Shimano STC Travel Rod For Review

Shimano STC Travel Rod is perfect and comfortable to use. The STC is designed to give you maximum possibilities with the stick. You can use a single rod and extra tip to make rods of two different weights and lengths. This stick is for those anglers. Who keeps looking for a new place and going somewhere for vacation all the time and doesn’t know what the fishing conditions will be like there.

You can switch to a heavier stick using simple adjustments to control your temptations.STC is a heavy rod that gives you a lot of options with a stick you can make 240 cm 150-300g boat rods 300cm 28-122g rods so that the tips are more likely to change. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.STC is a boat rod and power game that allows you to change between 240cm rod using 120-40 gram casting weight and a heavy 300-200 gram boat rod subject is too great a temptation.

Shimano STC Travel Rod


You don’t have to buy separate bars for fishing with jigging and bait. If you want to catch fish using different techniques that require different rods, the STC is the best Shimano STC travel rod for the anglers to cater to this hobby which you can take anywhere while traveling but in its suitcase. I’ve been fishing for a long time.

As a kid, I hated to spend an hour fishing in the ocean and use a Shimano STC travel rod that was too long and not too comfortable. So I bought a stick and people said it was nothing like a stick but I got a great stick with which I could freeline. And I can turn it. You can bring the fish up and down with this travel rod and it is perfect for catching fish from the pier and it is better than the rod of the boat. I got Shimano STC 330. This Shimano STC travel rod is great with medium action. 

And come back straight to speed and it’s hard and I’ve lost a lot of rods by hitting trees and rocks while fishing. I took this rod with me to North America where he successfully caught fish and I had observed this place before.


Shimano is a great brand and it produces very good bars all its designs are popular among anglers and this Shimano STC rod is also very popular among anglers. Many companies copy this STC rod with some more money and some less but I have never been greedy because I trust Shimano. And I’ve been using this STC rod for six or seven years.

This Shimano rod comes in 6 sections and is packed in a 700-millimeter tube to catch 50-20 grams of lure. This STC rod is a bit expensive but not very expensive. Anyone can buy this rod and I recommend this travel rod because I like it and it is one of the best rods that I can talk about.

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