Shimano Curado Rods for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

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Shimano Curado Rod is famous in the world. These rods are unique in style and design.

In 2017, Shimano introduced new Curado rods specially designed for bass fishing that was versatile to detect every situation of bass fishing.

In 21 models, 11 new Curado casting core components include light and high sensitive modules, nano resin blanks, 5 spinning rods, and ud carbon blades.

And five Curado cranking rods with glass bland nano reel blanks and high modules have been used inside this brass rod.

Sensitivity with empty construction anglers being durable, light and strong.

The materials Shimano uses with Alconit rings are fuji stainless steel k guides fuji PTS and VSS reel seats that match Shimano’s Curado k bait casting.

These Shimano Curado rods use an advanced cork grip. Full cork on the casting rod and split grip design in the spinning rod.

10’6 models have been used to deal with standard Curado spinner baits, topwater, and jerk baits.

2’7 bars for jugs and insects, 6’7 rods for large swimming and game size and 8 models for flipping and pinching have been used strictly with fluorocarbon.

And the 77 models are made for use with a braided line like the Power Pro.

Anglers must use and choose models with a length of 2’7,4’7,6’7,8 when there is a demand for crankbaits.

And the Shimano model has a depth of 67 and a rod of 4’7; with it, you can target big fish.

Curado Rod Tests

I used a medium rotating rod for tests and then chose medium to heavy cast rods. I put these bars in my kayak for more than 40 hours and cast and caught them in deep water in many cases.

And used everything from light drop shots to a big 10XD crankbait to catch fish.

Shimano Curado Rod

The Good

I like a cork when I admire a cork. It means that cork is special, not just a thin cork wrapped Curado in all the Shimano Curado rods used cork which gives longevity and excellent stability to you.

If you want the full grip of the rod, you will find it in the casting rods. And a separate cork grip is found in the rotating bars.

The Curado rod is amazingly connected to the Curado k, and its price points are also in the middle.

This way, everyone can buy it. The Curado rod is in a variety of baits.

I have a 6’7 model moderately fast and a heavy medium jug rod. It also has a good Parabolic mode, and this rod can handle many fish.

This Shimano Curado rod has a great hook seat and is light. But it is powerful, and this rod gives you victory.

The rod also includes spacious fuji guides and hook keepers. If you have been fishing for 30 years, you will feel good cork and good cork is of high quality.

It is the best choice for me regarding the line performance in power fishing and cranking.

Thoughts on Improvement

The Shimano Curado rod is slightly different from the rotating line you expect. If you need a rotating setup with some power, you will like the power of this line.

A medium Curado and a heavy medium rod are similar to other Shimano brands. It is good for cork or crowds of fish, but drop shooters may take notice.

Rotating rods lose sensitivity. It’s better than a rotating rod for an 18-ounce drop shot in clearwater at a 30-feet line, and it makes a great flock under a docks dodge.

Final Thoughts

When you use this Shimano Curado rod, especially when fishing, you can tell if this entry-level rod is good or not.

It is an upgrade, and a good rod is very good for those who Have been accustomed to Shimano for years and have been the mainline place.

Like other bars, Curado has line standouts. What I didn’t expect from this stick was the power in these sticks.

I want to talk again about the power rating of the rod. I first reviewed the Shimano rod in 2011 and used the G.loomis series.

These rods had power. When you buy a rod, make sure it is the best. These two bars are different from them.

And there is beauty and humor in doing these reviews according to your needs.

I try to be honest while reviewing and want to see it using every rod cast, and I feel good when you buy this rod too.

You’ll love it, and these bars are part of my arsenal of fishing equipment.

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