Quantum Optix Spinning Reels Review

Quantum Optix spinning reels are well designed and best. They have an excellent and wide range of fishing reels for fishing which are made with different methods and new technology. Spinning is the most popular method of fishing. The largest angling technique is spinning fishing. In which the spinning reel bait persuades the fish to bite. This method is used in both freshwater and brackish water. And there is no stimulus with it. The rotating rod is different from the bait rod. The best reel is available in both these markets. You have to buy a good reel. 

Quantum Optix Spinning reels


This reel will make the game of fishing great. This is one of the best reels for anglers and they like these reels. This reel does not cross its limits. You do not need to spend thousands of rupees to buy a spin reel as it is also available at a very reasonable price.  The market does not provide cheap reels. If you buy this reel, you can fish without any worries.


It is famous among new anglers for its features and price. Many professional anglers also use this feature for fishing. The rotating reel can easily catch all kinds of fish.

Drag System

It is necessary to check the drag system at the time of purchase of this reel. Helps to put pressure on the fish and take it out of line during the fight.

Ball Bearings

Another important feature of spin reels is their ball bearings and ball bearings are used to smooth the reels. Many spin reels also use line counters with roller bearings if you have hair in your reels.  If the number of bearings is low then your reel will not perform well. Four ball bearings are used for smoothing in this reel.

Gear Ratio

The spool is used in rotating reels which helps in bending the handle. The number of times that the handle revolves around the spool indicates that when we talk about the gear ratio of the reel, the gear ratio of this reel is 4.9:1 and it is perfect for both fresh and saltwater.



  • Compared to other reels in this price range, the Quantum Optix Reel is very light in weight.
  • With its graphite frame and adjustable front drag, the graphite frame offers excellent line control.
  • The smooth line is fed with an aluminum spool and an internal bail trip. With this Quantum Optix reel, all your fishing trips will be successful.


  • The manual mentions there is an anti-reverse switch on the bottom of the reel, but some customers claimed it was not there. Manufacturers are working to resolve the issue.


This reel is a great reel according to budget. If you want to buy a good and durable reel then this reel is good. This reel is also great for professionals.

Quantum Optix 10

Quantum Optix spinning reels


It is lightweight but high-performance. This quantum Optix 10 reel has four ball bearings and this reel provides smooth retrieval. This reel is perfect for retrieving both right and left hands.  TRU BalanceTM router design and solid panel pinion gear have been used for the reliable performance of this reel.


  • Rotor with TRU balance
  • and front drag adjustment
  • Spool made of machined aluminum
  • with a constant anti-reverse clutch
  • and left or right hand retrieve
  • Compact and lightweight

Quantum Optix 40

Quantum Optix Spinning reels


This quantum Optix 40reel has many features including a lightweight graphite body, solid brass pine gear, and forged aluminum machining spool which is only required for drag smoothness.


This is an open-cast fishing reel with a light side plate and compact body so that you can be prepared for fishing. The recovery of this reel is much smoother. Recovery of this reel is 34 inches smooth. It has 4 ball bearings. This reel also has retrieval of both right and left hands. It is a versatile reel. Its monoline capability is 20 pounds and its bride line is 30lb yards.


  • Featuring solid brass pinion gear, a lightweight composite body, and a TRU-BalanceTM rotor design, the Quantum Optix spinning reel has it all
  • with 4 Bearings and a 3 clutch.
  • Continual anti-reverse.
  • TRU Balance rotor
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Front-adjustable drag
  • Braid Capacity: 250/15
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Maximum Drag: 12

Quantum Optix 60

Quantum Optix Spinning reels


This quantum Optix 60 reel is perfect for saltwater fish. You can upgrade your gear with this reel. Modern construction has been added to improve the performance of this reel. Used which makes it corrosion resistant. This reel comes with 17 lines of 225 yards. This reel is suitable for both anglers and experienced.


The recovery of this reel is much smoother. The recovery of this reel is 33 inches smooth. It has 4 ball bearings. This reel also has retrieval of both right and left hands. It is a versatile reel. Its monoline capability is 30 pounds and its bride line is 390 yards.


  •  Gear ratio 4.9:1 
  • Mono Line 225-yd of 17 lb. 
  • Double-anodized aluminum spool 
  • Multi-stop, anti-reverse features
  • Bail wire with Stainless steel
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for  anglers
  • Enhanced performance
  • Available sizes: 40 and 60

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