Makaira Reel For Review

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Why does this Makaira reel come to your mind when you imagine the game Bull Fish and hard fighting package? Today we will answer you why this Makaira reel reel you like. It is an Okuma brand reel  and it is Okuma’s new flagship reel. Today I will tell you about the performance of this reel which will give you an idea that you bought this reel and made the right decision. Okuma launched this Makaira reel under one version. This version is described in four best words: drag, design, sustainability and drive. Okuma changed the design of makaira, yet makaira is still popular. The frame of this Makaira reel bears more pressure than other reels.


The design of the handle is patented to offer an accurate ergonomically angle in this Makaira reel to ensure that the angler gets full strength with minimum fatigue. Okuma uses 2 sets of stainless steel main gear and pinion gear to incorporate Okuma’s 2 speed technology. It is very easy to shaft the gear in this Makaira reel which gives the angler the option of fast and low ratio of torque.

The drag system of this reel is very smoothly designed. This drag system is very smoothly designed. This drag system is specially installed on the right side of the spool which fixes all the mechanical work. With this system, the side load is somewhat alleviated at high drag settings thanks to a custom thrust bearing. Lever drag reels from Makaira use helical cut gears for their main gears and pinions. By improving meshing, gears are smoother, resulting in improved performance.

Makaira Reel


Makira’s Anti-Reverse System Provides Comfort and Smooth Sense Compared to the Rails on the Market This feeling is very good. The roughness of many reels on the market is concealed. Okuma is unlike all other reels in the industry. Makaira’s performance is very modern. These powell’s lead to a calm recovery. A helical cut gear’s teeth engage gradually as compared to straight cut gears.

In comparison with spur gears, helical gears run more smoothly and quietly.  The teeth of spur gears receive impact blows as they mesh together, which causes noise and impact stress. Helical gears, on the other hand, can handle much more torque because their teeth are able to withstand more torque while meshing. Unlike most of our competitors, this anti-reverse Makaira reel does not only rely on dog springs. Unlike dog spring systems, the sliding action is controlled primarily by the angler turning the handle and applying forward and reverse motion to the drive shaft.


1-There are two speeds on all Makaira reels

The two-speed system gives you the most power and torque and allows you to return fish to the boat more quickly.

2-Gear shift housing made of gold anodized aluminum

 An attractive design that is both useful and beautiful.

3-A machined, Type-II anodized, cold forged aluminum spool

Strong enough to withstand saltwater conditions, this spool is capable of precise retrieval. 

4-Process for corrosion-resistant coating 

 Okuma meets the requirements for saltwater fishing by providing the best corrosion resistance.The corrosion-resistant coating is added by means of Corrosion X HD, which bonds to the metal and penetrates into it, extending the lifespan of reels.

5-System of patented spool pins

Suitable for both mono and braided lines. 

6-Drag system Carbonite Dual Force

 Featuring Cal’s universal drag grease, this system delivers exceptional smoothness and durability.A pull bar drag system keeps everything perfectly aligned and mounted on the right side of the spool. With this system, the pressure on the frame is reduced, resulting in a powerful and smooth pull.

7-The thrust bearing has been custom designed 

 avoids side loads resulting in a smoother retrieve with heavy drag settings. 

8-Sapporo ball bearings are included in the MK-80WII

They complement the stainless steel ball bearings and enhance the anti-reverse locking mechanism. 

9-A set of 4 stainless steel Sapporo bearings ABEC-5 precision 

Made from high grade stainless steel, these bearings make for a smooth reel that can withstand saltwater conditions. 

10-The anti-reverse system is silent and double-dog 

The anti-reverse system automatically kicks in as soon as your Makaira reel goes backward to help set a solid hook.

11-Drag lever with a pre-set knob for precise drag adjustment 

This type of drag lever is preferred by many anglers because it provides greater precision as well as being easier to adjust. 

12-Easy Roll graphite insert with T-bar handle

The T-bar handle allows anglers to use a maximum power cranking angle while preventing fatigue. 

13-A heavy-duty stainless steel-based ratchet system

from the clicker to the shafts of the drive and spool, this Makaira reel is made of stainless steel. It is constructed from stainless steel 17-4, which is strong and durable. 

14-MK-8II, 10II, 15II, 16II, 20II, 50II, and 100II feature open-top frames 

Although these reels look great and function well, many anglers complain that the reels are exposed to the elements. 

15-Reel clamp and foot are anodized forged aluminum 

The Makaira reel consists primarily of aluminum for strength and durability. 

 it’s just so cool looking!

17-Water removal from the reel is maximized by precisely placing drain holes 

They placed the drain holes well along the reel to prevent corrosion and water buildup. 

18-water and corrosion 

ideal for anglers who fish saltwater.



with the strongest drag in the market.

With a 5-year warranty, Okuma sends a message to the fishing community


The drag washers are not greased evenly 


Now you have to think about what kind of train you want to buy. This reel is not very cheap. The design of this Makaira reel is the result of many years of research. This reel has a total force drag system and all these things make this Makaira reel stand out in the crowd Do. Making sure that the drag is properly greased is another thing that is very important.  The future will bring a lot of imitators.

The helical cut gears ensure smooth retrieval, as well as robust drags, bodies, and spools. Okuma has really outdone themselves with the Makaira after a few less than flawless experiences in the past.  The past is nothing but a memory when you have this Makaira  reel and let it remind you of the great moments of your fishing life. New Reel Shimano Charter Special.

Makaira Lever Drag Reel

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight (g)Line retrieve(cm)Mono line capacity (mm)Max Drag @ Strike with FreespoolMax Drag @ Full with FreespoolFrame Style
Two-Speed Lever Drag Reels
MK-10II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB + 1TB74085.1 & 38.10.37/420, 0.42/350, 0.48/26012.3 kg15.4 kgTopless
MK-15II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB + 1TB78085.1 & 38.10.42/500, 0.48/370, 0.55/28012.3 kg15.4 kgTopless
MK-16II4.3:1 & 1.3:14BB + 1TB116099.6 & 30.00.42/800, 0.48/600, 0.55/45015.4 kg21.7 kgTopless
MK-20II3.8:1 & 1.7:14BB + 1TB1298100.1 & 44.50.48/800, 0.55/600, 0.60/48016.8 kg25.0 kgTopless
MK-30II3.8:1 & 1.7:14BB + 1TB1417100.1 & 44.50.55/770, 0.60/640, 0.70/50016.8 kg25.0 kgCrossbar
MK-50II3.2:1 & 1.3:14BB + 1TB174196.0 & 38.90.55/910, 0.70/590, 0.90/36027.2 kg39.0 kgTopless
MK-50WII3.2:1 & 1.3:14BB + 1TB184396.0 & 38.90.70/820, 0.75/710, 0.90/51027.2 kg39.0 kgCrossbar
MK-80WII3.1:1 & 1.2:16BB + 1TB3289116.1 & 52.90.90/910, 1.00/770, 1.12/60032.1 kg45.4 kgCrossbar
MK-130II2.2:1 & 1.2:16BB + 1TB4750100.8 & 55.10.90/1450, 1.00/1170, 1.12/92034.1 kg45.4 kgCrossbar

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