Shimano Charter Special For Review

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There are a lot of anglers right now who want to buy a powerful saltwater reel but they don’t know which Shimano Charter Special reel  is the best. And this angler then prefers level wind and drag mechanism. Shimano Charter makes its own reel for these anglers. And the biggest thing is that it is available at a very reasonable price. Anglers who look for line control in a saltwater  reel  are often trying to stop permanently on this reel after using the Shimano Charter to use this reel. 

Anglers mostly stay away from troubles. All of this is available at a low price. TLD size is occupied by Shimano Charter. There are two models in this series of chater and both of them have added features of Level Wind. This Shimano Charter Special Reel Charter is special and it is salt and freshwater.  Fishing is amazingly good for both. The Shimano Charter is an ideal reel for targeting large fish due to its incredible drag and light line weight. This Shimano Charter Special reel is a standard product. This feature is not present in every game fishing reel. To use this reel angler requires skill.

Specifications of Shimano Charter Special

Weight of reel17.1oz.
Gear Ratio of reel4.2:1
Bearings4 Ball Bearings
Capacity of Line(lb/yds)14-480 / 17-400 / 20-300
Maximum Drag33 Pounds


  • Lightweight graphite frame and side plates
  • Aluminum spool
  • Lever drag
  • Counterbalanced handle
  • Clicker
  • Non-disengaging level wind
Shimano Charter Special


These Shimano Charter reels are light in weight of 16.4 and 17.1 ounces. Both models of this reel use 4.3:1 gear ratio and the line recovery rate in this Shimano Charter Special reel is 26 inches per crank. The reels feature a frame and side plates with strong aluminum so that a strong graphite spool can be used. The charter reel uses 3 anti-wrist bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing.

If the angler uses the 1000 TR, it gets 17-12 pounds of mono filament and 65-40 pounds of peak, and the larger TR2000 offers more length so that the hook can be set quickly. Used mono-filament anglers are able to go up in line diameter and get longer lengths and it can recommend 20-14 pound test in 300-400 yards range. And the TR2000 special lever can test the drag Shimano Charter Special  reel. Its XT7 body is light but strong. To test the charter we used both trolling and moaching on the coast of California and fishing for salmon.

Performance of Features


The charter needs to be set in the free spool for casting in this Shimano Charter Special reel. It completely pulls the lever drag backwards. When the lever reaches 9:00 position then clicks in the free spool. This free spool performs well.  The level wind’s back and forth motion reduces friction compared to the friction caused by its remaining stationery during the cast. Casting heavy lures farther is easier with this feature.


This Shimano Charter Special reel uses lever drag instead of star drag which is very good. Easy to use, excellent accuracy and pure speed. There is a round knob on the right side of this reel which helps the anglers to make drag adjustment But this drag cannot be changed accidentally. It also sets to the reel strike position and once you adjust the drag, the drag does not move from that place. You can press the blocking button in front of the lever.


I used a lot of Shimano Charter Special reels in which I had a problem with high speed recovery. This problem is usually due to the frames that bend due to the pressure of the big fish. Charter recovery was solid during all our tests.  And it was tough and this Shimano Charter Special reel felt smooth at the time of recovery.


Graphite is still a popular choice for saltwater reels because it is lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. These reels offer solid performance. The frame of this reel is strong and thick so as not to feel hollow. I caught a lot of big fish from this Shimano Charter Special reel.

Important Features

  • Graphite body made from one piece.
  • Ball bearings are made of stainless steel.
  • The older star drag reels have much less surface area than the new ball-bearing titanium drag.
  • This monofilament holder holds 250 yards of 17 lb monofilament at a gear ratio of 4.2 to 1. It weighs 16.4 oz.
  • This monofilament carrying tool has a gear ratio of 4.2:1, weighs 17.1 oz, and holds 300 yards.



A fishing Shimano Charter Special reel that offers top value may not be the most technologically advanced or made from premium materials. The reel you choose should do what you need, won’t break the bank, and be able to be used for several years. In addition, the majority of reels in this category do not have a maximum drag of 33 pounds.


An anodized aluminum Shimano Charter Special reel will always outlast a graphite reel. The only condition is that the chips are kept away from rust so it doesn’t start. In addition, when under extreme strain, graphite frames will twist and flex. Gears tend to bind when this occurs, so it isn’t good for them.


The sound design of this Shimano Charter Special reel is very good and it is a solid reel. I am proud of the level wind with the lever drag of this reel. This Shimano Charter Special reel is excellent at low cost and excellent, durable which is excellent in performance. Which is excellent in performance can use all its features after use in salt water. New Reel Shimano Talica 2.

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