Shimano Carp Rod For Review

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Shimano Carp Rod is famous in the fishing field, and the performance of this rod is perfect. Finally found a rod and a seat that was perfect for filling in the gaps in my fishing tackle.

The fishing I have done so far is the closest to the closest with the softest and smallest stick, and I guarantee to use every kind of stick.

The number of opportunities increases when I first need the strength to do the job correctly.

Best Shimano carp rods are important for fishing. Perfectly balanced performance and feel on Shimano Carp Rods.

A variety of Shimano Carp Rods await you, appealing to every angler’s needs. These anglers all need Shimano rods.

Casting performances or reeling in mega PBS are available for those looking for casting performances.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or just getting started, it doesn’t matter. Shimano has a carp rod for every angler ranging from the TX 1A to the Tribal TX 9A.

A Shimano rod’s ergonomic handle, soft-touch grips, Fuji SIC guides, and the CI4 reel seats are designed to provide a comfortable grip with high-quality materials.

You won’t be disappointed with Shimano if you want a high-quality carp rod. Shimano tx ultra is a good rod. Shimano tribal carp rods are excellent.

Best 7 Shimano Carp Rod

These Shimano rods are the best in the world. All people like it.

  • Shimano TX-1A
  • Shimano Tribal TX 2
  • Shimano Tribal TX-2
  • Shimano Tribal TX-4 Carp Rod
  • Shimano Tribal TX-9
  • Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod& Marker Rod
  • Shimano Tribal Supressa Carp Rods Review

1. Shimano TX-1A




  • BLANK MATERIAL: Plastic and Metal
  • REEL SEAT: Two 1500mAh Lithium battery
  • LENGTHS: 2.1kg


  • High-quality rod
  • EVA grip
  • capable of providing a bit more range 
  • This rod is not suitable for heavy fishing

Shimano tribal rods are famous in the world. The Tribal TX1 rod blank is slimmer than the previous TX1, and its appearance has been changed, giving it a completely redesigned design.

This Shimano tx1 carp rod is ideal. This rod is also designed for beginners or carp anglers on a small budget. TX1 is Shimano’s ‘entry level’ carp rod, which is very high quality.

This rod fights fish well, goes far when used, and uses high-quality components.

The blank of this new TXI is now even thinner than the previous TX1, but the overall shape of the rod has changed completely.

This rod is not suitable for heavy fishing but is also a great budget choice for carp anglers.

The power and precision of big land fish set this Shimano carp rod apart from its competitors. Beach rods feel smooth.

And stainless steel guides are corrosion-resistant castings. This rod ranges in length from 9 feet to 13 feet, making this rod ideal for a variety of fishing situations.

The first rod is a 12ft 3lb rod with a 50mm bit ring. We expect it in the UK. This rod is the perfect all-around tool for most fishing.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the 13-foot bars, available in two- or three-piece options, weighing 500 grams.

The extra weight of this rod brings with it enough power to cast the fish a long distance, and it can handle large carp in difficult environments.

The TX-1A rods are very pleasing to the eye when in use. Shimano’s attention to aesthetics is admirable. Shimano has its own high-end DPS Fuji used reel sets designed specifically for many models.


Along with many more expensive rods, Shimano has built such a well-built budget rod that it makes sense to buy and use.

Especially when you plan to fish with 10-foot rods and head to Europe for a year-end fishing trip.

There is truly a rod to suit every budget in the TX-1A range.

2. Shimano Tribal TX-2 12ft 2.0lb Floater Rod 




  • Weight: 236 grams
  • Transport length: 141 centimetres
  • LENGTHS: 2.74 metres


The carbon HPC High-Pressure length of the rod is 12 feet but the rod can be separated into sections to make it shorter for transport The TX 2 Series is designed with a plastic line clip to help keep the line in place. A Fuji DPS reel set is also included along with pink tipping over a black bottom layer that will immediately catch the attention of any angler. The float rod features a red cork grip for a weightless feel combined with an EVA front grip to provide stability against freshwater debris. Carp anglers will definitely love this rod.

Shimano carp rods tx2 has developed a floater rod Shimano Tribal TX-2 12ft 2.0lb with incredible float fishing results.

The rod has excellent play in the tip and in the middle, so you’ll never lose a carp again.

This rod is designed to be lightweight, which is a must when surface-off-float fishing so that your arms don’t get tired mid-session.

Even with a powerful butt section, this rod will succeed when you are fishing longer distances and need a controller float to cover more distance. You’ll stay for the rod’s impact and its sleek design.

There is subtle pink tipping on the TX-2 floater rod over a black cosmetic wrapping. This results in very thin and powerful blanks to improve casting efficiency.

Although this rod’s blanks are very powerful, the TX 2 doesn’t compromise on the tip and mid-range action to maintain a secure hook hold, which is essential.

The carbon fiber quality indicates the number, followed by the XT used (XT100). Shimano also designs its own reel seats in addition to using Fuji reel seats.

Shimano tribal clothing is important for Shimano fishing.

3. Shimano Tribal TX-2 carp rod




  • LENGTHS: 3,05 – 3,96


It features Shimano’s TX2’s trademark durability and comfort

  • XT60 carbon material is stronger than ever
  • Design that is both durable and slender
  • Casting without leaders for level-line casting

The Shimano TX 2 rod is crafted from TX60 carbon that is incredibly thin and powerful.

The rod features durability in every aspect of its design, partnered with Shimano stainless steel guides.

You can also have the perfect Shimano TX2 rod with a cork handle as well as a shrink rubber option to suit the way you like to fish and Complete fishing.

With the TX2, Shimano offers a variety of rod lengths, 2.75 lb, 3.0 lb, 3.25 lb, and 3.75 lb intensities, and Shimano carp rods cork handle or thin rubber handles.

Shimano TX2 Carp Rods allow you to completely customize your fishing experience when choosing a rod with a test and handle.

The Shimano Tribal TX2 Carp Rod is a game-changing fishing rod that comes with a protective cloth bag, which keeps valuables safe and makes it the perfect choice for anglers.

From compact ‘light’ models to powerful lead launching machines, Shimano’s Tribal TX rod family offers high-performance rods for mobile anglers.

The TX2 also boasts a serious list of top-notch content.

This rod is fitted with a six-gauge double-legged stainless steel C guide in a 12ft INT at a very affordable price with guides for minimum friction on the cast, an oversized 16mm anti-frap tip ring is included with the 50mm bit.

It’s crafted from XT60 carbon to be both powerful and lean, drawing on Shimano’s 100+ years of fishing gear manufacturing experience.


This is a rod that is capable of delivering long, accurate casts, and still provides the necessary sensitivity to detect the lightest of bites.

The Shimano TX 2 series also features a plastic line clip, which helps keep your line in place even during the toughest fights, plus the rod has plenty of length and weight, making it perfect for all types of fishing.

Makes it ideal for fishing. This rod adapts to any fishing environment. With this rod, you can target big carp in open water and small carp in secluded farm ponds, and it is a Shimano TX 2 rod that is perfect for your fishing job.

4. Shimano Tribal TX-4 Carp Rod


TX 4


  • LENGTHS: 3,66M – 3,96M


  • Carp/Specimen rod type
  • The grip is made of EVA and shrinks the tube
  • The blank is made from HPC100 and bio fiber
  • Woven Shimano tube reel seat
  • Packaged in a cloth bag
  • SIC guides made by Shimano
  • Transport Length: 156cm

This Shimano tribal tx4 is great for the fast-acting blank soft fishing tips and high tests – especially for the price.

Our expert opinion on the Shimano Tribal TX-4 carp rod comes from the former UK and world record holder Terry Edmonds: “Fast acting blank soft fishing tip. -Especially for the price bracket And it is very good in high test curves.

“It’s a rod that I call a real fishing rod.

The TX 4 was built with a range in mind, and with testing the gaps in this rod, one thing became clear, making a rod is one thing to put a great distance, a joy to land fish with a rod that can make a big difference.

Carbon fibers are reinforced in all directions by incorporating bio-fibers. In addition to being strong and light, it is also shock resistant.


The TX 4 range was designed with the budget in mind, so it’s built to cast great distances without breaking the bank.

With the blanks tested, one thing became clear, this rod can cast a great distance and the fish are happy to land on this rod.

We believe that this combination of HPC100 + Biofibre provides a strong blank, a forgiving tip, and a cushion for lungfish.

Seaside stainless steel SIC guides are included with the rods. A distance fishing rod, the TX 4 can be summarized as follows:

This rod is designed for hard-to-reach spots, the longest recorded cast so far is 198m (216 yards)!

5. Shimano Tribal TX-9


Tx 9


  • LENGTHS: 3.05M- 3.96M


  • Toray Nanoalloy & HPC300 as blank material
  • Carbon woven reel seat from Shimano 3K
  • Type of guide: Fuji SIC K-type stainless steel
  • EVA grips are used
  • A cloth bag is used for packaging

The Shimano tx9 carp rods the range is made using a blend of HPC300 and Biofibre carbon with the most advanced nano-alloy technology in the carbon fiber manufacturing process.

It provides the thinnest, most powerful blank of any sub rod ever made to improve casting performance without affecting play action through the tip and midsection necessary to maintain a secure hook hold. , works.

Tribal Shimano also has a range of dedicated carp fishing rods suitable for fishing, with the TX9 range of figurehead rods for carp and specimen anglers.

The TX9 series uses four different rods, all of which are 12 feet long, making them versatile carp fishing tools.

The TX9’s casting performance improves tribal by offering great carp-playing action through the tip and mid-section of the rod.

A ‘modern classic’ with an unusual ‘retro’ style, Shimano TX9 offers impressive performance and confidence with its advanced carbon technology.

With a slim blank and cork handle, this reel set embraces the old-school tradition of casting power.


The rod is available in 12ft or 13ft variants with test curves ranging from 2.75lb to 3.50lb Shimano has a model to suit every angler.

The rod is equipped with light but extremely strong Fuji SIC K-Type guides that are cosmetically matched in gunmetal grey, the stand-off 40mm bit ring is heavier and less visible in performance than the 50mm traditional type bit rings.

The slim-fill EVA handle in each length category is designed to provide excellent casting action with an optimal length.

They are also fitted with a 3K woven carbon custom rail seat with a dedicated milled slot that will accept a small ‘beta light’.In the bit section and tip section, there is a cool satin crosshatch carbon effect.

For casting at extreme distances, both 12′ and 13′ models include intensity models.

6. Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod& Marker Rod




  • Weight: 344 grams
  • Transport length: 188cm
  • LENGTHS: 3.66 meters


  • Ultegra Spad XTD
  • spool capacity

Shimano intensity rods are better than other cheap rods. When new technology is first introduced to the carp fishing market the results are truly astounding.

The Triable TX Intensity Spod Marker Rod ticks both the boxes nicely where spod rods need to be both extremely powerful and accurate. When casting this rod at extreme distances.

Works best in high wind or bad weather conditions to ensure the spod flies accurately to the desired mark.

It is in the rod’s mid-section and butt that makes it easier to compress the rod where the power is.

Shimano intensity rods are good.

Ultegra Spad XTD

Brand new to match the existing XTD range is the specially developed Ultegra Spod XTD.

The spool capacity is large enough that any main line can be used, although this is usually the peak for most anglers.

Reels with high gearing ratios are essential for long-distance fishing due to their fast retrieve speeds. Each turn of the handle now returns 124 cm of the line instead of 103 cm.


The new Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod is revolutionizing how we fish.

For the first time, the Spade Rod uses Japanese rod blank technology, making it powerful and accurate. This is the best spade rod ever.

Fishing with this rod results in powerful and very accurate casting. When looking at great distances, this is a huge advantage.

With the Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod in hand, you can spot it with confidence!

7. Shimano Tribal Supressa Carp Rods Review

Shimano Tribal Supressa Carp Rods Review

ShimanoTribal Supressa Carp Rods are very unique and comfortable.

The first thing I want to tell you about casting distance is something I have talked about in the first few sessions and this is an unusual event.

I used these bars to catch fish in the range. These bars make up for my lack of capacity when I am not tall.

The following are very common restrictions on Tribal rods that are based on distance and lengthening the lead does not increase the chances of a hook-plus because the tip is not so tight.

Unfortunately, many Supressa rods use the same tricks and these are all casting rods on which fishing and playing with them can be scary.

This stick fulfills its promise of freshness. The tip section of this Shimano carp rod is not very soft but still, the carp rod increases its torque supply and makes it grow.

The power for heavy leaders in this rod comes from the empty and thickest part that only a few people can access.

I use big leaders from time to time when using this carp rod which makes it easy for big casts to get their timing right and I definitely do it when I am fishing in the stream.

This stick does not seem to be inappropriate at all for a person who loves soft sticks.

Shimano has always built a good Shimano carp rod and he has really fulfilled the promise of a versatile checking rod.

The fixture of this rod and other materials are also excellent. The price of this carp rod is low and it is really exceptional about the price of mid-range rods.

I have used many rods before.

High-Pressure Carbon

This pushes the resin to the surface of the vacuum when the process of heating the rod or pole continues which causes uneven distribution which can weaken the resin and heat the vacuum to apply pressure.

This forces the resin to stay inside to ensure a uniform spread. The result is amazing. It creates a vacuum that is 40 times stronger than vacancies created without HPC.


The supressa is available in 30mm,40mm,50mm, and bit versions with state-of-the-art technology, and the mid-price range combines elegance and power.

All around version to the distance model 13ft3.5lb and small water 11ft 2.75 lb.

New Rod Free Spirit CTX Rods Review.


  • Biofibre blank with a 3k carbon weave and HPC100 
  • Guide for 40mm butts 
  • Shimano SiC intermediate guides and anti-wrap tip guides 
  • Carbon fiber reel seat made from 3k carbon fiber 
  • Split rubber shrink tube grip 
  • Clips for protecting lines 
  • Twelve foot weight: 327g (2.75lb), 343g (3lb), and 392g (3.25lb) 
  • The weight (13ft) is 423g (3.5lb). 
  • 186 cm (12 feet) and 199 cm (13 feet) in length  
  • There are two sections  
  • There are six guides


Can Shimano carp rods be trusted?

There is no doubt that Shimano carp rods are very good! Across the UK and Europe, they have helped capture many large carps in all types of fishing environments.

Does Shimano make any other fishing tackle?

In terms of fishing tackle, Shimano offers all kinds of different products, from reels to hooks and lines to rods like the Tribal, Alivio, and Catana models.

How long should a rod be for fishing for carp?

Depending on your location and the type of fish you are targeting, you will need a different length rod for carp fishing. It might be best to use a shorter rod if you are fishing in a tight spot so you don’t spook the fish. It is however necessary to use a 12- or 13-foot carp rod when fishing in open water for big carp.

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