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Shimano Talica 2

Shimano Talica 2 Reel For Review

This Shimano Talica 2 reel is a saltwater reel like the traditional reel which is designed and used to cast small live baitcast. The shimano is incredibly a lever drag with a light weight that shows exceptional ability and cast …
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Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel

Piscifun Carbon X | Spinning Reel For Review

This reel is very smooth. If I blindfold myself and then you use this reel, I bet with you. You will earn 150$ or more. This Piscifun Carbon X Spinning reel provides consistent and excellent performance. 10+1 ball bearings are used …
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Daiwa Emblem BR25A

Daiwa Emblem BR25A Spinning Reel For Review

Daiwa has always had the best reputation and reputation for its products. We thought it appropriate to tell you about all Daiwa reels and we have provided you complete information about the Daiwa BR25A reel with its traditional design. This …
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Daiwa cc80

Daiwa CC80 Fishing Reel For Review

Introduction The Daiwa Reel was first launched in 1995 and has been one of the largest and most influential companies in the world since its inception. Countries including South and Central America, Canada, and California where residents use cc80.Daiwa is known …
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Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ

Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ Reel For Review

Helps to catch Daiwa Seaborg 1200mj deep sea fish from bottom to top. Drag power of Daiwa 1200mj and 800mj is 33 kg. The price of this reel is also low and many people can buy it. Specification of Daiwa Seaborg …
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Daiwa Tanacom 750

Daiwa Tanacom 750 Reel For Review

The use of electronic fishing Daiwa Tanacom 750  reels in fishing technology is nothing new. For some time now, boat builders have been installing electric Daiwa Tanacom reel sockets on standard gun wells, but Daiwa Tanacom 750  has made this …
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