Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel For Review

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Today, in this review of Okuma Reel, I will discover the amazing quality and technology that has been created in the spinning  reel of this great game. The okuma 4D is derived from the concept of a Okuma Makaira reel that provides information on the various elements of excellent and basic performance that make it one of the strongest reels that a serious owner can possess.

The Okuma is a scam reel, which means that most of the components of this reel have literally undergone a maneuver, and it shrinks more material


The gears of this reel set this reel apart from the competition when you compare the Okuma Makaira with other reels. This Okuma Makaira reel has gears made of aluminum or stainless steel. And there are no other such reels on the market right now.

The Makaira Spinning Reel features a wet Carbon Night Drag DFD system with low start-up and grease for extreme heat protection. The reel also has a carbon washer. Which gives the best performance and ability to create. The interior of this reel is safe and sealed which means that this Okuma Makaira reel will not break for many years and this reel has Corrosion Resistant.


Okuma is so full of features that it’s hard to know where to start testing it, and now we’ll see what the benefits of each of these features do to this Okuma Makaira Reel. A forged aluminum frame is one in which all the reels have a strong material. The body of this reel is currently the strongest Makaira Spinning  reel body on the market. Okuma’s engineers wanted to build the strongest reel and they realized that the body of the reel was its foundation.

 Makaira Spinning Reel

1-Dual anti reverse

Okama is designed with one-way roller bearings and a dial stainless steel built-in anti-reverse system. The shaft mounted on the main gear is used for backing up which gives more power to the  Makaira Spinning reel.

2-Forged Aluminum Machine Kit Cyclonic Fluoroter

It promotes air flow in the  Makaira Spinning reel which makes the reel happy with the wind during recovery.


When ordering Makaira you need to decide whether you want to retrieve the right or left hand. This  Makaira Spinning reel allows you to easily reverse the handle right or left. This reel has different handles for retrieving both hands. There are two handles in this  Makaira Spinning reel.

4-Spool And Shaft

Makaira uses large size stainless steel shaft gear and this spool shaft is durable and advantageous.

5-Dual force drag system DFD

The Okuma Makaira Reel has a class-based Force Drag  system that delivers a maximum of 60 drag dials and 66 pounds of drag in specific settings. Okuma has developed a unique drag system that works like a traditional lever drag.

There are 60 individual configurations for tuning this drag. Okuma Makaira spinning reels are available in two models: the 20,000 with its 490 yards of 65 lbs mono capacity as well as the 30,000 for fishing for large gamefish requiring up to 700 yards of 80 lbs mono.



  • Exceptional quality stainless steel forged
  • up to 66 pounds of drag.
  • Rotor with the cyclonic flow.
  • Sealing system and DFD.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • Except for the steep price point, there are very few things I dislike about this  Makaira Spinning reel.


If you want to add a spinning  reel to your fishing Products, I highly recommend okuma. It will be easier to catch big fish when you have this beautiful  Makaira Spinning reel at the time of your catch. Your reel is such that you can take it to the next generation. New Reel Shimano Speedmaster.


Makaira Spinning Reel

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight
Line retrieve(cm)Max Drag Force(kg)Mono line capacity(mm)Braided line rating (Tuf line)
 Left handed High-speed spinning reels
MK-10000L4.9:19HPB + 1RB810101.6250.35/380, 0.40/300, 0.45/225415/50, 290/65
MK-20000LS5.8:19HPB + 1RB997131.1300.45/450, 0.50/370, 0.55/300490/65, 400/80
MK-30000LS5.8:19HPB + 1RB1107166.9300.55/530, 0.60/450, 0.65/380700/80, 570/100
 Right handed High-speed spinning reels
MK-10000R4.9:19HPB + 1RB810101.6250.35/380, 0.40/300, 0.45/225415/50, 290/65
MK-20000RS5.8:19HPB + 1RB997131.1300.45/450, 0.50/370, 0.55/300490/65, 400/80
MK-30000RS5.8:19HPB + 1RB1107166.9300.55/530, 0.60/450, 0.65/380700/80, 570/100

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