Shimano Talica 2 Reel For Review

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This Shimano Talica 2 reel is a saltwater reel like the traditional reel which is designed and used to cast small live baitcast. The shimano is incredibly a lever drag with a light weight that shows exceptional ability and cast especially the most important thing when choosing lever drag reels is its strength and cast ability. Shimano created an equivalent of these two things in this Shimano Talica 2 reel.

Despite the many other features added to reduce the weight of the reel, the reel still retains its full strength. The high performance gears in this Shimano Talica 2 reel provide power to the anglers at both high and low speeds which is rare and excellent for all such reels. The Talica 2 reel  will also be able to catch large monsters and fish while fishing in deep water.

After using this reel you will be amazed. This Talica 2 reel provides high gear ratio performance with very few cranking gears. This Shimano Talica 2 reel handle has one or more covers with each turn. Shimano is proud to have talica with its newly developed metal series reels.


In my opinion this Shimano Talica 2 reel is very smooth, very light and powerful. This reel has 5000 power and weight like a boss reel which makes it able to control any kind of fish. This Shimano Talica 2 reel returns a comfortable 30lb drag on 45lb drag. When I first fishing with this reel I felt like I could fight for hours with this Shimano Talica 2 reel and compete with all kinds of fish.t was a walk in the park to fight freestyle thanks to the reel’s smoothness and the freespool.

Shimano Talica 2


This Shimano Talica 2 reel uses 6 anti rust bearing and cold forge. This Talica 2 reel  has two speed and single speed feature. Shimano makes 11 talica models but only 20, 25, 50 of these 11 are only 2 speed. The specific list of talica is impressive per frame has been made very attractive.

The large handle, spool and drag lever are made of gold color. ABR bearing is used in this Shimano Talica 2 reel and this bearing is used with brass gears. This reel has a capacity of 20lb monocoque 270 yards. The gear ratio of this reel is 6.2: 1 and its low speed is 4.1:1.

The gears can be changed very smoothly and there is a lever and push button at the end of the Talica 2 reel handle. We tested it to check the reel. We hung 4lbs of lead on it and baked it up after taking it 90 feet down into the water. The lever drag of this reel is smooth and waterproof. This is the best lever drag.


  • Lever drag with high capacity, high speed, compact design
  • Side plate with E.I. for the handle side.
  • Aluminum spool forged from cold-forged billets with.
  • An excellent castability with greaseless bearings on this lightweight spool for live bait
  • using a topless design
  • for ultra-high drag pressures with oversize carbon drag washers
  • (when engaged): Waterproof Drag
  • Washers with Twin Pawls (when engaged)
  • A power handle that is ergonomic
  • Drag lever for ratcheting
  • the preset knob that clicks
  • Clicker
  • Two-Speed HEG (High-Efficiency Gearing)
  • The shielded ball bearings A-RB (Shielded A-RB).
  • A rod clamp made of aluminum.



Shimano made talica despite being in low gear and used a crank retrieval design.This was intentional, as Shimano knew that the Talica was missing from the spectrum of offshore reels available.First, cranking power means that the spool barely turns when you spin the handle fast. You will get to the top of the hill much slower through the lowest gear, but it will let you turn the pedals fast and easily.


The talica presents a big problem to the angler in that the big fish gets out of line. There is no lowest gear on the ten-speed bicycle so the hill has just become incredibly steep. When considering Talica reels, anglers must understand this distinction. Under the right conditions, these reels won’t cast or catch fish as well as the Talica.


The result of using this Shimano Talica 2 reel was very good. After using this Shimano Talica reel for a few weeks, I thought of using this light weight set for catching sharks, but catching sharks is not an easy task at all. There is a tough competition but I kept trying and I guessed there would be a tough fight my reel was worth it. To use this quick recovery I finally caught the shark and 20 minutes later I caught the fish in my boat with the flier. New Reel Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel.

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