Okuma Fishing Reels Buying Guide

Fishing rods and reels are manufactured in Taiwan by Okuma Fishing Tackle since 1986. Okuma Fishing reels strive to bring the ultimate and ultimate fishing experience to the people, as well as to make the best Okuma fishing reels and rods for the anglers. To make the fishing experience easier

And make rods and reels that are lightweight and durable. Okuma reels offer the best affordable bars for standard and affordable fishermen. Such as fly bars, baitcasting, fly reels, float bars, trolling, spinning bars, and fishing reels including spinning are all made from modern materials with dynamic designs. Advanced materials and dynamic designs make them all stand out from the crowd.

Okuma Fishing

Okama Fishing Tackle is your best choice if you want to fish in freshwater and saltwater. Okama has been providing fishing equipment for 31 years and with the latest technology as well as fishing equipment experience, Okama Fishing provides the best fishing rods and reels.

Komodo SS Low-Profile Baitcast Reel

Komodo SS

One of the most important freshwater fishing reels that have recently left their mark on freshwater fishing is the low-profile Baitcaster Fishing Reel. You will need fishing lines. These lines cost more if you want to catch bass and other equivalent fish.

Low-profile bait caster reels come in small sizes. These reels are very easy to handle while fishing. Because it has curved bait cast cousins that make it easy to handle while fishing. Okuma’s first season was the size 350, which came on the market a few seasons ago and had a 25-pound drag.

This year, they added 200 popular sizes to the mix. With a drag output of 20 pounds, this reel will steel inshore saltwater fishing.

This family of reels is a new addition to my collection, and I have had a chance to examine them all. There are no major differences between the frame and side plate between this reel and the other reel in this class. The longer handles are 100mm allowing it to be easy to use.

There is a slight acceleration between the side plate and the frame of this reel. However, there are also some tolerance differences between the knob and handle. Okuma saltwater baitcasting reels are perfect in size.

Cold Water Low Profile Linecounter Reel

Cold Water Low Profile Linecounter Reel

Introduced 55 years ago by Okuma Coldwater Round Line Counter. This reel is very well made and well designed. The reels do their job very well in the water and they look good. Graphite line counters are very popular. Their cold water line counter had been enhanced with the low-profile bait cast model several years ago.

Coldwater line counter introduced its low-profile bait cast version several years ago. This is a low-profile design in the center of the Reel ColdWater 350. Designed to fit the hand comfortably the sleek and elegant reel us make it necessary when casting or back bouncing.

This reel uses more than 150 yards of 65-pound Brandline machined aluminum spool centered in a mid-cast aluminum frame. Enough to catch every salmon on this planet.

The Coldwater 350 is a low-by-file byte caster rail that proves advanced fishing technology by adding a mechanical line counter.

The Okuma fishing Coldwater 350 is a great tool to use right now when you are looking for a bass and trout to go fishing. It can act as both a casting reel and a trolling reel. Its reels have both performance and versatility, making Okuma one of the best brands in the world.

A standard cold water profile that you know and love.SS stands for the slim system. SS is based on the same platform. That includes a side plate, aluminum cranking side, machined aluminum two-tone spool, and multi-disc high output Carbonite drag system putting out over 25 pounds of drag. Another important part of the fishing reel that is very important is the bearing system. Okuma bait caster reels are very durable and perfect.

Classic Pro Star Drag Reel

Classic Pro

A stainless steel reel foot and aluminum power handle with T-style knobs are features of Okuma’s classic pro XP/CLX reels for baitcasting.

That supports double lines with proper knot clearance for perfect fishing an image of a bear pow breaking through a body of water is presented leaving waves and markings in the shoe of blue and grey reflective of the ocean as a result of the ocean and man’s Baile an explosion is produced in the results of the ball between them, illustrating the power of the ocean.

  • The reel frame and side plates are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • Anodized spool machined aluminum.
  • The frame design is made for ported graphite.
  • For great strength use stainless steel reel foot.
  • Reliable and excellent multi-disc Rulidium drag system.
  • In Classic Pro XP uses 2 ball bearings.
  • Machined cut brass and stainless steel gearing.

Cold Water Line Counter Reels

Cold Water

The Okuma baitcasting Line Counters feature uses weatherproof frames and side plates. In this series from Okuma cold water. you will find a machined aluminum spool featuring, an aluminum spool engaging the pedal, a stamped aluminum power handle, a titanium coated wide-mouth level wind, ratcheting aluminum star drag, and an ergonomic nonslip rubber grip.

What matters in online counter reels is the high-quality internal gears that are incorporated into these reels.

Okuma MSS mechanical position of the reels internal gears is a one-piece design that ensures the components and the shafts will remain aligned for years to come.

Today I will tell you about a trolling reel that will make your parties taste good. You don’t have to worry too much. The Okama Cold Water Line counter is excellent, best, and superb.

This reel has unique features inside. An important part of this reel is its excellent 2BB + 1RB ball bearings that are included this reel. This means that the Okuma Cold Water Line counter has single roller bearings and double bearings. This reel comes with anti-reverse roller ball bearings. So it does not play backward while you are fishing.

Which gives you the courage to put up extra resistance against any back play. The drag system is a notable aspect if you choose the line control reel. This drag puts pressure on a submerged fish and uses a special place to get it out while fighting the fish. A carbonated multi-disc drag system is included with an Okuma cold water trolling reel. This drag system is essential for maintaining the pressure of the reel and connecting it to the angler force. Okuma Fishing reels reviews are very good.


Classic Pro Star Drag Reel

The product is excellent. The price is reasonable and the quality is good. This trophy meets my needs to catch catfish. I now have 5 of them.

Daniela Dewitt

Okuma Komodo SS

I love the reel it is very smooth, and app knobs have positive clicks including the drag. From every other perspective, the power handle is extremely pleasant, except that it isn’t offset. This reel is generally comparative in size to a lexa. This is an incredible falter from Okuma that takes a secondary lounge and makes it pop, yet quality and capacity shine through.

Lyle Kauffman

Cold Water Line Counter Reels

All of these reels are great, compared to the price, and the best you can find anywhere. It is very easy to use and has the excellent quality, looks, and a large handle.

Lyle Kauffman

Cold Water Low Profile Line Counter Reel

I bought it to fish for walleye on Lake Erie… I love the sleek design! I recommend it to anyone on the fence! This is the nicest trolling reel I’ve ever used. When you pay for the best, you get what you pay for! When my other reels wear out or break, I’ll eventually upgrade to this one.

Iina Jutila

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