Shimano Calcutta Conquest For Review

Shimano Calcutta conquest reel is well perform and durable. Many manufacturers are looking at a three- to four-year update cycle with their fishing reels and their products, giving anglers more time to find the best reels and to maintain and repair them in this updated reel. If you are an angler who wants to enjoy reel fishing then you need to buy this reel. This Shimano Calcutta conquest reel is like a weapon. If you want to use a single reel then you have to choose specific reel  This reel is a drawing board reel with new features. This Calcutta reel is one of my favorites. Shimano is a reel that always wins. Shimano first made two versions of this conquest  reel. 

  • USDM Domestic Market
  • Japani Domestic Market

The reels that are updated in these reels are separated by size. 100 and 200 use one update cycle and 300 and 400.  So use the second update cycle. The DC versions of these reels have always been different. Now I will tell you about this reel of Shimano which is the winner of 2021.

Specifications of Shimano Calcutta Conquest

Line Capacity – Rated12lb (0.330mm)/130yds
Line Capacity – Spool Volume17.8 cm3
Retrieve Ratio4.8 / 6.5
Inches Per Turn (IPT) – calculated10 – 22 / 14 – 30
Weight8.4 oz
Spool Weight16 g
Handle Length84 mm
Bearings per Knob2 bearings
Levelwind Bearings2 bearings
Rated Max Drag~13lbs


This Shimano reel is a model for those who are in a constant mood. Many low profile reels undergo some changes in their profile and shape. So the victory of these reels is permanent but the shape of the round reels does not change. The reflection of 2021 is similar to that of 2014.Shimano Japan devised a way to reduce the non-handle diameter of this Shimano calcutta conquest reel.

The size was smaller and the reels looked like 50 and 100. The new design reduced the reels to resemble my JDM reels. Shimano Japan updated these reels with their latest engineering and marketing terms. I’ve bought a lot of Shimano reels and now I’m ready for a new victory and trying to it. When it comes to throwing large baits, the most important factor determining the size of the reel I use is how many lines I can fit on the reel. Providing I have a reel that can hold about 60 to 100 feet of my choice of line, I’m good.


Do not cross the reel line if you are fishing using a reel line whose diameter is inappropriate. So you will need big reels to adjust this line that is why we check the measurement of the lines written in our legitimate then write the diameter 0.40 and 0.45 milli meters diameter is better it provides 25-30Ibs lines  But many manufacturers also make 20 or 17Ib test lines for these drops.

If you buy these reels you will not need big reels. I have many such reels but I use them occasionally. What taught me to use and rely on big bait reels is  High quality fluorocarbon or nylon monofilament. This Shimano calcutta conquest reel is reliable and can compete with other rails which helps in catching big fish and pulling the line and I have always been victorious by using it so try to use this reel.  The only problem was the bearing setting. Four brakes are used in this reel under SVS system and these brakes have two open and two closed. I found our sting with this reel to be the best. 

Shimano calcutta conquest

Real World 

It took me a while to meet the challenge of this Shimano calcutta conquest reel and to win with this reel. Once I had no time to waste, I immediately spooled the reel with 50Ib of 85 yards seaguar thread lock hollow braid and installed 25 feet lead of 30lb gold labeled fluorocarbon lead on it and then with 8 feet fishing rod.  The pair was very havy.

The casting  and working of this reel  were very good. This is how I performed well in the field of fishing. Larger reels require larger baits, so byte sizes are very popular in 300 and 400 size profile reels. Due to the size of these reels, they are very strong and excellent and can handle the casting duties of large baits. I have never bought a reel with this particular line. The way I cast it, the big bait are not very allow dynamic and the average of a cast is 80 to 120 feet and a line of 60 yards gives 180. I have never had 200 sizes. 


There are some who say that level wind casting distances are increased by non-disengaging level wind. Although this may be true on larger spooled reels like the Conquests 300 and 400.With the 300 and 400 sized Conquest reels, the level wind will not disengage when you cast, meaning that it will follow your line back and forth. With smaller Conquests, such as 100 and 200, level wind disengages. New Reel Best Spinning Reels.

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