Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel For Review

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This is a classic Pflueger Medalist Fly reel. You can tell by looking at this Pflueger Medalist Fly reel that a classic reel has been reborn. The angler who competed with this reel and got the medal is still there. You may have heard its name. However, to maintain the tradition of medalists, this reel is for those anglers who prefer fly reels and click reels. Perfect for those who want old-fashioned aesthetics and looking for their next good Spey Reel.

Specifications of Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

  • Frame and spool made of machined aluminum.
  • Arbor standard.
  • Pawl and click mechanism.
  • Handle made of polymer.
  • Left or right-hand retrieval
  • with a Quick Release spool.
  • Pouch for a reel.
Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel


These Pflueger Medalist Fly reel features are good and perform well.


This Pflueger Medalist Fly reel is made of lightweight bar stock aluminum and uneven design in which anglers can control everything so fishing is done intelligently so that the overall weight of the Pflueger Medalist reel can be worked without reducing the stability.


This medalist has the traditional click check drag. It supports the function of the click drag Pflueger Medalist Fly reel. This drag system is not for catching the biggest fish in the ocean but it is a beautiful freshwater reel.


The medallist is made in an old-fashioned way, reminiscent of the past of the fly reels.In the modern era, Pflueger has updated the aesthetics to meet the demands of the anglers. To make this Pflueger Medalist Fly reel a stylist’s choice, it has a full frame design machined aluminum augmented drag system Which performs highly.


This medallist rail is first machined and then deep anodized for greater durability. The anodizing bar gives a durable finish to aluminum stock.Anodized is used on many fly rails today for reel safety coats.

5-Arbor Size

This medalist reel has a conventional arbor which is different from many fly reels. This allows the reel anglers to add a running backing arbor line so the traditional Arbor also includes thick spey switch fly lines to increase the performance of both hands.


A Pflueger warranty applies to original owners and is in effect as of any date. e. A year’s warranty covers flueger products against defects in materials and or workmanship. It is Flueger’s responsibility to repair or replace its products after normal use, abuse, accidents, or alterations.


ANTI-REVERSE FEATURENo Anti-ReverseNo Anti-ReverseNo Anti-Reverse
DRAG TYPEClick & PawlClick & PawlClick & Pawl
FLY LINE CAPACITYWF3+75 (20lb Dacron)WF5+125 (20lb Dacron)WF7+250 (20lb Dacron)
GEAR RATIO1.1:11.1:11.1:1
LINE RATING3/4wt5/6wt7/8wt
MAX DRAG LB0.5lb | 0.2kg0.5lb | 0.2kg0.5lb | 0.2kg
PRE-SPOOLED YD/LBNot Pre-SpooledNot Pre-SpooledNot Pre-Spooled
REEL HANDLE POSITIONRight/LeftRight/LeftRight/Left
REEL SIZE3/45/67/8
REEL SPOOL MATERIALAluminumAluminumAluminum
SPARE SPOOL MATERIALNo Spare SpoolNo Spare SpoolNo Spare Spool

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