Van Staal Reels Review

If you are an angler person who likes to move forward then this van Staal reel is a reel that you have to wait and need. It was built in 1990 for the fishermen who needed the van Staal reels. The design and manufacturing of this versatile spinning reel has been strengthened to withstand the difficult conditions that occur during fishing.

van Staal reels

The frame rotor and spool of this van Staal reel are made of aluminum so that the rail does not work firmly. If you want to buy this spin reel then this van Staal reel is the best choice. Its interior is made of metals like titanium and stainless steel. This van Staal reel’s waterproof machined drag system uses two stainless bearings to run smoothly in harsh conditions.

1-Van Staal X Series Bail-Less Spinning

I think Anglers often has a question when buying these Van Staal X Series reels, what size van Staal reel should I buy.  Which Van Staal X Series reel is ideal and which is best in terms of size. Visit the Saltwater Edge for an entire line-up of Van Staal products including pliers and accessories.

van Staal reels

1-Vs 100

It’s a versatile and almost weird Vs 100 reel out because the 150vs weighs only 10.8 ounces and carries a 30-inch line per turn compared to the VS 100’s 27 inches. The slow recovery of VS 100 sometimes leads people to 150vs. This  Vs 100 reel has many features. Compact size of this Vs 100 reel is 11.2 ounces.

And because of its light weight, the  Vs 100 reel is famous for its light-weight fish in the range of seven to eight feet off the coast. This  Vs 100 reel can select quantities in conjunction with the light peaks of 14 # fiber line or 20 # power pro. Due to which powerful drag and also the ability to carry a strong line capacity.


This VS 150  reel is known around the world for boot anglers and is a versatile reel. This VS 150 reel is the best choice for many Cape Code anglers. It is of reel but provides excellent performance for dealing with big fish. Those who like mono should use 200 vs and 250 vs. For most anglers the recovery rate of this VS 150 reel is quite fast.30  inches per turn is quite slow for anglers using high speed reels but is perfect for most. The scope of this VS 150 reel line is also versatile. Ideal for VS 150 anglers. This reel is also available in two colors.


This vs 200 reel is perfect for those anglers who prefer to use the best reel. This vs 200 reel is perfect for 11 foot sticks and 10 footer and nine footer. 250 vs is best for them. You may be able to narrow down your search to 250 or 275, which both have to retrieve times as fast as 36.5 inches and 40 inches, respectively. Steve McKenna uses the VS200 X-Series reels for his surfcasting.


The frame of this vs250 reel is similar to 200 VS and this reel uses large rotor cup and spool. This vs250 reel is only eight ounces heavier than 250. At 36.5 inches, he retrieves line quicker and holds 350 yards of mono. and can hold a lot of braids, up to 65 pounds. Van Staal reels such as the 200, or even 1205 will better match heavier ten-footers such as Lamiglas 1205 and 1201m, according to some. It is also compatible with eleven-footers. Many 9 foot rods feel large with this reel. This vs250 reel is light, but it’s big. The VS250 X-Series comes in black and silver.

5-Vs 275

This vs 275 reel is made for anglers with hardness and waterproof properties and retrieval of this vs 275 reel is fast and due to this retrieval VS is known. This vs 275 reel is large but light. Its spool helps in retrieval. It is the best choice for reel anglers. Almost any pound test braid for virtually any species will be more than adequate with the VS275 X-Series.

2-Van Staal VR Series Bailed Spinning

van Staal reels

This Van Staal VR Series reel has been upgraded in key areas with introduction for 2 generations. This  Van Staal VR Series reel uses durable light weight and conventional materials. This is for reel anglers who want to fight beasts and it is high for large aquatic species. The micro-click drag knob in it allows easy and much better adjustment. Anglers have control over the gears.


These VR125-VR200 reels have been slightly weighted for the right reasons and have a thick stainless steel shaft that reduces the flex of the VR125-VR200 reels when fighting fish.And these reels are suitable for any water. VR reels are perfect for saltwater fish with fast recovery speed and beefy drag and large line capacity.


  • The reel body is made of fully fabricated 6061 aluminum.
  • The spool is fully sealed. 
  • A thick stainless steel shaft goes through the reel body.
  • An adjustment knob allows the drag to be adjusted.
  • Includes Bail-Less Kit. 


A VR Reel is the latest generation of spinning reels from Van Staal. A lightweight, waterproof drag system that features a sealed 6061 aluminum construction. Fish them however you like, with a bail or a bail less conversion kit, supplied from the factory. New Reel Redington Behemoth Fly Reel Review.

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