Orvis Clearwater Reel For Review

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 The ClearWater Large Arbor is also the best reel in the industry with new dye cast reel design and excellent Orvis Clearwater Fly reel and this reel uses stealthy matte gray powerd Coat finish. This  Orvis Clearwater Fly reel is included in high performance machining reels with two stainless carbon powerful online and stacked disc drag. This  Orvis Clearwater Fly reel easily turns into right or left hand retrieval and uses positive click drag.

This arbor is up to date and can handle any type of fish and it is a modern reel. I recently tested the Clearwater 9 foot weight Fly Rod. this Arbor fly rod easily catch the fish. In the center of the spool is a switch button that can be easily used and thus pull the spool out of the shaft.

Specifications of Orvis Clearwater Fly Reel

  • Size of lines: 4–6
  • Reel Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Diameter: 3 1/2 inches
  • 1 3/16-inch spool width
  • WF5F: 100 yards with a 20-pound backing
  • (not sealed) Rulon/Stainless Discs
  • Max Drag: Approximately 5 pounds
  • Cast/Machined: Die-cast
  • Gray in color
  • reel pouch is available


 Orvis sent me this rod as part of a combo connected to a new arbor line but I wanted to experiment with the rod and the reels separately to see the performance of the reels. These reels lacked beauty. But still this  Orvis Clearwater Fly reel is useful and therefore my life is very much so the design is smooth and airy. I experimented with a clear water rod and found out that this Orvis Fly reel is exactly like this rod.

It doesn’t feel very cheap despite the low price. The most important thing for me while reviewing this  Orvis Fly reel was the drag of this train. Some of the reels I have experienced till date have some of the best performance and some of them have lack of smoothness.


 Not necessarily, but I had less trouble with this train. I have never used anything with a rail that has more lines at a time. There is a long drag knob in the frame of this rail which is easy to use. It provides good grip and performance. This train has two turns for more than zero drag. The spool of this rail which helps in adjustment is loose so that it can be rotated many times. It feels solid while crank the rail.

The handle of this Orvis Clearwater Fly reel has the features of relaxing taper. The Clearwater II reel is intended for rod line weights 4-6, while the Clearwater IV is designed for 7-9. The entire review of Clearwater reels is not necessary if you don’t have time to read it. To help you make a quick decision about this  Orvis Clearwater Fly reel, here’s what you need to know in nutshell.

orvis clearwater reel


The spool is also easy to re-install. This  Orvis Clearwater Fly reel is excellent, smooth and durable. This is an entry level reel. The features of this reel exceed your expectations. This reel is available for less money. This  Orvis Clearwater Fly reel is available at low cost. Its built-in powerful disc drag system incorporates smooth ergonomics and robustness.

Despite being die cast, this reel  is lightweight. You will feel great using this reel  in water. You will feel clear water. I have told you all about this Orvis Clearwater reel. Now you need to decide which reel you want to buy. Thus, this reel will not weight you down on the water, as you can see. Clearwater is one of those fly reels you won’t notice until you need it, which is always a sign of a good one.


The drag stack was made up of Rulon/Stainless and I could not detect any startup inertia. This  Orvis Clearwater reel does not appear to be an exception. The outside of the case received no scuffs during testing partly due to my gentle handling. New Reel Shimano Fly Reel Review.

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