Jackall Dunkle Lure For Review: The Ultimate Fishing Line

Jackall Dunkle has steadily enhanced its reputation in the outside world, especially in the hard-bite and swimming segments.

We’re always interested in what Jack’s team will produce, and it’s a high-selling jackall design.

There is no new bait in Dunkle Japan, but this is an addition to the US report folio.

The Dunkle refers to soft-bodied swimming equipment designed to demonstrate the natural swimming process, using a coloring system combined with a hook-pedal tail design.


Jackall Dunkle has such a large product portfolio that anglers can feel stateside.

This company works closely with Shimano America to find out which bytes are best for anglers in the US market and which anglers buy, which is a lure for Dunkle.

And the hunting species is famous in the world markets for fishing hunters and bosses, especially in Australia.

Dunkle Merle Kod and Barramundi are popular for targeting. The Dunkle is only available in the United States in one size, which is 7 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces.

In Japan, this byte is found in more than 12 different specimens; in the United States, it is half; in Japan, two other sizes are available.

There are Megalo Dunkle 9 and Dunkle Five, and there are many more to choose from, including an eccentric shark.

Jackall Dunkle

Real-world test 

Jacqueline sent us a Purple Charter Use Dunkle for testing and checkout, and I used it to catch fish for a week and then decided to buy three more patterns from Tackle House.

I ditched him for a season to test Dunkle swimming, and I hit largemouth smallmouth and spide bass in Northern California waters.

I caught a swimming fish using a fluorocarbon leader setup with a mono top.

Dunk it

Dunkle’s first byte was a byte of what I saw. In the online photo, Dunkle looks smaller than the actual bait.

Dunkle has a longer mid-body than I expected, and his head is also thicker than I thought it would be.

This soft body is a decent size swimming ride and weighs 2.5 ounces, best with a swimbait rod.

Rated at 1-4 ounces, it is a heavier stick than the one rated at 2-6 ounces. It also differs in the bait profile and the two lures around the harness system, which is internal.

And their paddle is flat and tail design, and it looks like a different baitfish style. Mag draft has a very smooth profile that mimics shades and trout.

Dunkle’s head is very big, which is a big teen. It bears more resemblance to the sunfish.

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