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Jackall Dunkle

Jackall Dunkle Lure For Review

Jackall Dunkle has steadily enhanced its reputation in the outside world, especially in the hard bite and swimming segments. We’re always interested in what Jack’s team will produce and it’s a high-selling jackall design.  There is no new bait in …
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Shimano Curado Rod

Shimano Curado Rod For Review

Shimano Curado Rod is famous in the world. These rods are unique in style and design. In 2017, Shimano introduced new curado rods that were specially designed for bass fishing that was versatile to detect every situation of bass fishing. …
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Shimano STC Travel Rod

Shimano STC Travel Rod For Review

Shimano STC Travel Rod is perfect and comfortable to use. The STC is designed to give you maximum possibilities with the stick. You can use a single rod and extra tip to make rods of two different weights and lengths. …
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Shimano Carp Rod

Shimano Carp Rod For Review

Shimano Carp Rod is famous in the fishing field and the performance of this rod are perfect. finally found a rod and a seat that was perfect for filling in the gaps in my fishing tackle. The fishing I have …
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Free Spirit CTX

Free Spirit CTX Rods For Review

Free Spirit CTX is very perfect and aggressive. In 1987, Johns Ross Tackle started the first family business, which was run by Anthony, Matt, and Lewis Johnson. In 2007, the store underwent a new transformation. They raised the floor of …
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