Forcemaster 9000/Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster For Review

Forcemaster 9000/ Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster are best reels. There reels are perfect and easy to use. There two reels are very well Perform and famous in the world.

Forcemaster 9000

Forcemaster 9000/ Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster
Forcemaster 9000/ Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster

There are two models of this Shimano reel.

  • Forcemaster 9000
  • Forcemaster 6000

 These two reels combine the technology of Shimano to make it famous. It is powered by a Force Masters 12 volt motor. The simple power option in it allows the anglers to catch heavy tackles and other fish at a speed of 140 per minute.

The heat-free system in it removes the heat so that the motor is not affected. And then helps to stabilize the reel. The drag power of this force master 9000 reel is 55 pounds and it has variable motor settings. Force Master 9000 has many structural advantages. The body of this reel is made with a Hagane design. The rigid and stainless steel design frame of this force master 9000  reel is what eliminates the flex.


The level wind system in this force master 9000 reel makes it easy for the anglers to work with the braided lines so that the cranking energy is not wasted in large quantities.  Makes and this technology is specially made and Master 9000 is a powerful and excellent reel.

This 9,000 reel fine dot LCD screen makes reading and works easy even in direct sunlight. the more crank energy has not been wasted. The Force Master is a powerful and state-of-the-art reel that uses a variety of fishing techniques and is capable of delivering consistent performance and has a deep water option that is famous for trolling and fishing. This force master 9000 reel provides enough power for deep fishing. With this reel, heavy gear can also be easily handled.



  • Improved readability on bright days with a fine dot LCD
  • Protects the motor from excessive heat build-up with the Heat-Free System II
  • Various fishing techniques can be accommodated by the Programmable and Manual modes, including jigging


  • Left-handed anglers will want to choose the left-handed force master 9000 reel option.  Right-handed anglers will prefer this option.

Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster

Forcemaster 9000/ Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster
Forcemaster 9000/ Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster

 I use this electric Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel whenever I go fishing in the deep sea. You don’t know which fish you will catch deep and this task is not always easy. I have also used an electric spool which has solved all my problems.

Thanks to the hard line and engine of this reel I can concentrate fully on my fishing. The engine shuts off automatically when the byte hook and  This Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel pulls your catch to the surface. The speed of this reel fishing line is 88 cm. It can handle very heavy fish with a power of 25 kg and can compete with fish. This reel line is difficult and it is very good for big hunting.

Giga Max Electric Motor

This motor easily restores the line in this  Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel. This motor uses five bearings. This electric reel has 2roller bearings and 3 SA-RB bearings. I like to fish in deep water for a few days.  And the electric reel can be operated at any time. I appreciate this reel. It uses a memory chip. This cheap is easy to install.

LED Display 

Everything is clearly visible on the LED of this  Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel. The display of this reel is simple. It is easy to set the parameters in this reel. You can use manual control to switch this reel. This reel comes with a 9000-pound system. I use the right hand so this reel is easy for me to use but if you use the left hand you may have a problem with manual pulling.

Weight/Gear ratio

The weight of this  Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel is 455 grams and the gear ratio is 3.1:1. The lifting speed of this reel is 165 meters. I recommend this electric reel to all my friends and anglers. I asked the people who bought this reel and they bought  He had no regrets. This reel is very useful for anglers. This reel is for those who fish in the deep sea and catch big fish.

You can catch up to 40 kg of fish. I caught 30 kg of fish while fishing from this reel. It is powerful with reel torque. Saltwater does not enter this reel because the body of this reel is solid. The clutch weight of this Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel is 26 kg which can be easily and accurately adjusted. The rope can be easily wrapped in this reel. The spool capacity of this reel is 0.41 mm.

The reel has both electric and manual modes. The weight of this reel is 1500 and it has five bearings which are SA-RB. It has a 3.1:1 gear ratio. Its handle is also on the right side. Its lifting speed is 140 meters.  The Shinano is 9000. The biggest thing about any reel is its smoothness. It is easy for anglers to choose a reel because I would ask any angler to buy this reel.


When spinning, multipliers are most powerful. Casting heavy bait and trolling with them have proven to be successful. Multiplier models have been effective at night for some walleye hunters. Between your fingers and the fishing line, you are able to control the bite of the predator.


For me, Shimano is the best fishing brand and Shimano is one of the best fishing equipment manufacturers also it makes fishing reels the best. I have used many brand things but I only have Shimano  Wondering if you’re looking for an electric reel, I’d suggest Shimano. Shimano beastmaster spool is excellent and I have been using this reel for many years I do not want to change it too soon so all my friends use this Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster reel and I will recommend it.

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