons, and What To Know

Fishing resorts have increased in Thailand now. There are more than a dozen exotic resorts.

Anglers go fishing in remote tropical lands with dreams of catching large exotic freshwater fish, which has earned a lot of names in the last 10 years.  

Sportfishing’s biggest names have flocked to Thailand’s freshwater heavyweights.

Thailand’s lakes are important in the All-Star line.   Arapaima is an air-breathing fish, only more exotic to look at.

You can take them out of the water without harm because they have to come to the surface to breathe.

Arapaima can be injured or killed if kept out of water. They are aggressive predators, unlike any other fish.

Yellowfish and Indian carp are stocked in many Thai fishing lakes as they cannot grow as large as the natives if you catch three different types of carp in one-day fishing in Thailand.

The largest caught on rod and reel weighed 260 pounds, more than most saltwater predators.

Fishing in Thailand

Thailand Fishing Trips: When should you book?

Thailand has excellent fishing conditions most of the year. During most of the year, Thai fishermen have a perfect time fishing.

It would help if you did not go during the monsoon season but plan to visit early or later in the year.

Fishing and recreation are best enjoyed in Thailand during the fall and winter. October is a great time for saltwater fishing.

You’ll find that the fish bite longer in the winter months. December is another great time to see new fish – the weather is beautiful, and all kinds of fish are in season. (and bites hard).

Prepare for your trip to Thailand by investing in some new fishing gear as you prepare for your trip.

If you want to catch some fish in Thailand, book one of these great fishing trips and tours right away. Sport fishing is an easy thing to do in Thailand. 

Thailand Fishing Trips: When should you book?

The Best Spots for Fishing in Thailand?

Thailand is synonymous with abundant life due to its natural beauty.   Fishing in Thailand is an ancient and popular pastime. 

The fishing opportunities here are endless. You can choose your fishing. One can join a private fishing tour in the park. 

A fishing trip to Thailand is a great addition to your vacation itinerary if you’re going there. 

Consider planning your trip during the rainy season to increase your chances of catching more fish.

Freshwater Fishing

A vast range of species in freshwater fishing in Thailand, including giant carp, Mekong giant catfish, and arapaima, has made Thailand the world standard for freshwater fishing in the last few years.

National parks, resorts, dams, lakes, ponds, and dams are a few fishing spots throughout Thailand.

Freshwater Fishing

Thailand’s Best Freshwater Fishing Spots

In Thailand, there are places where you can fish the best and most aggressively.

In my opinion, freshwater fishing in Thailand is very easy, and I prefer that you will go and enjoy your fishing holidays and trips in Thailand.

Jurassic Fishing Park

Nestled among Thailand’s mountainous landscape and rice fields, Jurassic Fishing Park is a beautiful natural sight. It is a 2-hour drive from the city center of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.  

It is a world-class fishing park, ideal for carp and predatory anglers. Seventeen different species of fish are found in the water here.

The medium-sized lake located here is 1-4 meters deep.

A limited number of anglers are allowed to swim here daily, with the swim (part of the lake) spaced well around the lake, so it is never overcrowded.  

The following fish can be caught here: 

Amazon Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar, Giant Gourami, Giant Siamese Carp, Rohu, and Giant Mekong Catfish.

The Jurassic Fishing Park does not allow outside bait without prior permission. Taxis, minivans, and buses are available from Bangkok and Hua Hin to Jurassic Fishing Park.

Jurassic Fishing Park

Jurassic Mountain Resort

Jurassic Fishing Park & Mountain Resort caters to carp anglers and predator fishermen in a medium-sized fishing lake.

This 4-star resort is the best choice for a fishing holiday in Thailand. Western Thailand offers a beautiful setting for this lake.

At the moment, 17 types of fish are stocked. As a spectacular backdrop, rice paddies surround the fishing park and resort.

Besides excellent fishing, this resort offers four-star luxury accommodations as well. The nearest cities are Bangkok, Hua Hin, and Cha Am.

Cheow Lan Lake

In Thailand, it is an important spot for freshwater fishing. You will get the full rainforest experience here as you will see the animals in their habitat as you put your stick in them.

Fishing trips do not include fishing gear, so bring your gear to avoid hassles, and rental gear in the area is not of good quality.

Cheow Lan Lake

Here you can catch these fishes: 

Barb, Perch, Masheer, and Catfish.

You can reach Ban Ta Khun’s national parks office by private taxi or shared van.

Khao Sok Park

Natural surroundings and peaceful surroundings surround this 3-star resort. You will be lost in the forest with a 360-degree panoramic view. 

500 Rai Floating Resort 4-star accommodation boasts overwater bungalows on Chiu Lin Lake. 

Khao Sok Park

Its natural surroundings enhance the tranquillity of this magnificent resort. Amenities include a bar, kayaks, and an airport shuttle.

Saltwater Fishing

A vast range of species in saltwater fishing in Thailand, including the black marlin, barracuda, sailfish, wahoo, and giant trevally, are among the incredible big game fish caught in Thailand. 

The Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea, westward around Phuket Island, and part of the Indian Ocean are considered the best areas for big game fishing.

Saltwater Fishing

Thailand’s Best Saltwater Fishing Spots

There are the best and most aggressive places for fishing in Thailand.

In my opinion, saltwater fishing in Thailand is very easy, and I prefer that you will go and enjoy your holidays and trips in Thailand.

Gillhams Fishing Resorts in Krabi

Gillhams Fishing Resorts in Krabi

There are many fishing resorts in Thailand, but Gillhams Fishing Resort is the best.

This fishing lake is now truly a fully equipped luxury fishing resort. The picturesque tropical forests and high cliffs of southern Thailand surround this resort.

Exotic Fishing

Exotic Fishing

An incredible Thailand fishing location surrounded by forested mountains brings one closer to nature.

Located in Phang Nga, Southern Thailand, this lake is one of the best commercial freshwater fishing lakes, designed for bait and fly fishing.

Racha Islands

Racha Islands

It is an incredible 4-star hotel with private beach features. Racha Island Resort (Rayaburi) offers luxurious accommodations for all those looking to taste the Thai island lifestyle.

Amenities include a fitness center, garden, restaurant, and swimming pool. Many fish landed, including sailfish, wahoo, dorado, barracudas, skipjacks, and kawa tuna.

You can go on a lifetime fishing trip with the big game fleet of about 40 charter boats. Your guide will meet you at Chalong Pier.

Racha Island Resort (Ryaburi)

This incredible 4-star hotel offers luxurious accommodation for all those looking to taste a private beach lifestyle.

Amenities include a fitness center, garden, restaurant, and swimming pool.

Rawai Grand House 

This 3-star hotel offers a restaurant, jacuzzi, a swimming pool, valet parking, and spacious modern Thai-style rooms in facilities with private balconies.

The staff at Ravi Grand House will exceed your expectations.

Carp Fishing 

It is possible to fish for giant Siamese carp in Thailand, including in the country.

Significantly Siamese carp are growing bigger than anyone imagined, with over 100 fish over 100 lbs and six over 200 lbs, plus 70-90 lbs and more.

The results are obvious when you add them up. You can catch carp in Thailand with the equipment you purchase.

Carp and Asian catfish fishing in Thailand

Fishing in Thailand is excellent for Asian catfish and carp species. To keep your swimbait attractive to the fish, we recommend baiting it frequently with bread or pellet mix.

Generally, when fishing for predatory species, dead baits are the most effective and yielding baits, especially meaty baits such as chicken hearts or sausages.

In fishing parks, most bans are on live bait, lures, and artificial flies.

A handful of free baits is usually enough to catch most anglers after hitting the bank.

Fly fishing

Many excellent guides offer multiple-day fly fishing tours in Thailand in tropical jungle streams for Thai Mahseer.

Several saltwater estuaries around Bangkok offer giant freshwater stingray tours for fishing big, prehistoric species.

Despite this species’ lack of commercial fisheries, you still have a good chance of catching one of these monster-sized stingrays.

However, you will need professional guidance and help.

Fly Fishing in Surat Thani

A fly fishing trip to the pristine jungle rivers of Southern Thailand is for anglers looking for an extraordinary fly fishing experience.

Compared to the numerous commercial fishermen offering fly fishing in Thailand, mahseer fly fishing is a whole different world.

Fishing in Thailand’s rivers is famous throughout the world. 

Jungle Fishing in Thailand Surat Thani

A jungle fishing experience in southern Thailand is not to be missed! You can catch large local fish species while watching the spectacular scenery in the wild of Thailand.

An angler who wants to make a lasting memory on a fishing trip should consider this near: Phuket, Khao Lak, Surat Thani, Phang Nga, and more.

Best Fishing Parks, Charters & Tours in Thailand.

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