Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels For Reviews

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This product review focuses on fly reels and has been reviewed by reel designers and waterworks. Liquid has been used to bring the performance and high-quality workmanship of fly fishing reels to entry-level did cast. The valley anglers guide staff who have been forced to look is a liquid fly reel so that they can look at their belongings. I also needed a fly reel so I reviewed all of Lamson’s models. And I found out that his little rod (w + 4) is the cheapest reel and it uses four Lamson bars and it is available at a good price.

Specifications of Lamson Fly Reel

  • This Lamson fly reel has many features and it is a big arbor reel with which fishing is done easily.
  • This waterworks Lamson is made using cast aluminum which is made by molding.
  • This Lamson fly reel has a fast recovery rate when catching fish. The best thing I like about this reel is its simplicity.


A Liquid reel is like a reliable Konic. It has many excellent features even though it is available at a low cost and it is made of liquid pressure die-cast aluminum. Similar features are not found in other reels. And its fit and finish are correct. The design of a large arbor with a curved spool has a line with considerable capacity. A fragmented frame adds strength. This Lamson fly reel will not ignite the fish with unwanted glare and will resist abrasion


  • For 6 lbs., it has a 3.61-inch diameter arbor.
  • A sealed, maintenance-free conical drag system.
  • Finished in polyurethane.
  • Guaranteed for life.
  • Ketchum, Idaho (50 percent American made, 100 percent assembled)
Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels
Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels

Two Drags Available in Lamson 

This conical drag system starts fast with the fish running down. And Lamson uses this drag in his high reels. I have found a reel that is capable of catching fish even in deep water and it is capable of catching trout.  I researched Lamson and many anglers like this fly fishing reel.

This is an entry-level reel using stainless steel bearing system. You can adjust its resistance to the perfect level using the smooth adjustment dial. As its main braking mechanism, this one uses a cone structure entirely different from the first. Lamson reels come with this well-designed layout. There are no discrepancies between the drag systems on these reels and the Liquid. 

Lamson Liquid in Water

I’m not too excited about this Lamson fly reel. I have in mind to go beyond accomplishing a goal with this reel and this is a great thing. I think they value their reels more than I Gives. Fishing with Lamson, which targets Pike, I found out how interesting and excellent the fly reel is.

This Lamson fly reel is naturally for fun. I enjoyed feeling it with my palm. Because it takes off and performs best when catching trout, And it works best. I use this Lamson fly reel to enjoy it. The polyurethane finish on the Lamson Liquid is of average quality. The Liquid is not particularly thick, so scratches, nicks, and dings will show. 

Field Test

We tested this Lamson fly reel and even today the standard bar stock aluminum reel of fly reel fishing is preferred for fishing in saltwater. The liquid is more excellent for freshwater. Compared to pricier high-end aluminum fly reels, we wanted to put the Liquid to some pretty rigorous tests to prove its functionality. To find heavy trout, we traveled to the Frying Pan River.

The group also visited Stagecoach Reservoir in search of huge pike. The Liquid handled both situations flawlessly. At Stagecoach Reservoir, we tested the 9/10 model with the drag clamped down tightly. We were able to drag up to ten pounds of pike with no problem.

Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels
Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels


Throughout all four Lamson Liquid models, its lightweight nature holds up. A Lamson fly reel for every angler. These are their specifications:

1-Lamson Liquid 1.5

3/4 WT rods

3.34 in. diameter

4.29 oz

2-Lamson Liquid 2

5/6 WT rods

3.61 in. diameter

4.54 oz

3-Lamson Liquid 3.5

7/8 WT rods

3.85 in. diameter

5.49 oz

4-Lamson Liquid 4

9/10 WT rods

4.65 in. diameter

7.07 oz


I caught a lot of fish from it and also stopped some big trout while fishing from the reel. I can tell from the feel of the Lamson Liquid that it is a high-quality product. Any rod I own would look great with this Lamson fly reel as the base reel. You need to give the Lamson Liquid a good look if you’re in the market for a fly reel. You’ll love it for its durability and the way it performs. New Reel Van Staal Reels Review.

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