Redington ZERO Fly Reel For Review

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If you have been using fly fishing Redington ZERO Fly reels for some time now, you need a great budget for a great gear. These Redington ZERO Fly reels are one of the low cost durable reels of our brand.  I am interested to know how this reel will work in water. This Redington ZERO Fly reels can make Place in your fishing gear. This is a reel that is great for trout fishing on small rivers and streams. This is a simple reel. This Redington ZERO Fly reel  works well. This reel was first introduced by Redington in 2015 with anglers in mind. There are currently two sizes of the Zero reel: size 2/3 or size 4/5. 

Specifications of Redington ZERO Fly Reel

  •  sizes- size 2/3 
  • weight of 2.7oz, 
  • a diameter of 3’
  • A backing capacity of 20lbs is 100 yards. 
  • Size 4/5 
  • diameter of 3.3
  • weight of 3oz, 
  • A backing capacity of 20lbs is 100 yards.


This is a Redington ZERO Fly reel that you need. If you need the best and most durable reel according to your budget then this reel  will look very good.  You can buy the reel  in four colors.


This Redington ZERO Fly reel performs well when paired with a light rod. This reel is the best choice if you want to use 4-2 weight bars. If you do not rely on drag then it will not disappoint you.  This Redington ZERO Fly reels is strong. In addition to being efficient for fishing, the Zero also offers a more balanced setup for glass rods.

1-Build and Material Quality

This is a light reel that uses a large arbor that allows the line to pick up instantly. This Redington ZERO Fly reel has low line memory, its die cast and light weight comes from the construction process. This reel has a great identity. People who use it feel comfortable. The light weight of this reel reduces arm fatigue. 

2-Drag System

The drag system of this fly reel cannot compare with the drag system of expensive reels so the reel uses powwow and click drag system. Disc drag system is not used in this Redington ZERO Fly reel. Disc drag system are more permanent and powerful .The disc drag system allows you to handle big fish with ease.

3-Arbor Design

Large arbors in Zero are used to speed up the line. When you catch a fish, the line can be accelerated. Fly line Memory reduction will appeal to any angler. This Redington ZERO Fly reel line does not need to be stretched too often.


This Redington ZERO Fly reel uses U-shaped spools that are very light in weight and change easily. This reel does not use spare spools if you use it.  If you want to change the fly line in reel, you can buy it separately.


This is a Redington ZERO Fly reel  whose recovery is easy to change on both sides. Yet, even those designed to be used only on one side do the job. It is possible to convert the Zero to the right, left, and back.

6- Handle

The handle of this Redington ZERO Fly reel falls behind the flywheel when fighting fish. you are fighting a fish or returning the line to the spool after casting. Double-density construction makes it durable. It offers a lot of grip and gives adequate control thanks to its softness.

Redington ZERO Fly Reel


By using die-casting, Redington created a design that is far lighter than could be achieved with CNC machining. This lightweight trout reel comes with a durable clicker drag system and a lightweight design that makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Weighs less than three ounces.
  • Diecast construction is unimaginable.
  • The easily interchangeable spool is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Two ergonomic, soft-touch handles make retrieval easy.
  • Design features large arbors that make retrieval faster and reduce line memory.
  • Warranty for life.
  • Both black and sand colors are available.



  • Fly line is wound in quickly and reduced by the large arbor 
  • You can choose from black, sand, teal, or avocado
  • for this lightweight fly reel
  • which is ideal for fishing streams and creeks with trout.
  • The construction is excellent.
  • The color choices are many.
  • The arbor is large to facilitate retrieval.


  • The Redington ZERO Fly reel does not have much drag capability.
  • Large rivers and fish are not suitable for it.
  • It cannot compete with more expensive reels.
  • There is a lot of clicking.
  • A reel foot of this size is quite large.

Customer Reviews

Angles liked this Redington ZERO Fly reel  very much and in this way this reel is a very good, durable and strong reel. I felt very good after fishing with this reel and I had a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. Despite its simplicity, it operates better than most fly reels which are more expensive.

This Redington ZERO Fly reel has very little line memory, compared to what you would expect from a click and pawl reel. A reel with a large arbor would have allowed it to retrieve fly lines much faster, rather than a reel with a small arbor. Additionally, the backing measures 115 yards at 20lbs, rather than the over 200 yards of backing of other models.


This Redington ZERO Fly reel is the best in the budget and is a high quality reel . What makes this reel stand in a good place is that the weight of this ZERO Fly reel is big arbor and click and quality instruction.  This Redington Fly reel  has so much quality that it can beat other reels. The speed of this reel  is excellent. New Reel Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels Review.

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