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Free Spirit CTX is very perfect and aggressive. In 1987, Johns Ross Tackle started the first family business, which was run by Anthony, Matt, and Lewis Johnson. In 2007, the store underwent a new transformation. They raised the floor of their shop to 5,000 square feet, allowing us to store a wide range. 

There are all kinds of fishing Free Spirit CTX rods and reels that you can touch before you buy the product. And by checking them out you can see the wide range of rods here and choose the best rod from them so that you get the stick of fulfilling your dreams.

We are at the top today because of our awareness of the changing needs of carp anglers. Since 2021 we have made some changes to our website and  There is information about all the products on our website and a link to buy them. You can safely order these items.

Free Spirit CTX 12ft 3.5 SU Rod Review

Free Spirit CTX 12ft 3.5 SU Rod Review


The review of this Free Spirit CTX rod is amazing. We are familiar with the bars that come out of the free spirits stable in the South Coast rod. The whole rod of CTx is amazing and it is a special model, especially in terms of price. 

I go to the field and go there and tell them about the fishing rod and its importance and this year I did the same and showed it to the audience by casting from this Free Spirit CTX rod. And I was so successful. Hutch gave me a two hundred stick and asked me to cast with it.

Now I turned the corner to the carbon flex and took the stick from it. I asked Hutch what the test was and what the rod was, so he told me to cast it. And later I was told by Hutch that this is a CTx 12ft 3.5su rod.


Its action recovery power and tip speed made this Free Spirit CTX rod perfect for fishing. If you are looking for a rod that is awesome and offers casting fast and maximum power, then Free Spirit 12 feet CTx 3.5 lb su is available. This rod can go a long way and it always retains its fishing features and gives you the opportunity to go fishing with your friends.

The manufacturing process of this rod is commendable. This Free Spirit CTX rod has undergone a very complex work of ensuring 30t to 40t  carbon with 2.5% less content. And this low material allows the rod to heal quickly and continue its process this rod is extremely light and cohesive and it provides space for the synthesis of carbon and weave system.

CTx offers lower prices than leading rods. I have these bars and I’m glad they have a soft tip section but need a good cast strength. I have 12ft versions in 3.5Ib and these ranges include 2.51b and 12ft tests including 40mm butt ring 13ft up to 3.5Ib. A Su model means long-range and strength for the cast.  Fuji DPS reel seat used in this rod.  What makes this Free Spirit CTX  rod look different from the bars is the multi-layer structure and CTx makes good bars.


I mentioned earlier that ctx 3.5 su free spirit is a round stick and speed is also your title if you are looking for a rod that can catch big fish in this grassy water This CTX rod is perfect for you if you can pull the fish out and tolerate modern carp fishing. We sold this rod to anglers who already had an expensive rod. They wanted to see if the rod could be used at night or not. New Rods Surf Rods Review.

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