Shimano Carp Rod For Review

Shimano Carp Rod is famous in the fishing field and the performance of this rod are perfect. finally found a rod and a seat that was perfect for filling in the gaps in my fishing tackle. The fishing I have done so far is the closest to the closest with the softest and smallest stick and I guarantee to use every kind of stick. The number of opportunities increases when I first need the strength to do the job correctly.

Shimano Tribal Supressa Carp Rods Review

Shimano Tribal Supressa Carp Rods Review

ShimanoTribal Supressa Carp Rods are very unique and comfortable. The first thing I want to tell you about casting distance is something I have talked about in the first few sessions and this is an unusual event. I used these bars to catch fish in the range.

These bars make up for my lack of capacity when I am not tall. The following are very common restrictions on Tribal rods that are based on distance and lengthening the lead does not increase the chances of a hook-plus because the tip is not so tight.

Unfortunately, many Supressa rods use the same tricks and these are all casting rods on which fishing and playing with them can be scary. This stick fulfills its promise with freshness. The tip section of this Shimano carp rod is not very soft but still, the carp rod increases its torque supply and makes it grow. The power for heavy leaders in this rod comes from the empty and thickest part that only a few people can access. I use big leaders from time to time when using this carp rod which makes it easy for big casts to get their timing right and I definitely do it when I am fishing in the stream.

This stick does not seem to be inappropriate at all for a person who loves soft sticks. Shimano has always built a good Shimano carp rod and he has really fulfilled the promise of a versatile checking rod. The fixture of this rod and other materials are also excellent. The price of this carp rod is low and it is really exceptional about the price of mid-range rods. I have used many rods before.

High-Pressure Carbon

This pushes the resin to the surface of the vacuum when the process of heating the rod or pole continues which causes uneven distribution which can weaken the resin and heat the vacuum to apply pressure. This forces the resin to stay inside to ensure a uniform spread. The result is amazing. It creates a vacuum that is 40 times stronger than vacancies created without HPC.


  • Biofibre blank with a 3k carbon weave and HPC100 
  • Guide for 40mm butts 
  • Shimano SiC intermediate guides and anti-wrap tip guides 
  • Carbon fiber reel seat made from 3k carbon fiber 
  • Split rubber shrink tube grip 
  • Clips for protecting lines 
  • Twelve foot weight: 327g (2.75lb), 343g (3lb), and 392g (3.25lb) 
  • The weight (13ft) is 423g (3.5lb). 
  • 186 cm (12 feet) and 199 cm (13 feet) in length  
  • There are two sections  
  • There are six guides


The supressa is available in 30mm,40mm,50mm, and bit versions with state-of-the-art technology, and the mid-price range combines elegance and power. It has been added to the rod’s newly designed reel set with a reinforcing 3K view. What is designed for its intended use is individual rod action. All around version to the distance model 13ft3.5lb and small water 11ft 2.75 lb. New Rod Free Spirit CTX Rods Review.

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