The Complete Guide to Spooling Your Fly Reel

If you go to any of the best stores to buy a fly reel, this shop will offer to load it with a fly line and bake it using its spooling machine.

This item is perfect for reel speed and your peace of mind. It is a simple service. Now I will tell you how I set up the process of the fly reel with backing and fly line.

When you buy a train, ensure the recovery is set up correctly with the left and right hands.

There are many ways to attach the baking to the spool, but I’ve always used the old and good R-Burnout.

When the knot is complete, ensure it holds the spool tightly and brings the tag’s tip closer together.

Paste something like a pen or pencil between the baking spools.

How To Spool a Fly Reel

How To Spool A Fly Reel


You can do creative work here, but I would like to use a pencil and feel good when using it on my surface.

Start cranking on the baking coral spool as it comes under your spool. Putting some strong pressure on the back with your fingers and taking care to guide the back and forth evenly is the best practice during cranking.

Gloves can help protect fingers. If the reel’s baking spool is 200 yards and the reel takes 200 yards, that’s easy, but if the reel takes only 165 yards, that’s a different matter.


The rating of one reel may be incorrect and different types of colors are also thicker than the other reels (white is the thinnest color, and this color is used for reel rating).

I can use it perfectly because I’ve been spooling my reels for many years, but I usually start with a little more baking than I think I need to be safe.

And I need to be safe because I can’t afford to lose my reels.

How To Spool A Fly Reel

Regardless of what he will do after his departure, we don’t know what he will do now.

The rail now needs strong support to load. When bending the line and spooling the new fly line, keep in mind three things:


1) Let the fly line be attached to the original spool. Please do not remove it.

2) Do not line the side of the spool as you would when filling a rotating reel.

3) Make sure the fly line comes from under the spool. This way, the line gets more flow, and the line falls on the spool.

4) Fly lines come wrapped around the wires. Just twist them and attach the ends to the edge of the spool.

Fly lines with built-in loops can be tied by creating a Rapala knot or perfection loop, then sticking this loop through the factory loop.

It will connect the flywheel and the baking loops to a tight pull. It is called a handshake.

If I don’t have a fly line loop, I’ll tie the fly line backward, usually using Albright knots.

How To Spool A Fly Reel
How To Spool A Fly Reel

Final Thoughts

The line is moved back and forth evenly on the fly reel during railing under slight tension.

The fly line spool is inserted in the middle, and a straight line is drawn under it, just like a baking spool.

Some people work in the wrong order by loading the fly line and then wrapping the baking on top of it.

Doing so allows the spool to measure accurately at the correct level. It is a very creative process indeed. The flywheel looks good now.

As the diameter of the line increases, the faster the line will recover. A good fill spool looks proportionate.

A spool under the floor could be useful, but it would speed up recovery time.

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