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I bought a successful Reel BVK and it includes a sealed drag system and its price has not been increased by a single penny. LH/RH Easy Retrieval has been used in this reel drag system and these retrievals can be modified. And it requires minimal maintenance. This drag system provides a wide range of things. 

The large arbor in this reel provides more line space and gives the best performance to anglers and this reel is ideal for baby tarpon, rainbow trout, bass, and bonefish. All models of this TFO BVK II Fly reel are packed in black pouches.


When people think about it, most people also think about the fly road. When you talk about this TFO BVK Fly reel, the thing that comes to people’s minds is whether this reel is award-winning or not.  The BVK reel is the best train with the high performance of TFO and it can compete with other reels. The average weight of this TFO BVK II Fly reel is 4.91 ounces.


 When I used this TFO BVK II Fly reel for the first time you thought that this reel is not worth testing then I was wrong and every reel that is visible is different and it would not have come out of the Corin factory and this reel is defective.  There are different drugs in the series and they are good. The test I tested at 3.5lbs was not the best but was solid. Startups add half a pound to this TFO BVK II Fly reel. Both of the incoming and outgoing BVKs have a decent click.

Spool/Retrieval rate

The most important thing for this TFO BVK Fly reel is the spool of this reel and the recovery rate where this reel shines and the recovery that this reel got in the test was the third-fastest recovery at 8 inches per turn and  This TFO BVK Fly reel raises the line quickly and is backed up by more than 200 yards.

Look feel 

BVK is not beautiful in shape and looks very good. The importance of this TFO BVK Fly reel is due to its durability. The shape of the reels made in Korea is very similar to these reels.  Don’t let it feel like it’s a high-end reel.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle of this reel is not very special but it is capable of running and it is also suitable in performance and this handle is not very good.

Drag Knob

The worst feature of this TFO BVK II Fly reel is its drag knob. It is difficult and complicated to hold and bend when it has been lowered and has to be used again.


The drop in this TFO BVK Fly reel is above average. BVK looks great with this drop. There is a small dent in the spool of this reel but it has a reel.  Not affecting the performance of this reel or its capacity.




  • Quick retrieval
  • High volume


  • Knob that drags
  • and feels cheap


BUK is one of those batches of pack reels. If some changes are made to this TFO BVK II Fly reel, it will prove to be a very good reel. The spool design of this reel is very good but these TFO BVK II Fly reels cannot reduce the defects. Redington Crosswater Fly Reel and Animas Reel Review.

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