Talica 8 Reel For Review

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Shimano Talica 8 is known as a standard reel. Nowadays you will see in the market that Tackle Shop has all the lever drag releases. The size of these reels is getting smaller and the punch is getting bigger. I was looking for a Lever drag reel to go to Malaysia.

And then I got the shimano Talica 8 that I was offered in a single speed Talica was originally designed as a two speed design for the US market. Single and two speed sizes include 8,10,12,16 and  The reel is now available in sizes 20 and 40 and in two speeds.

Shimano designed his Talica release with cranking power in mind. Many lever drag releases also include drag components in the spool but it takes away any good casting ability. Talica still provides excellent casting.


A few things become very obvious when you take the reel out of the box. Traditional shimano is a body for beginners.  And it has an alloy frame and it protects the reel from Corrosion. Talica has a recovery ratio of 6.2:1 and this Talica 8 reel uses Shimano’s 6 ARB bearings.

In the internals has been installed Shimano’s shielded drag system, along with a loud clicker that sounds when the line is being peeled from the reel, an important feature for those who fish with live bait. The best Shimano Talica reels are a powerful system in this Talica 8 reel that uses pinion gear and drive and uses frames and sideplates to support these gears. The frame is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum with a unique design. This ensures the inner gears remain precisely in place under extreme pressure.

Talica 8

Specifications of Talica 8

Gear Ratio6.2:1
Braid Capacity395 yards/40lb, 390 yards/50lb, 235 yards/65lb
Mono capacity280 yards/15lb, 200 yards/20lb, 165 yards/25lb
Number of Ball bearings6
Maximum Drag20lb
Other sizes of the Talica 8 reel in the single-speed rangeSingle Speed – 8, 10, 12 and 16
Two Speed8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25


This Talica 8 reel includes a double dog ratchet style anti-reverse system instead of roller bearings. This system is more durable and provides longer life and better performance. It was still relatively smooth and I managed to pull off 10.8kg with a reel that had not been used for a while. Even a small use of this Talica 8 reel can increase its pressure. 10 kg pressure is enough to stop a kingfish. Using the arm’s strike-to-sunset transition is as simple as pushing a button, allowing the strike to be stopped and then the transition into sunset to be made with just a press of a button.



Shimano used talica to get more lines per crank than the usual two-speed designs. While shimano is in low gear .And he didn’t think it was an unknown link in the range of available reels. There have been complaints that two-speed reels sacrifice their main purpose if line retrieve per crank is higher, and I must disagree to an extent. The cranking power is the result of not spinning the handle so fast that the spool barely moves. A ten speed bike is like riding up a hill at ten mp. Bicyclists seek a combination of pedaling power and speed, and the Talica offers just that.


The design of the talica presents a problem to the angler. It is a pity that this Talica 8 reel does not have the lowest gear facility. Talica reels must be viewed differently in order to be considered by anglers.


When you see this Talica 8 reel at first glance it looks like it can fight all the big fish and so the main purpose of using this Talica 8 reel is to achieve your victory. It also provides rail upgrades. The Talica 8 has the perfect retrieve rate for a small spool reel with the 6.2:1 ratio and weighing just 450 grams the reel is a feather in the hand. New Reel Makaira Reel.

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