Quantum’s New Smoke S3 Spinning Reel For Review

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As ICAST 2017 demonstrated, Quantum’s Smoke S3 spinning Reel completed an entire suite of reel redesigns and re-engineerings as part of the Series Three (S3) launch. The redesign does not just involve reels, though.

Quantum's New Smoke S3 Spinning ReelQuantum's Smoke S3 spinning ReelQuantum's Smoke S3 spinning Reel

Detailed information on the Quantum Smoke S3

Maximum Line Capacity     
Maximum Spool Volume13.8 cm3
Ratio of retrieval6.0: 1
Measured in inches per turn (IPT)21.5 – 32
Weight8.1 oz
Length of the handle45mm
Linear Guide BearingsOne
ManufacturerMade in China


The big news in Quantum’s efforts for the S3 spinning reel is the construction of a new unibody with all their new spinning reels. The Unibody One Piece Frame Reel is used to keep the grip stable and it provides a flex-free environment. Everything has been done while keeping in reel with the existing aesthetic, Because once the whole reel is ready you can’t guess what part of the unibody is in this reel and what is cosmetic until you know which part to see and test. This is a good thing about this reel.

Quantum's New Smoke S3 Spinning ReelQuantum's Smoke S3 spinning Reel



Quantum’s Smoke S3 spinning Reel does not use the titanium bail, which opens with minimal effort, meaning it can be opened with minimal effort and works best throughout the cast if you suddenly close the reel handle. A mechanical trip has been used inside the reel to turn backward. If you want to close the bail manually, the reel has a spring that provides a strong and reassuring assist when you do so.

I lowered my line to test this reel so I could see Whether the reel will come out of the line properly while casting But I’m glad I reported to Reel. In spite of the 3/32-inch gap between the taper of the spool and the line, every cast reached or exceeded my target without any problem.


Its roller line supports bearings when retrieved in Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Reel. Your line falls on the spool easily and evenly. The gears of this reel are smooth and gears work very smoothly. A smooth set of gears and a solid, reassuring performance are the benefits of the reel’s unibody construction, which is far more refined than its price point. Quantum smoke spinning reel reviews is very good.


Quantum Smoke spinning Reel handle has a 45-millimeter length, you generate a considerable amount of leverage with the internal gears made of hardened aluminum alloy. The smoke reel is durable. It’s just as much power as you need, yet you can see and understand using the 10-state lines. but it was still able to produce good results with test baits such as diving cranks and buzz baits. The Quantum smoke fishing reel is perfect for casting.


The drag of the Quantum’s Smoke S3 spinning Reel looks like it is more baitcaster than the rotating reel. The drag of the reel is a mixture of aluminum washers and carbon matrix in which the washer feels. A smoke-spinning reel is good for anglers. The drag of the  Quantum Smoke S3 spinning Reel feels more traditional. That is because he has been left on this reel to refresh his old memories. Even if your goal is to achieve a smooth and consistent performance, this drag composition recipe achieves ideal results. Smoke spinning reels are best for fishing.

Quantum's Smoke S3 Spinning Reel


The Quantum Smoke S3 spinning Reel is made in three sizes and is available in three sizes in the market. 25 models tripped our scales to 8.1 ounces which looks very high. I found the Evanob of this reel very comfortable. The combo was very comfortable to fish with when matched to our Invoker IVK610MLXS.I would have liked something more decorative for the fastening drag disk. This reel caught my attention because of the rubber ring around it. The rubber ring prevents line slip and phantom drag, so you don’t have to pre-load backing on your reel before use. Furthermore, because of the non-slip surface of the ring, nylon monofilament and fluorocarbon line can also be more easily wound onto the spool. The Quantum spinning combo is really excellent.



Excellent construction on this reel.


Excellent performance.


A hardened aluminum gearbox, multi-disc drag, and Quantum PT bearings make this a unique machine.

Design (Ergonomics)

Nice and light handle, comfortable length.



There are four sizes to choose from.

as well as a Unibody construction.

with Titanium bail wire.

wires and bearing-supported rollers.


Would be nice if the reel cap were more decorative.


The new Smoke S3 Spinning reel from Quantum makes that task even harder. Unusual for spinning reels, the unibody construction results in a solid, smooth, and refined reel at a competitive, as well as even more durable price point. These reels are at the high end of the budget range. Quantum smoke s3 spinning rod has famous in the world. And new reel check Daiwa Fuego Spinning Reel.

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