Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel For Review

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The Shimano has long been considered the central and finest striped reel in the Spinning lineup. The stradic has now become a major reel and the latest versions of the Shimano FK are more important than previous reels. This reel includes the latest design and features of the Shimano.  In today’s modern age anglers need the best series like Shimano Stradic FK spinning reel  is specially designed on the request of the fans if you need Shimano Stradic FK spinning reel for hard fishing even after hard fishing.  It will stay safe and still feel much better. Lightline is like a sophisticated application.

Shimano Stradic  FK Spinning Reel

Specifications of Shimano Stradic FK:

The capacity of the line (lbs/yds)   are 200 yards for 6 pounds / 140 yards for 8 pounds

Gearing Ratio6.0:1
Weight8.3 ounce
Bearings6 + 1

The following  features are available

  • Super Stopper II
  • Hagane Body
  • X-Ship
  • Aluminum Cold Forged Spool
  • Hagane Gear


Over the years, Spinning Reel has established itself as one of the best in the market, and the reel that Anglers have been waiting for has been in the stream category. This reel is excellent in terms of material, tolerance, and performance.  That’s great.Fifteen years ago today, when the Pearl Whitefish and the wooden knob, identified with the stradic ST2ooo, were considered a real-time streamwork horse reel, these two Shimano reels really did hold a great place in the market.As a result, manufacturers face much more difficulty attracting customers to their mid-range offerings due to a smaller delta between materials, tolerances, and even performance between segments.


Unlike the previous version and the +C14, the Shimano Stradic uses a new compact design and a more sophisticated design.  The main reason for giving this reel a silver color was to convince the buyer by looking at this color. Believe that this reel is made of real metal and this reel is made of Hagane steel.  And its body is made of metal which is not only hard but also can withstand hardness and this body also provides more tough endurance in which all the reels are present. 

It is easy to understand the features that are in this shimano that make sense in the big powerful reels and the best-featured model lasers but the shimano thinks that the reels are like the smaller Stradic FK models.  All of these features translate well for and this is the first shimano to be used for freshwater as a spinning reel.  Designed to recall Hagane’s concept, the frame of the Stradic FK reel is made of aluminum. One part is attached to the arm of the reel while the other side is durable.  But this reel is branded as Hagane but we are anxious to see how this reel will fare.


This reel performs very well.And this reel is made for Hagane steel.


Retrieving is the first thing to know how smooth the reel will feel when fishing. Quality bearings are an important part of this reel but another special feature of this reel is the use of these bearings. What sets this reel apart is the position of these bearings and their use. I have used Shimano and many other rotating reels in my lineup and many of the rotating reels have been used to catch fish. 

Those who use the design of these reels and those who do not will find that it is very difficult to feel the difference unless there is proper pressure. The stradic Fk uses the x-ship at a particular point and separates the shaft and the gearing and it reduces the total tension in the reel and transfers the cranking power to the reel in the best way and aligns every feature of the reel.  The result is that the reel feels airy and helps to fight the fish.


This Shimano Stradic FK spinning reel uses a stack of steel washers that accumulate upwards of 14lbs.  And it gives higher drag pressure. In most of the applications of rotating reels, constant pressure and smoothness are more important for light lines to protect these lines and therefore Stradic FK continuously depletes the pressure.  Smaller fish can’t pull the drag much but I caught a big fish from this reel and the drag of this reel provides very smooth pressure over the whole range. The smoothness of the drag of this reel became even more important to me because to this day  I was fishing with fluorocarbon lighters attached to the power process which had no pulls. The drag light of this reel protects the leader so that we can catch any fish.


Power is something that does not exist in the essence reel but whenever you think of the spinning  reel you think of the power which provides more stradic in the same reel. The thing that is providing power in this reel is shimano Hagane  gear. Built with 3D design and a cold forged gear, the company has been using cold forged gear in its spinning reels for over a decade now. When you need power the most, it will generate cranking power.

4-Bail Operation 

How important it is to use a Bail in a reel is always overlooked and in this reel stradic FK has used a heavy duty spring and metal bar to wrap the arm instead of using a plastic lever.  Returns to its position. This reel system provides clicks whenever the setting fails.

5-Line Twist 

Anglers who use bait casters more and catch more fish than  also regularly forget the awful thing that it takes skill to catch a spinning reel efficiently.When I was fishing with Stradic FK, I found some line twists while casting a drop shot rig. These were not normal but Stradic FK did a very good, excellent  performance. Stradic FK manages the line with good spool design.  Performs the job well done.  This is one of the best spinning reels ever compared to the spinning reels.

Shimano Stradic  FK Spinning Reel


The biggest features of this spinning reel are the elements of Hagane conceptual design. This reel uses the finest aluminum flake forged spool. This reel comes with a large handle knob.  Anglers will encounter many elements of shimano design.Will have involved  Fluidrive II system and  Dyna-Balance router to get the best smoothness and help to reduce line management problems.


Shimano Stradic FK spinning reel is a tidy reel that is beautiful from certain angles. This reel is cheaply designed. It is not a heavy mat reel. Both the Shimano stradic fk 2500 and Shimano stradic fk  3000 weigh 8.30z. And the ratio of 2500 models is 6.0:1.And the ratio of 3000 models is 6.2:1.You can test this reel on different bars to see if it is to your liking. Today’s anglers prefer lightweight reels to facilitate fishing.  Makes a big difference. Reel weight makes a big difference in handling.



Even though the reel was tough enough to handle power applications, it performed well across a spectrum of fishing applications and even handled lightweight fluorocarbon or braided PowerPro lines.


The gearing and frame have a Hagane design using high-quality metals. Shimano stradic modles are so perfet.


Shimano as well as Hagane components

4-Design (Ergonomics)

Excellent. While not as light as an ultralight, it is still a balanced system. Stradic’s CI4+ Series may be an alternative for anglers seeking the lightest rig possible.


  • The build quality is great
  • Hagane components function
  • The reel looks and feels modern thanks to its aggressive angles and compact form factor


  • The weight difference between metal and composite (notice the composite non-stem side)
  • Hard to pull off conventional colors with an aggressive design

Real world Test 

I wanted to know the answer to how this reel will perform on water, whether it will perform like the older generation version or whether it will perform better. We have mono lines to check.  And spool the reels with fluorocarbons and try to experiment with the reels with fluorocarbon leaders. I connected the reels with different bars that were of different brands. I used topwater pencil and small jerk baits to test the performance of the reel So that I can test the performance of the reel.


The new FK is better than the other reels. The stradic is better, and higher than its predecessors. The color and design of this reel  is very aggressive. This reel  has a solid and excellent performance as it looks beautiful and the best combination of applications. This reel shows a solid and excellent performance. This newest version of the Stradic FK has evolved greatly from previous generations, despite its differences. New Reel Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel.

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